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The “Sammy Steals Tape” (Name That Little Leaguer)
Posted by ZWR at 9:13 am ET 81 Comments

I recently threw in an old VHS cassette that had been laying around my mom’s house ¬†entitled, “Sammy Steals Tape”, expecting either a face-breaking and crudely edited composition of Juan Samuel’s greatest-ever stolen base attempts, or a cleverly disguised midnight PRISM movies boob tape (Carnal Crimes ftw) that was stashed away by a much younger (pre-internet fame, yo) ZWR.

However, what I actually got was far more incredible than I could ever have expected. It was grainy, mid-80′s¬† footage from a PHL 17 broadcast of a Veteran’s Stadium scoreboard in-stadium promotion. I know, right?!

Pictured below is my basically awesome re-creation of this watershed event:

Oh, and the first person to tweet the actual correct answer to me, Ron Artest, or George W. Bush wins a big prize. Huge. I mean, it’s not going to be a free t-shirt or anything, but it’ll still totally rule, whenever I decide what it is.

(Hint: it’s not Shane Rawley, donkeys)

Note: In order to win entries must include the phrase, “Turn that frown upside down.” Contributors to, their family members, fake and/or gag Twitter accounts and/or internet girlfriends are not eligible to enter to win the huge prize that I haven’t thought of yet. Ryan Lawrence is not eligible.

81 Responses to “The “Sammy Steals Tape” (Name That Little Leaguer)”

  1. TonyIsDynamic says:


  2. Uncle Charlie's hands says:

    I bet it’s Matt Kata

  3. says:

    Rick Schu. Definitely Rick Schu.

  4. BJ says:

    I say Big Brown, Jr.

  5. Ron Arterst has a new account, @RONARTESTCOM. His last tweet is video from a stripclub he was at.

  6. BJ says:

    and since i dont have a twitter account, nor did i conform to the “turn that frown upside down” mandate, i guess i’m just out of the running

  7. Vote Polanco says:

    Is that Tyler Walker?

  8. SJ says:

    Judging by the hair, looks like Steve Jeltz to me.

  9. KILLADELFIA says:

    Doc > Hudson, Cholly > Bobbys Cock, DomOnate Brown > Jason Opening Deyward. Eat it, Braves2010NLchamps.

  10. Dan says:

    if he was bending space and time, i’d say it was dutch daulton.

  11. Tap the Tab says:

    Obviously Lenny Dykstra

  12. 85 says:

    Bruce Ruffin, fools.

  13. 85 says:

    Also, Lionel Kiddie City FTW.

  14. Greenman! says:

    Ron Howard?

  15. Defenestrate Wheels says:

    Soo Tiguchi

  16. Mike P says:

    It’s unbelievably difficult to find a picture of Kent Tekulve in his Little League jersey…

  17. kurt says:

    Toby Borland

  18. Adam Eaton says:

    The shits been a little slow around here as of late. Let’s get some updates on Howard’s girlfriend, the pink bag in the bullpen, a sweet pic of Cholly’s girlfriend, or maybe Rube’s wife?

  19. ScottGraham says:

    Clearly Steve Jeltz.

  20. Greenman! says:

    Von Hayes?

  21. Peacock says:

    Gary effing Redus

  22. Mark says:

    That’s Steve Carlton. I recognize it because it’s so much alike the statue outside the left field gate.

  23. Why do you sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game when you're already there? says:

    it’s LA!

  24. Tyler says:

    Shane Rawley

  25. kurt says:


  26. kurt says:

    or JReal

  27. Jbears says:

    Clearly Jeff Stone. Ozzie Virgil would have had a beard at that age, he was just that awesome.

  28. Puddy says:

    Ah nothing like those after midnight Shannon Tweed movies or Emmanuelle movies on PRISM!

  29. dani says:

    its cole handsome ;)

  30. Irish Mike Ryan says:

    Don F-cking Carman.

  31. Lynniemac says:


  32. KILLADELFIA says:

    TJ Bohn…………you fuckers remember him?

  33. Brett Myers says:

    Izzat…Greg Gross?

  34. Phan Stuck in nyc says:

    Okay now stop it! Ladies & Gentlemen – Nobody is using THE PHRASE . . .

  35. Lynniemac says:

    Turn the FROWN upSIDE down. Sarge.

