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Hey Fans, Knock it Off.
Posted by Dash Treyhorn at 8:30 pm ET 102 Comments

If you watched any of the games against the Cincinnati Reds, then you were treated to some awfully fun baseball, starting with Kyle Kendrick’s masterful start, which was followed by the Phils’ best come-from-behind victory of the season, which was somehow topped by the Halladay-Wood (yes, you read that right) pitching duel, and finally, capped off by a brilliant start from Cole Hamels to complete the four-game sweep against the best offense in the National League.

But lost in all that was several instances of fans behaving badly, none of which included tazing, green lasers, or vomit. I’m as shocked as you all are.

The first instance occurred during Thursday night’s game, when Jayson Werth was potentially robbed of catching a foul ball in the right field stands, due to a Phillie fan snagging it out of the air before Werth could get leather on it. It’s possible that Werth would not have caught the ball, and to be fair to the fan, he didn’t reach over the rail, but given the situation of the game (tie game, two outs), his interference could have been disastrous, especially if that possible third out turned into a run and, even worse, a loss. Fortunately for the fan – no harm, no foul.

The second and third instances both occurred during Sunday’s game, one inning apart.

In the third inning, Carlos Ruiz hit a line drive to the right-center field gap, and as it was coming down, a fan reached over the rail and tried to grab the ball. It was ruled a ground-rule double.

The next inning, Jayson Werth belted one to deep center field, just to the left of the tiny fence in dead-center. Again, a fan reached over the rail and snagged the ball in mid-air (pictured), giving Werth a ground-rule double.

Although Ruiz’s hit would have ended up a double anyhow, the same cannot be said for Werth’s. Had the fan not interfered, the ball would have likely careened off the top of the wall, meaning it could have bounced towards right field, toward center, or it could have died on the ball and fallen harmlessly back to the fielder.

Given the angle of that wall, and how hard the ball was hit, it is not unrealistic to think that Werth could have ended up with a triple, or perhaps an inside-the-park home run. As it happened, he ended up on second base, and would not come round to score. Had he ended up with a triple, and eschewing the fallacy of the predetermined outcome, he would have scored on Raul Ibanez’s fly ball two batters later, making it a 2-0 game.

And while the Phils would go on to win, the lack of an extra run was irrelevant, that’s not the point. The point is that fan interference is a problem, however small, in baseball, and I feel I need to use what little clout I have to address it.

First, and this is for the gentlemen who reached over and snagged Werth’s hit – let’s get the obvious out of the way: You’re not allowed to bring a glove to a baseball game, not at your age. Unless you have that syndrome that Robin Williams had in “Jack,” then I can safely say that you are an adult who brought a glove to a baseball game. I don’t know when the cutoff for that sort of thing is, but suffice it to say, you passed it over a decade ago.

Second – and this goes for all fans – we’re in a playoff race, folks, and you need to respect that. I know that it’s a great story, and that rawhide orb would look swell on your mantle one day, but for the love of Kalas, don’t mess with balls that  are in play. You shouldn’t need me to tell you that; in fact, they remind you before the game. No excuses.

Third, everyone in the ballpark who sits in the first two or three rows has a responsibility to be completely aware of, not only their surroundings, but the situation so that they don’t interfere with possible game-altering plays.

Think of the first few rows at a stadium like those seats on an airplane that are located near the emergency exits. When you sit in those seats, you are given a responsibility. If something should go wrong, then you have to keep your wits about you and know how to act when the time comes. The same can be said for anyone sitting on or near the field at a baseball game, especially in their home park.

While a fan-interfered-with foul ball is unlikely to be a life-or-death situation, it can have consequences that can cost a team a game. Just ask Steve Bartman.

So please, if you are sitting in a part of the stadium where there is a possibility, however slight, that your going for a ball could have a consequence on the field, then please, just stay away.

October might depend on it.

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102 Responses to “Hey Fans, Knock it Off.”

  1. Pat says:

    meech, can you please stop lance from ruining this site again

  2. PolancosHeadIsHuge says:

    If you had a shot at grabbing a ball you’d let it drop and let another fan get it? Nah, I think I’d still do it.

  3. Fargle Bargle says:

    seriously that guy in the white hat just stood up all stupid and people were high fiving him too, why did no one yell at him? and his stupid smirk.

  4. Uncle Charlie's hands says:



  5. Jay says:

    Well said Dash… well said.

