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Since it’s the off-season, not much happens around these parts, save for the occasional and not-at-all-shocking-picture of Pat Burrell or homage to Katy Perry. Still, baseball is occurring, and we’re going to do our best to keep the masses informed of all the comings and goings of the Hot Stove. And while we might not be able to dedicate one post to every column, blurb, or tweet about the Lees and Werths of the world, we can alway s rely on a good ol’ fashioned link dump.* Enjoy.

  • Some 30 years ago, the Phillies made one of the worst trades in franchise history when they sent Ryne Sandberg to the Chicago Cubs, where he went on to have a Hall of Fame career and is widely considered to be one of the greatest second basemen of all time. A reunion between parties might be in order, as the Phillies have approached Sandberg to be the coach of their Triple-A affiliate. Sandberg, who was recently managing in the Cubs’ system, was passed over by the club when he was passed over in favor of Mike Quade to manage the Big Club, says Todd Zolecki, who also writes about another former Phillie, Juan Samuel, being considered to fill the spikes of Davy Lopes as the first base coach. [Zo Zone]
  • Although Domonic Brown is the crown jewel of the Phillies’ farm system, David Murphy writes about three other prospects who could have a big impact on the Phillies in the near future: First baseman Matt Rizzotti, relief pitcher Josh Zeid, and starting pitcher Justin DeFratus. Rizzotti has put up big numbers in the minors and Zeid projects as a power closer, but the one who could have the biggest and most sudden impact would be one DeFratus, a 22-year-old starting pitcher with a big arm who has quickly ascended through the Phillies’ farm system. [High Cheese]
  • Phillies Jayson Werth and Cliff Lee are two of the biggest free agent targets this offseason, and both are likely targets of the Phils, Jim Salisbury writes. And could a Domonic Brown-for-Andrew McCutchen swap be in the cards? Not really, but it makes more sense than you’d think. [CSNPhilly]
  • Bad news for Jamie Moyer, who injured his elbow while pitching in winter ball in the Dominican Republic as he attempts to pitch in his 25th Major League season in 2011. The veteran lefty, who turns 48 next week, injured his left elbow in July and has season-ending surgery shortly thereafter. [CSNPhilly]
  • Pat Gillick, former General Manager and current advisor to the team, is being considered for the Baseball Hall of Fame via their election committee, writes Bob Brookover. Gillick has seen success at every stop in his front office career, and was at the helm when the Phillies won their second World Series in franchise history in 2008. []

*Hopefully, this will become an at least semi-daily feature here at The Fightins. If that’s the case, then it’s probably going to need a better name. I was admittedly in a rush to get this done, and I wrote “Emphorium” in a fit of irony. Suggestions are more than welcome.

34 Responses to “The Daily Link Emphorium”

  1. jimmy says:

    I’d take McCutchen in a heartbeat!

  2. GTO says:

    Who doesnt like McCutchen? Dont know if I could unload Brown for him, though, the thought of it has made me unload some brown in my pants. Touche baseball, you win again.

  3. Bozo says:

    Please don’t make me vomit. The Pirates would be idiots to do a 1-for-1 trade and any of their fans would absolutely freak out if the face of their franchise was traded.

    I already say no thanks at just Domonic Brown but they’d probably want guys like Singleton/DeFratus/other guys as well.

  4. The phillies will not trade brown!

  5. Jay Grace says:

    bring back the machine

  6. Eric says:

    As little as I want to trade Brown, if it landed us McCutchen I assure Philadelphia they would love the kid in about 45 minutes. That kid can really play CF.

  7. Greenman! says:

    yeah McCutchen is really good but I’d be sad to see domino brown go

  8. Nino Espinosa says:

    @3 The pirates have been idiots for years now trading away many faces of their franchise. I suspect they would not bat an eyelash to trade McCutchen for Dom Brown if it saved them payroll.
    As far as their fans go, they have been in baseball depression, but frankly, who cares? They have the stinking Squealers and the Penquanos..I dont feel too badly for them!

  9. Dominic Brown says:

    Man, it feels good to finally have gotten my first taste of the Bigs…Can’t wait to settle in here in Philadel…..what’s what? The Pittsburgh Pirates?! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Bozo says:

    So now both the Nationals AND Astro’s are potential suitors for Cliff Lee yet the Phillies “can’t” sign Jayson Werth?

  11. Dominic Brown says:

    Aw man.

