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Announcers Complaining About Citizens Bank Park? You Don’t Say!
Posted by Dash Treyhorn at 11:00 am ET 28 Comments

They say that the only things guaranteed in life are death and taxes. Of course, that only holds true if you’re not also a Phillies fan, because you can then add “incessant complaining about the park dimensions from opposing play-by-play announcers.”

That was certainly the case on Thursday night, when Nats radio play-by-play guys Charlie Slowes and Dave Jagler just had to make a comment about the size of Citizens Bank Park following Shane Victorino’s third inning home run. I swear, it’s like these guys are contractually obligated to bitch and moan about the teeny tiny ballpark that the Phillies play in, because it’s not as if though the other team – in this case, the Nationals – also get to take advantage of the same dimensions.

After Vic’s homer, which he hooked just inside the foul pole and about five or six rows deep over the fence in left field, they unfurled this little nugget:

“Here, Houston, a few parks that you can see a hitter just basically pops it up down the left field line and it lands in the stands for a home run” and later on “…just a little pop fly.”

No word on whether or not they had similar things to say about Raul Ibanez’s fifth inning bomb that landed in the front row of the second deck, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they blamed the super-secret fly ball jetstream that only the Phillies hitters have access to during the games.

You know, maybe I’m taking this to personally, which is silly, because really, who cares what other announcers think? It’s almost as if their opinions on the Phillies are informed by nothing but comments on blogs as opposed to actual information. You’d swear that these guys think that the walls move in when the Phillies come to bat or something.

Of course, a quick look at MLB Park Factors have shown that The Bank isn’t the exxxtreme hitter’s park like some make it out to be. It’s not a park where fly balls go to die, like Petco Park in San Diego, or where home runs leave at a ridiculous rate like U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago, either. It gives an advantage to the hitter, sure, but it’s not like Little Leaguers could go deep within the confines.

And is it possible that the reputation that The Bank has garnered has less to do with its dimensions and more to do with the fact that they’ve had some pretty prolific home run hitters come through there in the last seven or so years? I mean, if they had a lineup of Abe Nunezes and Chris Robersons as opposed to Ryan Howards and Chase Utleys, The Bank wouldn’t have the reputation it has, nah mean?

Regardless, perhaps the Washington Nationals announcers should withhold their judgment of The Bank’s porch in left field, which is between 329 down the line and 334 as the wall juts in as it heads toward left-center.

I guess they do have a point, as 334 feet isn’t that great a distance, especially compared to left field at Nationls Park, which sits at…336 feet.

Oh. Well.

I guess if I had to watch 162 Nationals games a year, I’d be pretty bitter, too.

28 Responses to “Announcers Complaining About Citizens Bank Park? You Don’t Say!”

  1. Test 1 2 3 / Stuck in DC says:

    Well Dash, the nats TV and radio broadcasters just suck in general, so I wouldn’t take it too personally.

  2. Mike P says:

    I can only think of one time that I was actively pissed about a ballpark leaking too many homers. The Phils were in NY in ’09 to play the Bombers, and Hamels gave up a broken-bat home run to Teixeira. Who the hell ever heard of a broken-bat home run? The bat shattered, Hamels looked up casually, waiting for the LF to bring it down, and it just sort of drifted out. I guess that’s just how shit went for Hamels in ’09.

  3. Tim says:

    I was at that game, and I’ll be damned if from where I was sitting the ball looked like it would be a towering pop fly not too deep into left foul territory. It just kept going somehow. But it was a legit home run, it would have been out in Petco Park too, which is also 334 down the left field line. CBP is slightly hitter friendly, but its rep as a bandbox just won’t die.

  4. DP says:

    Even if, and I wouldn’t gratuitously concede the argument, CBP is a “home run haven”, that still doesn’t explain why the opposing team doesn’t have the same advantage. The Nats could have hit just as many “cheap” HR’s as the Phils. I don’t recall the “bandbox” helping either us or the Giants in the NLCS last year. This whole thing is a product of lazy announcing, journalism, etc. Same reason why everyone outside of Philly thinks we’re the worst fans. Stereotypes are hard to shake.

  5. Matt says:

    Did anyone else notice that the ESPN commentators during last Sunday night’s game called it a beautiful ballpark? Times have officially changed.

    I don’t care what the Nats’ announcers think. They are still stuck in 2005.

  6. Defenestrate Wheels says:

    sadly i rarely hit it out of the infield during rec softball

  7. Phylan says:


    “Well I guess with a name like Ibanez he’s going to have a fun Cinco de Mayo, and that’s what he’s doing”

  8. I watched a few Nats games this year, and I can’t take their announcers. During a loss, they’ll praise the accomplishments of every sub-par performer on their field, and act like the opposition just got by with a lucky win.

    Also, if CBP is a cheap hitters ballpark, and your team can’t hit out there… What’s that say about your team?

  9. James Anthony Happ says:

    I saw that, Phylan!

    Knowledge of any of the 3 would’ve been helpful:

    1) Raul is from freaking NY.
    2) His family is from Cuba, not Mexico.
    3) Mexicans (and latin americans in general) don’t celebrate 5 de Mayo

  10. JohnMatrix says:

    does don sutton still so the nats broadcasts? i hated that cocksucker when he annoucned for the braves too.

  11. Test 1 2 3 / Stuck in DC says:

    @10 – Ha, the nats tv color man has been a revolving door. sutton left a few years ago to go back to the braves. Then it was dibble, who thankfully got fired after he bad-mouthed pretty boy strausberg. Now they’re on FP ‘Fuckface’ Santangelo. He’s already getting to a dibble-level of annoyance.

