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Phillies Agree To Two-Year Contract With Jose Contreras
Posted by Dash Treyhorn at 5:44 pm ET 38 Comments

According to’s Todd Zolecki, the Philadelphia Phillies and pitcher Jose Contreras have come to terms on a two-year contract worth $5.5 million with a club option for a third year.

Contreras was one of the best relievers on the team in 2010, his first as a full-time reliever. He went 6-4 with a 3.34 ERA and four saves in 56.2 innings. Although multi-year contracts for relief pitchers can be precarious (Danys Baez, for instance), the deal for Jose isn’t cost prohibitive.

With Jose back in the fold, and rumors circulating that the Phillies are in talks with former Mets’ pitcher Hisanori Takahashi, it appears that the early priority for Ruben Amaro is to bolster the back end of the bullpen.

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38 Responses to “Phillies Agree To Two-Year Contract With Jose Contreras”

  1. scott says:

    Fix your time stamp.

  2. scott's lower back says:

    Fix your tramp stamp.

  3. Swift says:

    Excellent signing. He’s been an excellent addition to the bullpen, and keeping him here long term is well worth the money. Now we just need to get some additional lefty support in the pen, and things will be looking good out there.

  4. jake says:

    sweet, but mann. i really hope we get Derbs.

  5. t-hawk says:

    Hopefully, this won’t hurt us like the last 2-year contract we offered to a reliever. I’m looking at you DANYS BAEZ!

    Judging by his performance last year, I don’t think we’ll have that same problem.

  6. Mr. Kyle Rotocinco says:

    Durbin is gone, fine’, kaput. No longer with us. Moved on to a better place.

    If need be I will assume the role of bullpen innings eater. Though it may be difficult with my 5th starter duties but I will endever to perserver. For I am nothing if not a gamer. Whatever the team needs THAT is my main priority.

  7. Greenman! says:


  8. Swift says:

    Is it official that Durbin is gone? Or is there still the possibility they bring him back; he’s not been horrible as a long-relief man.

  9. maria says:

    I think a 1-year deal with an option for a second would have been preferable. Still, it’s good to see RAJ looking to bolster the bullpen.

  10. Greenman! says:

    Swift how dare you change your picture

  11. the guy who called the guy who tries too hard out on his trying too hard says:

    Durbin, aside from the post season, has done a good job as a long reliever.

  12. @swift Read somewhere that both the Phils and Durbin are interested in working out a deal, and that the Phillies will be presenting Durbin with an initial offer this week.

    I figure he’ll be back, and it wouldn’t be a terrible idea. Durb’s been solid enough as a reliever in the middle innings.

  13. Bozo says:

    Most of Durbin’s struggles later in the season were from being overworked. Occasionally he had his blow ups but he was probably our most consistent(and trustworthy) reliever when Madson was injured.

  14. Roy Halladay is on the cover of MLB 2k11, guys!!

  15. Bozo says:

    But MLB The Show is a better game.

  16. But 360 is a better console.

  17. TonyIsDynamic says:

    Last time any Phillie was on a cover of a game, it was Ryan Howard on the cover of MLB 08 The Show.


    Just sayin’.

  18. Hopefully the results translate, well at least we don’t have to worry about the Giants because I don’t think they will be back in the playoffs.

  19. Scott Barry says:

    ball four

  20. Greenman! says:

    Anyone else watching Donovan McChoke?

  21. #5 Smiling Donny says:

    Yeah Greenman I’ve been watching the game. Shit I sure ain’t been doing much while I’ve been on the field I may as well watch the damn game.

  22. Bozo says:

    Better try to avoid CSN and talks of “Eagles going to the Superbowl?!”

  23. Bozo says:

    Of course the Phillies can shove the Eagles aside with “Phillies sign Jayson Werth”

  24. #5 Smiling Donny says:

    Yeah man like I said after the first Eagles- Redskins, everybody makes mistakes and I said the Eagles made one when they let me go then. Now everybody else is saying Dan Snyder has made one by overpaying me with an extension to my contract.

  25. Man I am an animal, like a dog.

  26. Black Guy says:

    Not a bad signing. I rank this signing above fried chicken but below watermelon.

  27. @Greenman! no worries, my original avatar image will return when the Phillies do. For now, it’s Flyers season; hence the orange and block lettering.

    @DashTreyhorn, cool! Thanks for the information, I’ve had trouble finding much of anything on Durbin out there on the interwebs. I hope they can find a way to bring him back. He’s been pretty solid.

  28. @Swift-I think signing Durbin would be good, but not terrible I’d they don’t sign him either. Bonine/Schwimer could take his place of needed. That being said, I like Chad and I hope they do resign him.

  29. Carlos Ruiz says:

    Carlos Ruiz. My nickname es Chooch.

  30. PhillyCuban says:

    I much prefer Contreras to Durbin since his stuff is just so good. I think theres plenty of guys that can do Durbins job, but he was nice to have because of his consistency and ability to go at anytime. Id welcome Durbs back too but Im not sure if hes worth anything more than like 1 year $1.5 mil. I would love Takahashi but I expect the Mets to give him a decent amount of money.

  31. PhillyCuban says:

    NVM, i guess the Mets wont, but some team should give him a nice contract

  32. Joe Blanton says:

    did someone say Fry Young? GET IT!? BECAUSE I’M FAT!

  33. FanSince09 now Former Fan says:

    Should of kept Scott Air, would have been a cheaper lefthanded alternative and freed up money to sign CLIFF LEE!

  34. @Joe Blanton-Lol!

    I love you FanSince09.

  35. Defenestrate Wheels says:

    is it just me or does Durbin look like a non roided out Mitch Williams circa 93? also, less beautiful flowing mane…

  36. The DE Contingency says:

    I just did the merangue and bea the piss out of a pinata in celebration. Ariba!

  37. @Defenestrate wheels- Awesome name, dude. Yeah I can see the resemblance, personally I think Chad looks like a vampire that was played by a 30 year old Leonardo DiCaprio, but that’s just me. In accordance I think we should create the Chad strut for future use.

  38. the wtf? guy says:

    What has happened to this blog?

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