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Phillies Prospect Leandro Castro’s Foray Into Social Networking
Posted by Tug Haines at 10:22 pm ET 26 Comments

Have you ever heard of Hi5? Me neither – until this afternoon, when Professor Jay Ballz of sent me a link to the Hi5 profile kept by Leandro Castro, outfielder for the Phillies’ Class “A” team, the Lakewood BlueClaws. It’s gold (literally, at times). Here’s a small sample of my favorites:

Steamy. Dreamy.

Thanks again to Jay Ballz for the tip.


26 Responses to “Phillies Prospect Leandro Castro’s Foray Into Social Networking”

  1. Alex says:

    Hi5 looks like the coolest thing since twitter

    /signs up

  2. Ray Cist says:

    Ghetto Fabulous.

  3. brian hall says:

    Funny but I thought Hi5 was always used as a aids reference? This dude’s a complete ass.

  4. Tug Haines says:

    He reminds me a little bit of ya boy Bangs.

  5. thomasshole says:


  6. J-fed says:

    guys he has like 400 bucks, thats like a months pay in single A

  7. Tyler says:

    Exactly J-fed

  8. Adam Eaton says:

    Seriously… what the fuck?

  9. GTO says:

    About a whole years worth of regular wages in DR

  10. This and SHANE CLARK’S WEBPAGE are really tussling in my brain right now

  11. kurt says:

    Dude is like Jose Reyes 2.0

  12. Ed says:

    Please trade this douchenozzle to Houston pronto.

  13. Franchise says:

    He’s wearing jorts in pic 3 haha

  14. Gil Thorpe says:

    yo SON this dud MAKKIN BANK for RELL LENADOR CASTRO my furkin BOYI n he better be buyin at OLD COUTY BUFFAY nex TIM me n shep be CHIULLIN WIT HIM out ther in LAKKWOOF son for RELL

  15. chen says:

    He totally belongs at the Jersey Shore. Perfect fit.

  16. melvin says:

    Whats even more disturbing is the rest of the clowns who represent the Phillies. Makes me wanna shoot myself for spending all this money to go to college. What a joke.

  17. Morandini's Triple Play says:

    Not even Amandah would touch that. Right?

  18. James Fayleez says:

    Is this a gay porno guy?

  19. Amandah says:

    @Morandini. Incorrect.

    I would touch that. Negro cock and gigantic. Therefore, I want it inside my ‘dick envelope’.



  20. DP says:

    outright release this idiot

  21. Danny Ozark says:

    How long until he is wearing bracelets for an unregistered gun charge?

  22. Tug Haines says:

    @Eric: Hahaha! He’s the Jonathan Richman of Rap.

  23. Vandal says:

    Looks like the pics that show up on the news when a drug dealer who was “getting his life together” gets shot and killed.

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