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That Didn’t Take Long
Posted by Dash Treyhorn at 5:55 pm ET 43 Comments

Either the Phillies had this made up last week, or someone on the payroll works really, really fast. Personally, I like to think that they made a half-dozen of these things last December. Courtesy of the official Twitter account of the Philadelphia Phillies.


43 Responses to “That Didn’t Take Long”

  1. Amandah says:

    He can put the tip of that award up me any day!



  2. Ozzie Guillen says:

    link broken!

  3. ChickPhilA says:

    I was thinking about this A(how long will it take them to get the banner up for Roy when he wins Cy) yesterday as I drove by and saw them starting to put the ornaments on the tree outside 3rd base gate. I remember driving past CBP on the day Jimmy was named MVP on ’07, like JUST after the announcement, and they already had that banner up too….

    Either the MLB tips em off early, or they are reallly realllllly reallllllllllly confident ahead of time.

  4. IWantDaveyBack says:

    That’s hot, Amandah.

  5. Sluty Sue says:

    I met Roy a few yrs back in Baltimore. He actually was a disappointment.

    OK, I slept with him, but his cock was no bigger than 4 inches hard. i was looking for 9 with his size.

    Sorry, no Cy in my book. :(

  6. Tonyisdynamic says:

    They’re so far into the future, they snapped pic from his no-hitter, and put it on the poster they made in December.

    <3 Doc.

  7. Section118 says:

    CBP: SAID!!!!

  8. PhillyBirdGuy says:

    GO ROY!!!

  9. PhillyBirdGuy says:

    Thanks for bringing it back to Philly Roy! You’re the man!

  10. Bozo says:

    Great looking banner.

  11. Harry Kalas says:

    Doc, YOU are the MAN!

  12. Roy Halladay is all that is Man.

  13. Tonyisdynamic says:

    No. The Fightins coming back DIDN’T take long. Pricks.

  14. Sean says:

    We’re talkin about the fightins. THE FIGHTINS.

  15. Man Asleep for six months says:

    Hey, how’s it goin’ guys! What’s new? Let’s re-sign Werth, right?!

  16. dlock89 says:

    it just went from six to midnight!!!!!

  17. ZWR says:


  18. Ryan says:

    RIP Harry. Would’ve loved to have heard his call on tonight’s final outs.

  19. Jon says:

    Ahhhh, it feels good to be back.

  20. maria says:

    I can’t believe it’s back.

  21. stinkbug says:

    thank you sir

  22. Cody Ross says:


  23. FanSince09 says:

    Should of kept The Fightins!

  24. Dan says:

    I’m going to go ejaculate now.

  25. AdamChooch says:

    Hey who’s pitching tonight?

  26. VotePolanco says:

    I see Dave Chappelle has returned from the Amazon.

  27. Collin the K says:

    Chris Wheeler Fist Pumps for All!

  28. Prince_Cricket says:

    Roy Halladay is a fucking machine. Even with that accordion of a strike zone, he still locked down when it mattered.

    This season just got a whole lot better, now that you guys are back.

  29. Joe Blanton says:

    Well grease me up like an Italian hoagie, it’s back!

  30. Lindsey says:


  31. Lehigh Chris says:

    It must be a halladay!

  32. maxL says:


  33. Magowan says:

    Speechless! Even all my old fake names are still stored.

  34. Leann says:

    I love you.

  35. Keegan says:

    With great Phils blog sites…comes a WFC.

  36. James Fayleez says:

    Well I’ll be gotdamn.

    My cathedral for hating on Chris Wheeler has returned.

  37. youngjames says:


  38. Defenestrate Wheels says:

    This spring/summer/fall/winter just got a whole lot better. Now I can get good sports analysis and make insanely retarded comments. Life is good.

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