  6. yaknucklehead says:

    Throw out anyone who interferes with a ball in play. The Guy with the foul ball is safe but the other tools should go.

    If a few people get booted, maybe others will get the picture.

  7. ScottGraham says:

    yak, they do. It says on the back of your ticket, as well as over the PA system, that fans who interfere with a ball in play will be ejected.

    They used to have a video with the various shitty 2000 or 2001 phillies where Todd Pratt would give an angry look and go “WILL BE EJECTED’ after each rule.

  8. Mrs.Happ says:

    Amen… I could not agree more. and the airplane analogy is brilliant.

  9. Erin says:

    This was my exact argument when everyone was using the “he didn’t reach into play” excuse for that fool who robbed Werth of that catch. I think that 11 innings is enough time to notice how close you are to the field of play. It’s safe to say you should also know that there are 2 outs in extra innings when every win means a lot to this team, and when a possible 3rd out is coming for you, your first thought should not be “OMG I COULD GET A BALL GOODY!” it should be “My boy Jayson is gonna catch that I better get the F out of his way.” Maybe you should have to pass a test before you can buy tix for those seats. Or go through a training.

    But then again, I guess there are those people who just go to a game for pure entertainment and leave entertained no matter what the team did. A concept I could never get my head around.

    All that to say….I AGREE.

  10. Dungheap says:

    I’m all for like shaming clueless d-bags that interfere with balls in play and I’m all for like PSA-style reminders that you oughtn’t be a d-bag that interferes with balls in play lest ye be shamed by people with a clue and I’m all in favor of the Phillies like kicking people out for interfering with balls in play and endlessly playing videos of d-bags interfering with balls in play being shamed by people with a clue and getting kicked out by the Phillies and all but “October might depend on it” is a bit much.

    By the way, last I heard of Steve Bartman he was busy turning down $25,000 offers to write his name. Apparently, being a clueless d-bag is so lucrative that you can scoff at $25,000 offers to write your name.

  11. grapes911 says:

    Get out of you ivory tower. When the ball comes, people react. Deal with it. Otherwise, they should make the outfield more like the Vet, and not put the seats right at the fence.

  12. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Polanco’s head- what part of fielder catching the ball don’t you understand?

    Someone on DNL said that they move the fans to another seat. WTF? Eject the fuckers!

    They also should announce the rule after each infraction to reiterate to the ignorant just what is meant by interfering.

    When they do remove the fan, remove the fucking ball from his possesion also, no trophy for you fucktard.

    In fact hire the soup nazi to do the Phanavision after the assholes interfer.

    Ball nazi appears scowling – NO BALL FOR YOU NOW GET OUT

  13. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    ^interfere^ duh

  14. Fargle Bargle says:

    @Mrs. Happ are you JA’s significant other or is JA pitching for the other team now?

  15. Jess says:

    I’m sick of hearing people say “any fan would have done the same thing” about the guy who caught the Werth foul ball. No, not everyone would have done the same thing. Your team winning the game > taking home a souvenier. If I’m sitting in the first row, and the Beard and his glove are a couple feet away from me with a pretty good chance to get out of the inning unscathed (or to get an out in any situation, period), I’m doing everything I can to get the hell out of his way.

  16. Keith Olbermann says:

    Lance, sir your comments are insipid and foul sir! Huff Huff!

  17. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    grapes911- Lets punish all the fans for the few fucktards that don’t get it.

    Who are you Johan Santana? If she didn’t want me to ejaculate on her thigh she wouldn’t have wore a skirt.

  18. Jason's Girth says:

    There is nothing wrong with anything these fans did except bringing a glove. 8/10 people complaining would have done the same thing and interference should have no affect on the phillies performance,

  19. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Erin and Jess are spot on. Damn I hate that term. That sounds as if I’m the saber cartoon guy, but I digress.

    It appeared to me that during the Werth foulball play the guy behind greenshirt guy could have made a play for it but all he did was rise out of his seat and watch. No arms were raised by him or anyone else in the area for that matter. Greenshirt guy was clueless but he was still a better fan than the two yesterday.

    I’ve seen guys reach out for fairballs down the line and balls bouncing off the warning track.
    Stay in your place and if the ball gets to you great but know the game.

  20. Gonzo says:

    Ever have a foul ball come your way? You stare straight up into the sky, and black out any and all surroundings. I’m not surprised the guy didn’t see Werth coming by. Nor did he evern think about moving out of the way.

