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Natinals Introduce New Nyjer Morgan Bobblehead, Album
Posted by ZWR at 1:30 pm ET 74 Comments

In light of Nyjer Morgan’s newfound controversial overnight internet fame, and the loss of their Strasboner cash cow, the Natinals have decided to introduce a couple new ballpark promotions in September.

Due to my well-heeled inside-the-beltway connections, I was able to get a sneak peek at the new swag.

New bobblehead:


Also–and frankly I find this rather distasteful–word has it that Morgan is set to launch his music career with the release of the following EP, which will be given away at an upcoming game.

And aww yeah, I wanna feel guilty
but you punk motherf**kers tried to milk me
You’ll get smacked up on the hill with my phone on my pager
It’s beepin while I cut you with my razor


If you have no idea what I’m referencing with the above, watch this epic brawl between the Marlins and Nyjer Morgan. Specifically, watch for Gaby Sanchez off the top rope. NOBODY, I repeat NOBODY, puts Gaby in a corner.

(Also seen on ZooWithRoy)


74 Responses to “Natinals Introduce New Nyjer Morgan Bobblehead, Album”

  1. will.H says:

    first picture made me laugh many consecutive times

  2. Alex says:

    I see the Nats have once again screwed up a jersey. Look at that bobblehead. The script on the chest is flipped!

  3. bigmyc says:

    You’re beggin’ to get charged on. Morgan was hit consecutive times before he charged Volstad. Watch your act, Mister.

  4. I went to K-Mart and saw that guy says:

    ayo im gonna be blazed after i listen to nyjer’s album

  5. Dave Hollins says:

    I hope that little kid tries that with the Fightins when they play later on. this could be just what the Phils’ need.

  6. GTO says:

    epic clothesline

  7. Jim Ross says:


  8. Man With Hands Down In His Undies says:

    I hear he did a scene with Spring Thomas. Made her choke.

  9. Natalie says:

    ily, zwr.

    Gaby is by far my favorite part of this video/incident.

  10. Defenestrate Wheels says:

    the bobble head looks like one of the waynes brothers from that movie where he is a baby diamond theif

  11. mrsutley says:

    I can’t stop watching this video. Very productive day for me at work.

  12. Greg says:

    Imagine if Nyjer had charged someone like Roy Halladay…No offense to Gaby, but I definitely think Ryan Howard’s clothes-line would hurt a bit more. I could just picture Nyjer being carried off on a stretcher.

  13. Jim Riggleman says:

    I see nothing wrong with this

  14. Multiple suspensions and fines with this one.

  15. shipsass says:

    The Fish announcers lost my sympathy when they complained that Volstad hit Morgan in a professional manner, but then Morgan had the gall to steal two bases.

  16. 85 says:

    Clothesline From Hell!

    /”Hell” in this case being Marlins/Dolphins/Pro Robbie/WTFEver Stadium

  17. Natalie says:

    I would like to see Nyjer charge at a Phillies pitcher with Mike Sweeney at first.

  18. Gaby Sanchez says:


    Sorry, Nyjer brings out the Chuck Bednarik in me. Players in my day are so much better than future generations will be. I hope the Marlins never win another World Series until I die

  19. James Fayleez says:

    @ number 7

    you sir are a hoss.

  20. blackinmind says:

    too ganstaaaaaaaaa.

  21. Fo a nice a guy as Sweeney is, I would’t want to mess with him one bit. He’s the ultimate team guy on the field and in the clubhouse.

  22. TonyIsDynamic says:

    Morgan has balls, I’ll give him that. He’s what, 5 foot nothing charging a guy who’s 7 FUCKING FEET TALL?

  23. Chris Wallace says:

    And if you don’t know, now you know Nyjer

  24. Only thing that would have made this better is if Scott Barry was on the field and Gaby went after him like that.

  25. Jerry "The King" Lawler says:

    /unintelligible scream

  26. Jay Ballz says:

    That Nyjer track featuring Rihanna is gonna be a real HIT.

  27. Bozo says:

    Sweeney actually charged the mound when he was with the Royals(I think). Story is on wiki

  28. White folk says:

    Niggas crazy.


  29. Billig says:

    F’ing awesome

  30. Natalie says:

    @Bozo Thanks for the heads up, I had no idea (this sounds sarcastic but I’m being genuine).

    This is what it says:

    “In between pitches, Sweeney asked the home plate umpire if Weaver could be asked to move the rosin bag from the top of the mound. After that, Weaver put his glove over his mouth and appeared to say something “Webster never put in his dictionary” to Sweeney. Sweeney was offended and launched his batting helmet at Weaver while charging the pitcher’s mound. He eventually tackled Weaver and sent a barrage of punches at Weaver’s face, igniting a bench-clearing brawl. Sweeney said afterwards that Weaver had been criticizing the Royals’ younger players and Sweeney’s faith. ”

    I couldn’t believe it till I got to the last 2 words.

  31. Jake says:

    Did the runner on 2nd keep running and score?