  12. RedBurb says:

    Who are the Astro’s?

  13. Franchise says:

    How bout your daily phil?

  14. Andrew McCutcheon says:

    Wonder if Philly fans would like my hair more than they did Jayson’s?

  15. Maera says:

    Love McCutchen.

    Not sure how I feel about Juan Samuel taking the place of Lopes. He wasn’t nearly as successful as Lopes was in regards to base stealing. That sounds like a downgrade to me.

  16. crazy4swayze says:

    what about “the daily creampie- phil up on hot stove action”?

    also, how about them mesa solar sox, huh? looking good, boys.

  17. Ralph says:

    I like High Cheese and all, but does it bother anyone else that David Murphy is the twin brother of Frodo Baggins?

  18. We Are Fam-i-ly says:

    McCutcheon leaving the nest???


  19. Maera says:

    I hope that whoever writes the Gold Glove piece tomorrow will touch on the fact that Jeter getting a GG is ridiculous while writing the annual Utley-got-robbed piece that has become a tradition in Philly this time of the year.

  20. FanSince09 now Former Fan says:

    Should of traded Dom Brown midseason for CLIFF LEE!

  21. Bozo says:

    So I just finished my 2018 season in MLB10 RTTS. It had Ryan Howard retire at age 38 in 2017 with 542 HR after he just hit .335 with 45 home runs and now it made Jimmy Rollins retire at age 40 in 2018 at 2,973 hits.

  22. Bozo says:

    Also, just read the Gold Glove article for the NL… “Better yet, how do you judge defensive proficiency? Is it the fewest errors, the highest fielding percentage, or do you prefer UZR, which attempts to measure how good a player is at getting to balls determined to be in his “zone?”"

    Who got paid to write this crap? If you have the fewest errors you have the highest fielding percentage.

  23. Bozo is wrong says:

    wrong. Technically a person with more balls hit at them could have more errors and a higher fielding percentage than someone who has less errors and less balls hit at them.

  24. Bozo says:

    What the fuck am I reading?

    MOTY:”Manuel rallied the Phillies from a poor start to finish 97-65, the best record in baseball, and win the division again.” Um, no. The Phillies got off to a great start then fell to 2 games over .500 in the midst of injuries then came back to win the division. “The case for: Manuel has never won the award before, despite winning four consecutive NL East titles. The case against: The Phillies are loaded with more talent than perhaps any other NL club.” That same club that had a lineup consisting of Dane Sardinha, Paul Hoover, Cody Ransom, Gregg Dobbs, Juan Castro, and Wilson Valdez(Castro and Valdez did well though) for the majority of the season.

    GG and SS: Why are Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley candidates for either? They were injured for most of the year unlike the other candidates. Also Carlos Beltran for a SS? Really? They don’t have Carlos Ruiz listed as a SS candidate even though he hit over .300 and had an OBP of .400(and around 30 doubles or so?) yet they have Yadier Molina .262./.329/.342 and Ramon Hernandez who has decent numbers but not as good as Ruiz.

  25. Bozo says:

    K, but most of of the time fewest errors=highest fielding percentage. I had a feeling I might have been wrong when I was posting that.

  26. The DE Contingency says:

    Name the column = Offseason bullshit.

  27. Greenman! says:

    Interesting about Ryne Sandberg, I only like it because then I can make fun of all the Cubs fans I know.

  28. Hoser says:

    “The Daily Feed”?

  29. Griswold says:

    @Bozo, you forgot Brian BoCock

  30. Bozo says:

    Nah, he didn’t play that much. I don’t recall him getting any starts but he came into some games in September after we clinched.

    Maybe we’ll get some decent rumors today. Need something non-boring to talk about even if it’s just small things.

  31. Joe Morgan says:

    Fire me??? u kiddin me! I’m in the HOF!

  32. Wise Guy says:

    The Phils biggest concern is the bullpen. They will get over the loss of Werth. Out of the BP they have Madson and Lidge….that’s it….. Baez sucks ass – as we know! They better get moving.

  33. Matt Beech says:

    For what it’s worth, Jamie Moyer did NOT have surgery after getting hurt in July.

  34. Wise Guy says:

    We need to sign Pedro Feliciano. Career vs lefties – .214 BA

    i don’t have enough confidence in Bastardo. We need someone to come in and shut the door on lefties. Feliciano is the man!

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