  21. Spicoli says:

    I was once so baked outta my mind at game that I hit the deck when a foul ball came my way. It was like 15 rows back and I was in the front row.

  22. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Gonzo that is true when you are behind the screen for the plate or behind a dugout but by the 11th inning of a game you should realize that you are in an area where you may have to compromise your OOOOO A BASEBALL!!! instincts and actually use that brain you were given.

  23. Gonzo says:

    Whatever you say, Dubee. You’re the arbiter of fandom.

  24. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Glad you realize it.

  25. Tug Haines says:

    Whatever happened to that animation with the guru on the mountain top? Did he really get bumped for all the ballgirls with the huge foreheads?

  26. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    And while I’m on my soapbox…

    Mr Jason Girth,

    The glove is the last thing I have a problem with. Reaching over the railing for a live ball in play is not only stupid in a fan sense but a breach of the agreement made with the purchase of the ticket.

  27. Pete D says:

    I sit in 148 and that guy brings his glove every sunday, and he sucks.

  28. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Pete D- Did they eject him from the game yesterday?

  29. Gonzo says:

    Please tell us more on how to be the perfect fan, Mister Dubee Dubee Douche.

  30. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Gonzo I’m on here almost daily if you haven’t been paying attention then maybe we have found the problem.

  31. Eric says:

    They have replay to make sure the dudes reaching over didn’t rob a homerun. It’s called a ground rule double if it wouldn’t have gone over. This has been happening for about 100 years now. Worry about more important shit, like the fucking terrible atrocity that we currently call a batting order.

  32. Tyson says:

    Usually I’m not lucky enough to snag seats close enough to the action, and maybe I’m over-analytical, but if I were to be sitting front-row in a section that I could possibly interfere with a live ball in play, I would figure out where I’m NOT allowed to reach in the event a ball comes near me.

  33. Adamr14 says:

    I got an idea, let’s all go to turner field and interfere with balls in play and catch ones that Jason Heyward (OMG OMG OMG) could easily catch

  34. Pierre says:

    I’d go for the ball. Hell, I’d rip it out of the 5 year old next to me’s hands.

  35. Morandini's Triple Play says:

    This, unfortunately, is part of the price of success. Build a beautiful ballpark and field a team of winners and “they” will come. The people who are out for entertainment rather than being the 10th man.
    Its a burden, but at least their tickets and concession sales are contributing to the increased payroll. We have to take the good with the bad and realize that the money they provided to give us Halladay and Howard should create more wins than ballpark hijinks like these (and lets add the wave to the list) are going to cost us.
    I’ll take this over a sea of empty blue seats every time.

  36. Brett Myers Awesome Chinbeard says:

    Steve Bartman will forever live in Baseball infamy, and I for one am quite happy he wasn’t a Phillies fan!

    If you thought the insanity that incident caused was huge as is, just imagine how bad it’d have been if the guy was associated with a Philly team.

    People seem to have this idea that only Phillies fans are fucking idiots, but every fanbase has these d-bags… especially the fucking Chicago Cubs so they are hardly ones to laugh at us.

  37. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Eric they showed a replay of Utley hitting a ball off the same area of that wall. Because there was no interference on his ball Chase was able to circle the bases getting an inside the park homerun.

    Werth was denied the chance to give those fans Sunday one of the most exciting plays in baseball, instead they get a fan interfering.

    At the very least give Werth a chance for a triple don’t interfere.

    Had Vic or Jimmy been on first when Werth hit the ball that interference would have made them stop at third even if they had already scored, highfived, got Gatoraid, and sat down on the bench.

    Thanks for interfering.

  38. jd says:

    i’ve been going to phillies games for about 30 years now. never have i caught a foul ball. got close a few times, but no cliched cigar.

    that said, i understand the point of this article; selfish as it may seem, i cannot damn these guys for reaching over and grabbing a foul ball. because i understand.

    however, once you start growing big boy hairs you have to leave the glove at home. oddly enough, that is also on the back of the ticket.

  39. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    The success that has been spoken of is great enough to fill those seats with other fans should the Phillies remove those people who break the terms of the ticket contract.

    Just keep weeding out the people who don’t care and soon you will have your stands filled with those who get it, and you may even teach some of the scofflaws how to care in the process.