    Better, Phan? ;-)

  36. Phan Stuck in nyc says:

    Shrug. I guess that conforms. Being as I don’t have the slightest clue who it is …

  37. ScottGraham says:

    Could be Danny Tartabull smiling about all the money he stole.

  38. PhillyCuban says:

    Jesse Biddle

  39. all things bacon says:

    Greg Gross.

  40. will.H says:

    Kevin Gross

  41. Chris says:

    Michael Gross from ‘Family Ties’

  42. minkus says:

    obviously glenn wilson. too easy

  43. all things bacon says:

    Um… Michael Jack?

  44. kurt says:

    Jim Eisenreich

  45. crazy4swayze says:

    todd frowirth.

    also, i’m more of a red shoes diaries type of sonbitch.

  46. will.H says:

    purple roundy

  47. ScottGraham says:

    Did anyone else tape the softcore version of Cinderella they always used to show on PRISM? It was a musical and had songs about having snapping pussies. Everyone I talk to about it thinks I’m making it up, but that’s because they didn’t grow up with PRISM. I wore that VHS out, and it was labeled “Phillies-Expos” as to not be suspicious.

  48. Chase Utley's thumb says:

    And it was a great title for a VHS tape too, since who would ever want to watch a Phillies/Expos game during an era when both teams were fuggin awful?

    …actually I would probably want to watch an old Phillies/Expos game right now to relive memories from growing up.

  49. ScottGraham says:

    Next time I go back east I’m gonna go through all my old boxes of videos at my parents house, I must have some absolutely terrible baseball games that I insisted on recording while I was at school, had to go out, etc. I probably have some random terrible Phillies-Pirate BPS or something.

    But when Prism and Sports Channel used to replay games at like 2AM, sometimes I would set my alarm and wake up and tape the big innings/highlights from all the PRISM and Sports Channel games that year. I obviously didn’t do this every game, just when something that 10 year old me thought was awesome happened. I did this maybe from 91 until whenever it was that Prism ended… so I probably have a few “highlight videos” of absolutely terrible baseball, 93 aside.

  50. Chase Utley's thumb says:

    Wish there was some way you could share some of those videos, since i’m sure a lot of us would get a kick out of it.

    Sucks that there doesn’t seem to be any Radio or TV archives of old Phillies games online anywhere, since there’s so many classic games i’d love to watch again from years gone by.

  51. Nino Espinosa says:

    Bob Dernier

  52. BD says:

    tim hasselbeck

  53. Chutley's Impressed by Mac's Speed says:

    Chase’s Thumb-

    My dad’s got old-ass, honest-to-jeebus reel-to-reel 16mm films of a couple games from the ’64 season (before… Well, you know…). His favorite player growing up was Richie/Dick Allen and my grandfather got a hold of a couple games with some Allen bombs for his 9th birthday.

    He keeps keeps talking about getting them transferred to DVD. I’m gonna go ahead and do him one better- Get a hold of the original radio broadcasts and layer them in over the transferred,digitally cleaned/re-timed film on a DVD for his 60th.

    ‘Cause I’m that fuckin’ awesome.

    Gotta go, the agents are getting close…

  54. Chase Utley's thumb says:

    David Hasselhoff

  55. RicoBrogna says:

    Guys is it Dickie Thon? When i was little i thought it was hilarious to go to the ballpark and yell “C’mon Dickie” at the top of my lungs! It would be cool to see old prism highlights with the great andy musser calling the action! Hook it up ScottGraham!

  56. Bozo says:

    Someone please tell my manager in MLB 10 that an average a shade over .400, 19HR, and 50+ RBI’s in 226 at-bats for the Iron Pigs deserves a call up. Road to the Show is such a grind.

  57. RicoBrogna says:

    Lol! Omg bozo I’m playing right now and just got called up to the Iron Pigs. I’m center field what position are you?

  58. Bozo says:

    Third base. I originally did right field but it was boring so I started over.

  59. Bozo says:

    Btw how many walks do you have? I suck at drawing walks.

  60. Chutley's Impressed by Mac's Speed says:

    Bozo – I also played 3rd in “my player,” but my backup position was 1st and since there was always a better guy at hot corner until I got to the iron pigs, I was stuck at 1st (not exactly a ‘high-ceiling’ position in the Phils organization for the next 7 years or so….). I know they gotta turn these games over in short time every year, but do they have beta testers? Grounders to 1st ALWAYS takes about 6-7 foul balls down the line before one stays fair.