  12. Your puny little ballpark is only advantageous to Your Philadelphia Phillies. The African Queen and I noticed this while we were digging a secret underground tunnel to the visitors bullpen in order to stalk the relief pitchers of Our Washington Nationals. After we were gently rebuffed by Saul Rivera during a game in 2007 (why anyone wouldn’t want to pose for pictures with a creepy middle-aged couple is beyond me), we noticed an elaborate system to move the fences in while Philadelphia Phillies batters stepped to the plate while a vacuum in the stands ensured the balls would land in the seats of your Little League park

    The African Queen and I are convinced that this, and not the fact that the Philadelphia Phillies are awesome and our Washington Nationals suck Teddy Roosevelt’s Big One, is the reason your Phillies and classless fans have dominated our Nationals every year. Now if you’ll excuse me, The African Queen and I just received a tip that Our Number 43 Brian Bixler just walked into the Men’s Room at the hotel restaurant and we must be ready to pounce…

  13. TheGood1 says:

    FP Santangelo is a moron. I laughed last night when he was comparing Roy Halladay’s composure to that of John Lannan’s.

    Roy was pitching with a runner on 2nd (possibly 1st, too, but can’t remember the specifics) and he stepped off the mound one time, to wipe the sweat from his face and take another look at the signs. FP then went on to say: “You see what happens to these pitchers when runners get on base and their composure starts to go? You delay the game by taking a few extra seconds before throwing your next pitch. I didn’t see Lannan doing this when he had runners on.”

    Whoa! Stop the bus! John Lannan didn’t slow things down and take his time when he had runners on? That makes him so much better than Doc, because he ended up giving up, what, 6 runs in that inning?

    If you had any clue about the game of baseball, you’d know that the game speed is dependent on how fast the pitcher moves and he can step off, as he wishes. I’m surprised they didn’t compare that fat shits nose bleed, to the composure of Lannan.

  14. bigmyc says:

    Please understand that the hackneyed words of these second line broadcasters is simply the result of chronically being made to sip the brew that is equal parts; jealousy, hatred, inferiority and fear. There is no other rationale for it. It’s an open book..a crystal clear window, if you will. The bitter misery that these words encapsulate actually serves for me to take relative pity on what these broadcasters are forced to deal with series in and series out when they are forced to play St. George to the dragon that is the Phillies…only, unlike what transpires in British lore, in this contemporary play out, St. George gets repeatedly flamed by the dragon.

  15. Test 1 2 3 / Stuck in DC says:

    @13 – or the night before, when Worley was walking off the mound when he clearly had a strike in there to end the inning. Fuckface was trying to say that ‘oh, that young kid shouldn’t be disrespecting the ump and batter in that situation’. Get the fuck out of here.

  16. Joe D says:

    Do the dimensions change when the opposition comes up? If so, I’ve never noticed that. Fuck the complainers. So Shane hit a cheap ass home run. That doesn’t mean that stiff Jerry Hairston isn’t allowed to do the same thing. Complaining about the park is for assholes.

  17. Joe D says:

    +1 for Roberson reference.

  18. BigMiles says:

    For anyone that had to live in the greater DC area for an extended period of time, Bob Carpenter (their TV voice) most likely drove you to borderline insanity. He has said some of the most ridiculous things about our team over the last few years that it would be impossible to chronicle all of them. I understand why the Nats like him because he honestly makes them sound like twice the team that they are and is super optimistic.

    I can remember three times that he almost swore on the broadcast- these all involve the Nats taking late leads and him being confident that they would win.

    1. Rollins hits a 2 run triple in the 13th at RFK in the last week of the season and Brian Schneider (i think) grounds into a rocket double play to end the game with the bases juiced in the bottom half.

    2. Ibanez’s grand slam to cap a 6 run eighth after the Nats had taken a 4 run lead off of Scott Eyre in the top half.

    3. Werth’s walkoff last year

    Stay tuned for other Bankable Moments in Phillies History, brought to you by Citizens Bank! (LOUD TMAC VOICE)

  19. Test 1 2 3 / Stuck in DC says:

    I don’t know whose more optimistic – Carpenter, or when they cut back to the studio for in-game updates from Knight and Holliday – the Phillies can be beating them by 10 runs and they still sound like the nats are competing. “Lots of moral victories will be had from tonight’s game, Bob”.

  20. Joe D says:

    @Big Miles…you are absolutely right about T-Mac fucking screaming. Last night he basically came all over the lower level on the ball Ibanez let up on for a second and then went to get. I swear to god…it was a fucking routine flyball and would have had no effect had it fallen anyway. Can the guy just calm down?

  21. Shane says:

    CBP = best park in baseball. SAID!

  22. Schmitter22 says:

    “super-secret fly ball jetstream”

  23. Shamels Raul (formerly Wertiz) says:

    @6- Pathetic. bwahaha

  24. Lynniemac says:

    @ Matt (#6): No, no one else noticed it (well, I did), because CBP finally got some national media love at pretty much the same moment that everyone on the planet turned the channel to watch POTUS.

    Sometimes I like when people complain about CBP. Like when Brian McCann likened it to a Little League field…then couldn’t get the ball to the warning track for the whole series. Good times.

  25. Wes Chamberlain says:

    Last night FP Santangelo said that Vic’s home run would have been a routine fly ball in Washington. Two nights before that, he said Livan Hernandez plays the best defense out of any pitcher in baseball.

  26. Test 1 2 3 / Stuck in DC says:

    @24 – thank you. Been a while since I’ve heard that.

  27. Dan says:

    I don’t know if I understand this baseball thing. So the Phillies bat at CBP while the Nationals bat at National Park in the same game?

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