  40. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    jd this particular thread started about the fans reaching for faiir balls. On a scale of biggest infraction to least.

    green shirt dad- bad (for not knowing the situation) but understandable

    Guy touching Chooch’s ball- very bad

    Stupid glove guy- So fucking bad it isn’t even close

  41. Ed says:

    I agree with not reaching over the fence. But you must interfere when the apposing team is coming into our stands to make the catch. Lets not forget that, keep your head in the game. Grab the apposing players glove if necessary. I will give you the first row not to interfere but unless Howard is now stretch armstrong, he aint gettin past the first row.

  42. Joe says:

    The rule for bringing your glove to a game is, if you old enough to kiss a girl you are too old to bring a glove to the park.

  43. Tom says:

    Now is the converse of this true? If an opposing player hits a ball that’s close to being a homer, shouldn’t a fan purposely reach out to catch it before the wall, making it a ground rule double?

  44. Morandini's Triple Play says:

    Yes, Tom. Take one for the team.

  45. Arsebag says:

    Fighting blog commenters are funny.

  46. jd says:

    DDD-good point. still don’t know what i would do. prob not reach over the rail. i tend to belt down a few during games and wouldn’t want to end up on the bad side of youtube glory.

    more often than not, i guess, people go for the prize instead of the team.

  47. will.H says:

    something id like to point out..

    we make so many excuses for asshole fans but come down so hard on the players when they hit .264

    it’s odd

  48. Greenman! says:

    don’t be negative Eric, I’ll leave Team Eric.

  49. MH says:

    I don’t like to make excuses for idiots but I have never had a flyball coming flying at my head at a game so I don’t know how I would react. Of course, I never have good seats so I’m pretty sure I am safe from that decision.

  50. Sundar says:

    I’ve caught a foul ball. Then I played Home Run Derby with it, smashed the seams, and I have no clue where it is now. Unless it is a no-doubt Home Run ball then it’s pretty frivolous. What are you gonna say if you do catch one of these ground-rule double balls? Put it on a mantle and brag about how you prevented live ball action?

  51. @ Eri & Jess – you guys have said it perfectly and exactly what i’ve been saying

    @Morandini’s TP. bravo!!!! this year has been terrible to go the games. the morons there are doing the wave when “their” team is down 4 runs in the 9th…. for christ sake stop it!!! you should be making noise trying to Fightin’s up or rattling the away pitcher

  52. Jordan says:

    you’re fucking stupid.

    if jayson werth getting a double instead of a triple in july costs the phillies the playoffs, this team is fucking screwed to begin with.

    and let me get this straight. you ripped into the guy for catching the foul ball that was OUT OF PLAY, but then when a guy catches a ball in play and tries to give jayson werth a cheap homerun, you rip him too?

    fuck you. i’m sure you would cream your jeans for a fucking baseball. how about you quit interferring with this site. you’re worse than the douche with the glove.

  53. Jordan says:

    the first time anyone blames a fan for costing the phillies a win, i’m going to fucking shit frisbees. how about you blame the 9 over paid assholes that couldn’t reach first base for 8 innings against some shit stain rookie.

  54. Phan Stuck in nyc says:

    Dash – Nicely written, thank you.
    Erin – Couldn’t have said it better.
    D3 – As always, I bow to your baseball & ballpark wisdom & I agree whole-heartedly.

    And for the record, I don’t buy egregious Green Dad saying he was protecting Angelic Son. PLEASE don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying his son’s life isn’t upper most in his mind. However, he made an awfully good, bare-handed catch. In analogous situations, my parents’ intuition was to throw their bodies in front of me (or my brother) to cover us, in more or less a ducked sort of position, backs up – not necessarily to catch whatever it was. (Growing up in tornado territory this comes in handy.) I find his excuse convenient and ‘sweet’. I think people buy those seats for the express purpose of being where they’re likely to catch balls. I can’t imagine that a foul ball (as well as a really tall, rather large BEARD traveling at a fast rate of speed) wouldn’t be somewhere in his brain, most especially IN EXTRA INNINGS.

    It all happened exceptionally quick; a fender bender. Neither person had time to think or evaluate. But honestly not much of his story washes with me.

    The guys with the gloves … Do. Not. Get. Me. Started.
    And green Phillies t-shirts should not be permitted within the confines of CBP (perhaps even Philadelphia, with the notable exception of St. Patrick’s Day).

  55. Tyson says:

    I can only imagine the ramifications should a Mets fan interfere with a ball hit by a Phillie at CBP. God let’s hope this happens to witness what may ensue.

