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Special Canada Day Game Recap
Posted by Tug Haines at 4:22 pm ET 17 Comments

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17 Responses to “Special Canada Day Game Recap”

  1. Shamels Raul (formerly S.R. Wertiz) says:

    Fuck Canada on Fucking Canada Day! Why do those dudes have to be copying the U.S. all the time. 4th of July FTW.

  2. Magowan says:

    Home runs for some, miniature Canadian flags for others!

  3. Danyiel says:

    They’re not even a real country anway.

  4. Danyiel says:


    Fuck, that’s a joke killer, isn’t it?

  5. Jim says:

    Blame Canada!!

  6. Talking Chop says:

    I think it’s blatantly obvious how the umpires, Frank Fancisco and Juan Rivera all conspired to hand the Phillies this win today!!! Bud Selig, too!!! He doesn’t want the Braves to win the division anymore since Ted Turner isn’t paying him off anymore!!! I guess the Phillies ownership started paying him off, because it’s so obvious, otherwise we would be leading this division by a thousand games right now!!! It’s not FAIR!!! None of them have any CLASS!!! They’re all CLASSLESS!!!!!

  7. TheThird says:

    10/23/93. Never Forget.

  8. Defenestrate McCarthy says:

    What Would Brian Boitano Do?

  9. Brian "Clown Shoes" Wilson says:

    Fuck this Gatorade cooler! I’m taking a bat to it because I just blew my second save in a row! Got Heem! Oh…wait…got meeeee!

  10. Colleen Wolfe's Newly Bleached Asshole says:

    Clean as a whistle!

  11. Talking Chop says:

    Ugh!!! It’s disgusting how ESPN lines up to suck Cliff Lee’s cock after he throws a 2-hitter to the Red Sox but no one cares when Jair Jurrgens 1-hits the Orioles!!! Everyone knows that the Orioles lineup is so much harder to get out than the Red Sox’s!!! Once again, the Phillies ownership is paying off the press to overlook the awesomeness that is the Braves pitching staff in favor of those hacks Halladay, Lee and Hamels!!! No CLASS!!!

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