    Also, for anyone about to start myplayer, go into your roster first and resign Werth, Victorino & Howard for 6 years, because you can’t make GM decisions once you’re a player and it takes a few years to get to 1st ranked player and hall-of-fame stats. I’m in year 5 and the Phils are me, Utley, Doc and a bunch of jobbers who can’t lift a ball over the fucking shortstop.

    By the way, my at bat music is Dropkick Murphys’ “Worker’s Song”… Badass. In an alternate universe, I’m a fucking awesome allstar 3rd bagger who can rake… As opposed to a blog-commenting uber fanboy being hunted by fictional evil anti-phils conspirators.

    Speaking of whom… I must fly…. I’ve lingered in one place for far too long….

  61. Bozo says:

    I couldn’t figure out how to edit peoples contracts in the main menu(I know how to in Franchise mode) so I just kept resimulating 2010 FA till the game realized it’s a good idea to resign Rollins and Werth. I don’t agree with the contracts however… Rollins got like 6Y/90M and Werth something like 4Y/30M.

  62. Hank Hill says:

    I tell you what, that Cliff Lee’s gonna fit in in real good here.

  63. crazy4swayze says:

    dudes, tell me about it. rbi baseball 3 refuses to recalculate pat combs’ era even though i’ve thrown like 20 scoreless innings with him so far.

  64. Mr. Strategery says:

    @ Chutley’s Impressed by Mac’s Speed

    Sounds like you’re pretty much an expert at MLB ’10. That’s awesome. I’m genuinely impressed with you’re ability to find time to hone your gaming skills between finishing your parents’ household chore list and spending time with your girlfriend.

  65. bigmyc says:

    I’m thinking it’s either Chris James or Don Carman….

    Goin’ with Carman.

  66. Milt Thompson says:

    It’s me. Probably taken right after I made a great catch in the outfield and talked my team into swinging at every pitch. I think we hit like 3 solo homers that day.

    What do I win?

  67. Greenman! says:

    Milt what is your strategy for the series in Chicago? Are you aiming for the Ivy or solo homers again?

  68. James Fayleez says:

    I might be in the minority here, but I don’t get the “zoo with roy halladay” love around here.

    Is he funny?
    maybe it’s me….

  69. Milt Thompson says:

    Depends on who’s pitching for the cubs, Greenman. If they’re good, we’ll light them up. If they’re some recent AA callup, or some journeyman veteran who always gets lit up, we’ll be lucky to get 1 hit.

    Strategy will be the same. Walks are the enemy. Don’t take more than 3 pitches. If there’s a man on third with less than 2 outs, swing for the fences, don’t try to make contact to score them.

  70. Natalie says:

    I have to admit, all this talk about taping old games and playing videogames is adorable to me.

  71. Chutley's Impressed by Mac's Speed says:

    Gonzo: the contracts are on the last page in the “edit player” mode. Go to “GM,” then “Edit Rosters” and then select a player to edit. Right-bumper your way past the appearance, accessory, batting stance, skills, etc. To the last page – contracts – and you have total control to add/subtract years/dollars.


    1. I don’t have parents, I willed myself into existence…. I think. Either that, or I’m a genetically engineered cyborg sent from the future to save Citizens Bank Park from this dangerous new breed of kinder, gentler Phils “fans.” It depends on which writer is doing my backstory at any given moment.

    2. Girlfriend? HA! What, in any of my curse-laden, over-invested, border-line insane, way-past-the-line-obsessed nerd-rants, gave you even the slightest indication that there exists a member of the fairer sex who could possibly tolerate me for more than a few weeks at a time? (if your answer is “HUGE PEEN,” while technically correct, does not count since it’s never come up – no pun intended – as I don’t like to brag)

  72. Greenman! says:


  73. Chutley's Impressed by Mac's Speed says:

    It’s time to stop running, Greenman. I’m hitting back. It’s the second half and it’s time to start hitting back. My meeting with Ricky Bo’s compatriots in enemy territory was most productive. It’s time to take the fight to these bastards. I’m through with running.

  74. RicoBrogna says:

    I can’t draw a walk to save my life! It’s impossible for me i have like 3 walks a year!

  75. Rene Benecke says:

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