  56. Tyson says:
    “I can only imagine the ramifications should a Mets fan interfere with a ball hit by a Phillie at CBP. God let’s hope this happens to witness what may ensue.”

    i’m afraid with the way the fans are acting these days that a mets fan would get a pat on the back

  57. Jordan says:

    if i go to a game and there is a baseball within 20 feet of me, i’m going for it. fuck it, i don’t care if i have to go on the field or rob jayson werth. my fucking ticket is what pays his damn salary so he can shut the fuck up and deal with it. and if he wanted that foul ball bad enough he would have had it. i can’t believe a professional athlete is going to bitch about getting showed up by an overweight 40 year old fan. really jayson werth? the guy didn’t even have a glove! fuck you. play baseball. thats what you’re fucking paid to do. i’m a fan. i pay to watch grown men play a fucking game and if i can have some fun and grab a baseball, who the fuck cares? and if it costs the phillies the game, then fuck them, they didn’t deserve to win anyway. this isn’t fucking golf. i’m not going to go to a phillies game and sit there and clap quietly when something good happens. you all are fucking stupid.

  58. @jordan

    and you are exactly whats wrong with the “fan base” these days, it’s all about you and not the game in hand.

    also do you even notice that little thing call “any fan caught interfering with a ball in play can be ejected”

  59. will.H says:

    jordan, drink less redbull braah. you think the guy reached over the fence because he had a sneaky scheme giving jayson werth a homerun.. or is he just a selfish sack of nut sauce?

    if someone slashed the tires of your ice cream truck, you’d be pissed someone interfered with your job.

  60. don says:

    Jordan, having a fan catch your long fly ball does not get you a home run unless you play for the Yankees.

  61. Lynniemac says:

    Okay, so I’ve heard the rule on guys with gloves at a ballgame variously stated as if you’re old enough to kiss a girl, grown big boy hairs, or have gotten a hand job, you can’t bring a glove to a game. What’s the ruling on women with gloves?

  62. Tyson says:

    Dammit, Jordan. Why are you such a homo?

  63. will.H says:

    lynnie im sure the rule is based off of ‘manhood’ assuming a man is strong enough to withstand a barehanded catch. Women live by a different set of rules when it comes to this. Catch all you want.. unless you’re coordinated enough to catch a ball with your barehands, which 99% of people are not.

  64. @Lynniemac

    you should be with a man who can do it for you, so you dont catch an elbow from morons like Jordan all hopped up on jager-bombs

  65. will.H says:


    zup brah dont fuck wit my new heeeahcut

  66. cumaaaaaaaahn Will i is just talkins… ready for anotha jaga-bomb brah!

  67. Lynniemac says:

    will.H: It’s not about coordination. It’s all about soft hands. Just ask Sarge.

    Ghost: I will never be one of those girls ducking and covering. I’m cool with catching my own (if one would ever come close enough). Men can do other stuff for me. ;-)

  68. @Lynniemac

    hahaha, well then i say take a glove and maybe some knee pads

  69. will.H says:

    wachumean i awreeedy ordad ‘em

  70. will.H says:

    ha, excuse me maam why are you wearing knee pads

  71. Lynniemac says:

    I am so not answering that.

  72. Jordan says:

    fuck all of you. i didn’t realize you were a bunch of pussies that were worried about ‘how the fan base is perceived.’ and i don’t give a shit if i get ejected. big fucking deal, its a baseball game, there are 162 of them every year. its not like i’m missing not a creed concert.

  73. Tyson says:

    Jordan < Jeff Francoeur

  74. @Jordan

    1st, it’s not about the perception of the team! it’s the fact that morons, much like yourself, are putting your time in front of the reason many people are actually there (hopefully watching the Phillies win). people much like yourself would rather interfere with a ball in play/start the wave while down 7 runs/standing up and walking about in the middle of an at bat than actually care about baseball
    2nd, it should what kind a fucktwat you are by care if you missed a creed concert

  75. jd says:

    lynn-women are allowed to bring gloves. why not? the ballgirls have’em

    just my ruling, and am not sure its the consensus.

  76. Phan Stuck in nyc says:

    Hahahaha Lynnie – I was just going to say TAKE THE FIFTH – DON’T ANSWER!

    I can catch my own, uh, balls – ahem – thank you very much.

