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Phillies fans mock the Braves with Tomahawk Chop
Posted by TonyIsDynamic at 8:13 pm ET 35 Comments

Philadelphia fans are awesome. Case in point with the Flyers mocking of the Montreal Canadiens “Ole” chant.

Today as the Phillies began to clap the Braves the clap up, fans started to further get into the game by mocking the Braves signature (sigh…) Tomahawk Chop. Who started it? None of other than the Phanatic, who also waved goodbye to pitcher Cody Gearrin as he exited the game.

Twitter reaction from Braves fans on the scene was palpable.


Video after the jump.


35 Responses to “Phillies fans mock the Braves with Tomahawk Chop”

  1. Milk comes out of T Mac's Tits says:

    that’s great stuff

  2. Eric says:

    Can we also get Tony’s report on available right handed bats that we so desperately need?

  3. Eric,

    No one likes you. Get your ass back into Widener’s law library.

  4. Armless Magee says:

    I would have done the tomahawk chop too if I didnt lose both my arms in a tragic cow milking accident.

  5. Ryan Howard's Nose says:

    Great mother fucking scene at the park today

  6. MCD says:

    Knew this would be on here once the chant started. Perfect.

  7. Magowan says:

    Great video. Really liked the shot starting at 0:55 when you can see fans behind the Braves dugout picking up on the chant. Kinda like that arm-flapping in Angels in the Outfield. Yes I just brought up that movie.

  8. Dykstra's Bail Bonds says:

    Yawn. We done this shit in 93 when we won the NL over the returning 1992 NL Champion Braves. Both Bobby Cox and Glen Maddux took the long walk of shame to the sounds of the mock chop.

    • Danyiel says:

      Who the hell is Glen Maddux? And who cares if it’s been done before, shit’s hilarious.

    • Dykstra's Bail Bonds says:

      You’re the type of person that fuels the movie industry’s constant need to remake films that were perfectly fine when done the first time. Who cares it hilarious? I DO! Do something fucking original.

  9. TaTonka says:


  10. Watrick says:

    So, some dude on the Phillies once punched an umpire, 100 years ago today.

  11. NicciG says:

    this should be on one of those EPIC MOMENT commercials

  12. Dykstra's Bail Bonds says:

    Dude I’ve been dealing with some serious shit for the past 18 years I can barely remember my own fucking name some days let alone some fuckwad Bravo umpire aided douchbag pitcher. So I’m sorry if I forgot Gary’s name.

  13. MacJacMcCoy says:

    I thought they were doing the Florida State Seminals chop. How silly of me.

  14. MyGodThatFartStinks says:

    I’m a Braves fans and that was a disgrace, Philadalphia!

  15. Dicky "The Dick" McDickerson says:

    The best part was they did it wrong. That’s like taking a girl’s pants off, lookin’ at her crab-infested coochie, then, spitting on it and walking out.

  16. Bro Montana says:







  17. Greenman! says:

    This made me the happiest man alive, I really fucking hate that chop.

  18. GM-Carson says:

    Screw the Braves and “their” tomahawk chop. Mocking them is funny. Watch Dan Uggla cry.

  19. Joe D says:

    I heard this on the radio…Franzke and LA were loving it and kept saying tomamock…tomahawk mock…all different variations. Also, this started at FSU…so not only does it suck but it isn’t even original to the Braves.

  20. HummerX says:

    Yeah, they stole it from Florida State. They can shut the fuck up about it being “theirs”

  21. Kyle kendrick's clit says:

    Man that was funny as hell !

  22. Lynniemac says:

    |> /> |> \> |> /> |> \> |> />

    h/t @fuckthemets

  23. Tom A. Hawk-Chop says:

    lamest sports cheer ever

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