  32. Crocks says:

    Awesome video Natalie, even tho it’s poor quality

  33. Phils Phan says:

    /in the Phillies clubhouse

    Ryan Howard: Bats, they are sick. I cannot hit curveball. Straightball I hit it very much. Curveball, bats are afraid. I ask Jobu to come, take fear from bats. I offer him cigar, rum. He will come.
    Mike Sweeney: You know you might think about taking Jesus Christ as your savior instead of fooling around with all this stuff.
    Chase Utley: Shit, Mike.
    Ryan Howard: Jesus, I like him very much, but he no help with curveball.
    Mike Sweeney: You trying to say Jesus Christ can’t hit a curveball?

  34. Bozo says:

    I feel dumber for reading this article:

    Half those names shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence with the Cy Young unless it’s ” will not win the Cy Young in 2010″

  35. Phils Phan says:

    Brett Myers and Billy Wagner. Now that’s some funny shit.

  36. Jesus Hitler Christ says:

    i wouldve been killed by that clothesline

  37. bigmyc says:

    Natalie in #17, you’d be asking for a bear hug then. No questions asked.

  38. MOAB says:

    nobody fucks with the sweeney

  39. ScottGraham says:

    From now on, Gaby Sanchez needs to be billed from “Parts Unknown”

  40. Morandini's Triple Play says:

    Hey Urinal – You do realize that most of us pissed in the sinks at the Vet, right?

  41. Ricky Otero says:

    If only Nyjer charged the Marlins Broadcast Booth.

  42. I went to K-Mart and saw that guy says:

    Bronson Arroyo? Seriously? I’m sure Reds fans chanted MVP everytime Bronson pitches. And oh yeah, Weaver should learn how to fight.

  43. Boo?! Fuck you! says:

    What a nyjer

  44. SweeneysWeenies says:

    by the way ive heard this atleast 50 times today on different blogs and morgan DID NOT get hit 2 times last night..ONLY ONCE! second anyone here remember morgan got a single on the phillies on the first at bat of the season against the phillies this year and started fist pumping like he won a walk-off in game 7 of the world series…i turned to my friend and was like this guy has problems.

  45. beelove says:

    ah yeah. uh. uh. holler if ya HEAR ME.

    i think nyjer’s past two weeks have earned him a place alongside albert belle, carl everett and milton bradley in baseball’s annals. or anals.

    keep ya head up, nyjer.

    +1 for gaby’s right arm.

  46. Jdashdog says:

    Did you guys know Nyjer used to be a hockey player? Sort of related.

  47. Boo?! Fuck you! says:

    46. I remember that, it ended up being their only run, we crushed them 11-1, and Doc was pitching.

    I always thought he kinda looked like one of the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz, not because he’s black or anything, just because he genuinely looks like those monkeys.

  48. hans says:

    suddenly i love Gaby Sanchez.

  49. Phils Phan says:


    Read Deadspin’s account of him, including his ability to poop in a Gatorade bottle. Boy ain’t right.

  50. Holla says:

    Nyjer what?!

    Nyjer please?!

  51. tim says:

    “He eventually tackled Weaver and sent a barrage of punches at Weaver’s face”

  52. Brandon says:

    @42, And behind the doors

  53. Eric says:

    I wanna get suspended and sent back to AAA with Nyger Morgan.

  54. will.H says:

    “People that annoy you”

  55. will.H says:

    morandini and brandon.. don’t forget the trashcans

  56. Gabrielle says:

    I can’t wait to get my ass home to watch this video. How I hadn’t heard about this all effin day, I have no clue.

  57. Joey Styles says:


  58. Hey Morandini T.P. at #42 –

    How could I forget?

  59. Phan Stuck in nyc says:

    I read about the Sweeney fight a couple days ago. Hilarious. But I never saw video. Thanks Natalie. (Also – Gaby is my favorite part of the Nyjer incident too. Don’t know why I like that so much.)

    I think this Phillies team would be great in an all-out benchbrawl. We have some angry guys on this team. The calm, dude-like exteriors are hiding seething interiors. I just know it.

  60. Carlos Ruiz says:

    In any fi’, I brin’ knife.

    Less go, mang!

  61. Jamie Moyer says:

    I’ll bring books

  62. Charlie Manuel says:

    I’ll bring, i’ll bring, i’ll bring somethin

  63. Wes Helms says:

    We just tryed to teach that nyjer a lesson was all. Then that uppity nyjer went an stole those bases fer spite. So’s we had to put the nyjer in his place. Back in the day that clothesline Gabby threw woulda been a (censored for bad taste).

  64. Whitey says:

    This is hard to believe, Harry. Why, back in my day we wouldn’t have stood for such horsehockey. This Morgan fellow would have been handled, I tell you.

  65. Captain Awesome says:

    @59: Well played, sir.

  66. Bozo says:

    Phillies in an all out brawl would probably win. We have such an awesome variety of players

  67. MoyerIsMyHero says:

    Morgan is ridiculous. I could tell he was trouble from the first time I saw him.

  68. Bobby D says:

    I love this site. Love it to little itty bitty pieces.

  69. Ricky Otero says:

    I wish Gaby Sanchez cloth-lined Rob Dibble.

  70. steppy says:

    Say what you will about Morgan and unwritten rules and such, that was an all-star move by Gaby Sanchez. It’s the best thing I’ve seen in a baseball fight since Pedro grabbed Don Zimmer’s melon head.

  71. Tiffany says:

    The bobble head of Morgan is hilarious.

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