    I don’t mean to speak for anyone else but I doubt there are many here who give a crap how the Phillie’s fan base is perceived. Screw the media and the hooey they love to perpetrate. People in other cities love to believe it b/c it’s makes them think they’re above it all and Phila isn’t. It isn’t true, it never was, everyone knows it.

    But I’m pretty sure every single one of us cares about the Phillies winning, how the game is played, and fans who claim to be Phillies fans who selfishly prevent a Phillie from making a run or a good play.

  77. Adamr14 says:

    “Its not like I’m missing not a creed concert.”

    Um… sure?

  78. Jordan says:

    all i’m saying is that i’d much rather jam out to “Higher” or “My own prison” than watch jayson werth cry about getting robbed by a fatass middle aged fan. and if me catching a foul ball prevents the phillies from winning than the phillies can suck my chode. and yes i do have a chode. suck my balls. everyone.

  79. Jordan says:

    “all i’m saying is that i’d much rather jam out to “Higher” or “My own prison”…”

    hahahhahahahahahahahahahhaahhahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahha… now this completely explains Jordan hahahhahahahahaha

  80. Tyson says:

    Jordan < Scott Stapp

  81. Kevin says:

    Great post. I found this whole weekend of balls in the stands to be a bit ironic. Thursday night, Jayson Werth is pissed at a fan who has every right to try to catch that ball, because he’s not reaching into the field of play, and Werth is reaching into the crowd. The following night, the Phillies hit three homers in the late innings, but the one I look at is Cody Ransom’s game-tyer. It was in the first row at right field. Could you imagine if those antics would’ve been pulled on that homer, instead of the near homers on Sunday? Thankfully, those fans understand the rules that come with sitting in the front row. The thing about Sunday’s game has to do mainly with Werth’s near homer. I saw the thought process behind the fan who reached forward for the ball coming straight at him, but Werth’s is basically to dead center field, and the fan made the catch off to the side, and stretched for it. Guaranteed that ball kicks toward the track at least, and is a triple or more, but here’s another thought. If a ball, untouched by a fielder, kicks off the angled wall in centerfield, then goes into the ivy in center on the fly, IT’S A HOME RUN! Look how high off the wall that ball hits. It certainly had a shot to still go out. Chooch wasn’t robbed of anything, because a double was all he was going to get out of that, touched or not. But, that fan took away a sure triple, possible inside-the-parker, or just simply a home run away from Werth. If you’re going to sit there, know the game. Something you do could actually impact the game.

  82. Jordan says:


    no shit you fucking retard. scott stapp fucking rules!! and he could probably play a better right field than that asshole jayson werth.

  83. Jordan says:


    you are fucking stupid too. if something i can do will impact the game, than you better fucking believe i’m going to do it. what would you rather tell your grand kids? a) “i sat there and watched as a baseball bounced off the wall in front of me because i know the game and i’m a respectible fan” OR b) “i fucking reached out and cought a fucking baseball hit by the phillies and was on tv and now i have that baseball right here.” if you said a) you’re grand kids will more than likely tell you to fuck off because you’re the fucking stupidest grandpa ever. if you said b) you’re grand kids will more than likely high five you and then shotgun a beer with you because you’re the most badass grandpa ever. think about that next time you’re in the front row, dickheads.

  84. Kevin says:


    That makes perfect sense…if you’re in college. If you take your kid to the game, and catch a home run ball (or so you think), any kid would be elated. But let it impact the game itself, be viable to ejection from the ballpark, and have the fans in your section boo you for pulling that shit, then your kid wouldn’t want to be seen with you at a ballgame again. It’s one thing to catch a legit home run and say to your kid, I caught this ball for you, and give it to them. It’s another to catch one like that, let them have it, and then have someone take you from the game, and try to explain that you can’t stay for the rest because you were a fucking idiot and got yourself kicked out, forcing your kid to go too. Are you 5? Does catching a baseball mean that much to you? If it does, then you’re not a real baseball fan, period.

  85. @Jordan

    ” if you said b) you’re grand kids will more than likely high five you and then shotgun a beer with you because you’re the most badass grandpa ever. think about that next time you’re in the front row, dickheads.”

    facepalm…. so facepalm. you are such a pathetic attention seeking carpetbagger. if there is a god it wont let you reproduce let alone have grandchildren to shot gun beers with

  86. @Kevin
    he isnt a baseball fan just look at the moron garbage he has been spewing

  87. Lynniemac says:

    Is this the same Jordan who was hoping Jayson Werth would be killed in a car accident a few days ago?

