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Opening Day Live Chat
Posted by Dash Treyhorn at 12:03 pm ET 79 Comments

Join Dash at noon on Opening Day to talk Phillies baseball!

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79 Responses to “Opening Day Live Chat”

  1. The First John says:

    ahhh!!! im so excited!!! Halladay is gonna be amazinggggggggg

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  2. mvptommyd says:

    Less than 1 hour away!

    Lineups have been posted as follows: Rollins ss, Polanco 3b, Utley 2b, Howard 1b, Werth rf, Ibanez lf, Victorino cf, Ruiz c, Halladay p

    No surprises obviously.

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  3. PolancosHeadIsHuge says:

    Just played a game of MLB2K10 with todays starting lineups. I won 8-2, Halladay went 8 giving up 2 runs.

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  4. Eric Bruntlett says:

    My team will lose. And even though I’m not on the active roster I’ll come up with a way to F it up.

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  5. Eric Bruntlett says:

    My team will lose. And even though I’m not sure which team i’m on nor on the active roster I’ll come up with a way to F it up.

    Sry had to fix this

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  6. GTO says:

    I am in chat dont know if its working

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  7. Eric Bruntlett says:

    That’s how bad i am. I don’t even know what team I’m on anymore. But I did turn a big triple play last year!!!!!

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  8. mvptommyd says:

    why won’t the chat work for me?

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  9. Gonzo says:

    What are the odds that Jayson Werth gets traded by the trading deadline?

    /Concerned Freezie Pop Lover

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  10. Joe D says:

    Live blogging now too. The Fightins is blowin up!

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  11. Brian says:

    Woo hoo!!! 35 minutes, baby!!!

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  12. Gabrielle says:

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m SO ANGRY I’m at work right now. Like, fuming. I’ve never ever ever used this phrasing before, but F….M….L. Right up the ass.


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  13. meg says:

    chatty chat chat

    tell obama i said hi. go phils!!!!!!!!

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  14. Gonzo says:

    Gabby, that’s soooo filthy *drools*

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  15. Chooch says:

    The road to 20 wins for Roy begins today!

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  16. James Fayleez says:


    I hope the Phillies trade Werth like the night before the Eagles secure a playoff berth.

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  17. ScottRuffcorn says:

    Obama was Juuuuuuuuuuuuust a bit outside………

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  18. Brian says:


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  19. Brian says:

    Everybody hits!

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  20. KGB says:

    Does anyone think Doc blows a 4 run lead? Me neither.

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  21. Beer-a-Thon says:

    Jesse English, who the hell is he? Well, better than Lannan thus far.

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  22. Eric says:

    I’m excited when I see a comment with 2 dislikes, I know I can get rid of every vote.

    How pissed are you that you unhid my blocked comment just to read this?

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  23. Johnny Cool Stix says:

    This guy Roy reminds me of myself in a number of ways, not the least of which he goes through opposing batters like I used to go through dames.

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  24. T-Mac says:

    I’m ready for a little OPPO-BOPPO action right about now!!

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  25. Everybody hits says:

    Everybody hits! Everybody hits!

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  26. The EVERYBODY HITS guy says:


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  27. dlhunter says:

    Scott Graham just drank some Graham Slam out of the sippy cup the nurse just handed him. I’m told he enjoys that brand of ice cream a great deal.

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  28. Beer-a-Thon says:

    Polly want a grand slam? Fuckin-A-Right!

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  29. Placido Polanco says:

    I am on pace for 972 RBI

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  30. wrecked em says:

    Daytripping to washington on wednesday?! I THINK MOTHER FUCKING SO!!!!!

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  31. Brian says:

    Wow. It isn’t even fair at this point…

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  32. Oliver says:

    I can’t post!

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  33. Does it get better than listening to a Phillies radio broadcast with an 11-1 lead? Here’s where L.A. really starts to shine.

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  34. 85 says:

    You know I think they might have something with this Halladay character.

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  35. dlhunter says:

    marcum (who?) has a no-no going for roy’s old team through 5 2/3 innings

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  36. dlhunter says:

    make that 6

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  37. dlhunter says:

    i hope franzke will stop reading my posts on air, its getting embarrassing.

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  38. Eric says:

    dlhunter, it surprises me none that you don’t know who Marcum is. Shocking that you don’t actually follow baseball.

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  39. dlhunter says:

    Sarcasm, Eric, is a tricky thing…

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  40. Eric says:

    Halladay (who?) = easy sarcasm to pick up

    Marcum (who?) = showing a real lack of baseball knowledge.

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  41. kenny junod says:


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  42. dlhunter says:

    Lloyd Benson’d

    and look what ya did, Eric, my high-fiber cereal-loving friend, this marcus fella just lost his no-no.

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  43. erk says:

    So who was close on Halladays line?