  88. Phan Stuck in nyc says:

    Omg. Did someone actually say that Lynnie?

  89. will.H says:

    “big fucking deal, its a baseball game, there are 162 of them every year.”

    If its no big deal, why ya mad?

  90. Lynniemac says:

    Stuck Phan: Yes, the night of the Green Shirt Incident. Pretty sure it’s the same person.

  91. Jess says:

    @Ghost: There was a guy on Sunday who was pretty desperate to get the wave going in the 7th. Its a 1-0 game, Cole is filthy, and he’s trying to start the wave.

  92. bigmyc says:

    Dubee Do, your big problem is that you make too much sense. You got that?

  93. bigmyc says:

    And Jess, nice contribution, but can we S-can “filthy” as a description for a pitching performance…never mind, let’s just 86 it altogether. Cause, you know…it’s like, just time.

  94. @Jess

    god i hate people like that

  95. Ted H says:

    Big deal, some fans grabbed a couple baseballs. Remember when the Phillies could hit home runs and score more than one run per game? Back then, I doubt Werth or anyone else would care if a fan caught a ball, especially if said fan wasn’t leaning over the railing. The fans aren’t the reason the Phils have slumped during the first half.

  96. philajaime says:

    Well, those rows aren’t EXACTLY like those seats on an airplane that are located near the emergency exits…you have to be able to speak and understand English to sit by the emergency exits. Not so at the park. On a connecting flight to Newark I was in the row in front of some poor Iranian woman who had to switch with me for just that reason.

  97. Phan Stuck in nyc says:

    Lynnie: “Green Shirt Incident” Jeeze, will it forever be known as that? Just insanity. And I don’t even know what to say about a person who’d say something like that. I mean, that’s just down to the bone – horrible. All he did was say a 4-ltr word (2x??) in front of a kid. It’s questionable whether or not he even knew the kid was there, it all happened so fast. He has 2 kids of his own & this moron wishes him dead?!

  98. It’s a fucking baseball. If you want a baseball so bad go and fucking buy one. I was at the game on Thursday. 3rd row, 1st base side. The douchenozzle next to me was in his late 30′s, gold chained, way too dressed for a ball game guido who brought his glove. Are you fucking kidding me? Every foul ball hit the entire game he swore was coming to him. Even in the 3rd row and the ball was still rolling on the ground near the baseline he swore he could get the ball. I can’t tell you how many times he smacked me with the glove jumping out of his seat while a foul ball went towards 3rd base. Seriously people … It’s a FUCKING BASEBALL!

  99. Kevin says:

    @smell my mule

    You’re so right here. I was at last Tuesday’s game against the Braves, 7th row on the first base side. Even though, I would’ve brought my glove had I known that was where the seats were after being invited, I didn’t really need it. Come to think of it, for all the times I’ve gone to a game, I never hesitate to use a glove during BP, but once the game starts, the game starts. Just for the record too, if you’re in the 7th row, or even th 3rd row like the guy at your game, you have to have enough knowledge that just the way the ball is hit isn’t yours. Every foul ball toward first base either died sections before us, or sailed over our heads. One foul ball landed in the row in front of us, and that was it. Other than that, I didn’t get up for the whole game in attempt to catch the ball. You have to know these things, and it sounds like the guy next to you was just trying to be an asshole. But, for real, the best people are the ones who get the ball somehow, then search for the first kid they can find. That’s when is baseball is worth more, when a kid gets one. But to adults, a baseball is worth about as much as you would pay for it in the store.

  100. DBloc says:


    Before 2006, I’ll bet you couldn’t name 8 players on the team you fuckin front runner. That ball Werth hit was a definate triple. The center fielder was way too close to the wall and it would have bounced well into center field. Don’t give me that “they play 162 games” bullshit. How many games did the Phils win the division by in 2007? You know the year when you became a Phillies fan?

    I’ll give the green shirt guy a pass because he didn’t reach over.

  101. mich says:

    Great post as always, Dash.

    With all the ups and downs this season, let’s not add to the downs. If a ball appears to possibly be still in play, leave it alone.

    And to the Jerry Blavat lookin’ mother effer that reached out for the ball Werth hit…PLEASE don’t do it again. Isn’t there a sock hop somewhere you could be attending instead of annoying us at CBP???

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