    It was 7, 1, 9
    I had 7.1, 2, 9

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  44. James Fayleez says:

    I’m not getting overly excited because it’s the Nationals, but it’s good to finally start the season with a W.

    I would’ve went with Gloads over Dobbs, but i’m sure he’ll get his chance.

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  45. j_romes says:

    Anybody know what the deal with Davey Lopes is? I heard something on the broadcast about “tragedy” and I’m assuming family issues.

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  46. way to kick off the season. what a great day.

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  47. Minty Fresh says:

    Lopes had a relative die in a house fire i believe….

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  48. shipsass says:


    His brother died in a house fire in Providence, RI. Mom and sister escaped without injury.

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  49. Eric says:

    There it is! The first random negative of the season! Disagreement that we went with Dobbs over Gload. Holy trivial batman.

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  50. GTO says:

    Good game and good job on the chat room today Dash. See you there again for sure

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  51. World Forker Champion '11 says:

    Bullpen scared me a little near the end, but otherwise a great GREAT game for us. Even Roy got a hit!

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  52. anyone else just catch franzke’s post game interview with doc?

    i think i’m even more in love with halladay now.

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  53. Outlaw Pete says:


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  54. Gonzo says:

    Is it okay to visit this site?

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  55. Watrick says:

    Um, is Silent Assassin going to get me too? Worst day for the site to be hacked. I also assumed, since most of the cast of this crazy show was down at the game, they were most likely drunk, as well, trying to deal with this. That must have sucked.

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  56. says:

    still drunk

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  57. Curt Schilling says:

    Hacking this site was probably the stupidest decision Silent Assassin could make.

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  58. Hunter S. Thompson says:

    I don’t like this Eric…person. I’m going to bet his Cafe Press underwear reads “Silent Assassin” on the butt.

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  59. GTO says:

    ohh and we are back. WTF happened?

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  60. Gonzo says:

    And who the Fluck gave me a thumbs down?

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  61. Brandon says:

    Thank God you guys are back. Silent Assassin ain’t got shit on the fightins

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  62. dazhuzhu says:

    silent assassin was probably a mets fan. his team teased him today, so he teased us.

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  63. Watrick says:

    Gonzo, I bet it was Silent Assassin.

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  64. will.H says:

    ben roethlisburger hacked your site?

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  65. James says:

    Went to the game. Just got back, we went to eat and shit after.

    So they gave away free hats. What a fucking disaster. I went to TWO toilets where the hats were shoved in them. One was a can where a dude took a MASSIVE DUMP on it. Hahaha. Oh Natinals.

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  66. Phils Phan says:

    As I told a co-worker today when discussing the whole “which blog is the best” debate, Beerleaguer is like having dinner with Einstein, whereas The Fightins is like having dinner with Einstein while he tells dick jokes. Welcome back, fellas, and here’s to 99+3+4+4 more wins.

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  67. will.H says:

    i wish i stopped by to see you jerks today, but my group never made it to lot W. hope you had a good time, i know i did.

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  68. MJM says:

    A dislike button is great for people with low self esteem. Can’t wait to explain to my therapist that nobody likes me here.

    Ahhh, fuck it. I get to see Domonic Brown for the first time tomorrow.

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  69. maxL says:

    Well fuck a duck, you’re back.

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  70. dlhunter says:

    I think about Beerleaguer and The Fightins as two different alcoholic uncles who went to the same school and have more or less the same job. Beerleaguer is the uncle who gets hammered at family gatherings and then rants everybody’s ears off about the capital gains tax. The Fightins is just as smashed but gets sick of Beerleaguer’s bullshit, sits at the kids table, and tells dirty jokes to the little ones.

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  71. marps says:

    Roy Halladay once had an awkward moment [in the first inning], just to see how it feels.

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  72. Chris says:

    What a game. Awesome time.

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  73. wrobo says:

    Didnt get to go to DC today, must have been great. I like Gary Matthews, but he’s pissing me off royaly by calling him “Holiday” and not “Halladay”.

    So in protest, i’m going to start calling him “Serge” instead of “Sarge”.

    Its bound to work.

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  74. Eric says:

    You guys know I’m not smart enough to hack a website.

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  75. That was weird it was all Russian or some sort of Terrorist shit. Glad you’re back now and what a great game!

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  76. Jupiter's Rings says:

    Anybody know where I can find the “EVERYBODY HITS! WOO HOO!” sound clip?

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  77. BigMiles says:

    Was anyone listening to Larry and Scott today when somebody was warming up in the Nats pen and Franzke was like “who is that?” and LA just paused and goes…”Ya know what, I think that’s Tyler Walker”- this exchange made my day. I have the Fightins to thank for this.

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  78. Heathcliff Slocumb says:

    @BigMiles – I was at the game and missed that, but glad you shared. Just imagining the exchange makes my day. haha.

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