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Jon Rauch goes WWE on Alfonso Marquez
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From the start of the day’s game with Roy Halladay’s extended standing ovation, to the final out of the game, today’s matinee in Toronto with the Blue Jays was a game to remember. In Roy Halladay’s return to Toronto for the first time since being traded here to Philly, this game will be remembered more for losing their damn minds.

From almost the opening pitch, everyone seemed to have an opinion on Alfonso Marquez’s strike zone. Players, fans and managers alike. But nobody let Marquez know this more than Jon Rauch in what was a crazy top of the 9th. The Phillies began to tack on some baserunners after Chase Utley’s go-ahead 2 run homer, which lead to the natives getting somewhat restless. A fan (Jays gear, relax …) ran onto the field, resulting in a ridiculously long delay that led to security awkwardly¬†remaining¬†on the field for about three minutes. It kept getting worse for Jays fans as the questionable balls and strike calls continued, which lead to fans throwing things onto the field. Finally after all of that, it came to a head. After a questionable call led to a Ryan Howard walk, Shane Victorino knocked in Chase Utley, who scored on a bang-bang player. But then it got nuts.

Rauch yelled “That run’s on you…” to Marquez before getting tossed. What followed was Rauch going all Ultimate Warrior Alfonso that resulted in Rauch having to be restrained so hard his cotdamn shirt was ripped right off his body.

John Farrell finally intervined…only to get tossed himself after also getting into a (much less) heated debate with Alfonso Marquez. For the rest of the game, fans booed and sarcasically cheered every single one of his calls. Perhaps fearfully, he called a pitch he had been calling a strike all day a ball to Raul Ibanez on a 3-1 count. Before leaving the game, Farrell awesomely pointed out his own vision of Marquez’s strike zone:

We should play Toronto more.

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16 Responses to “Jon Rauch goes WWE on Alfonso Marquez”


    would have loved to see that ump punch him in the throat and rauch cry like a baby

  2. BakedMcBride says:

    Just once I’d like to see a manager express his disgust by whipping it out and pissing on the plate. And it’ll be even better when we have lady managers to do that.

  3. andy ashby's broken spirit says:

    what’s the exchange rate on suspensions in canada?

  4. philllyfanatic says:

    Wish everyone could a saw what I saw while sitting behind the Phil’s bullpen. Utley hit the HR and Baez caught it. He was deciding on which kid fan to throw it to a little too long and a few drunk Jays fans started cursing him out. They were really over the top. Next thing you know there are two whole sections behind the pen heckling Baez and Herndon. This went on for a couple of innings. After Rauch wentnuts the fans started throwing had full beer cans nd other stuff onto the field. Naturally the fans started throwing stuff into the bullpen and nailed Juan Perez. Security came down and finally arrested the two drunks that started it all with Baez.

    Then Bastard showed up in the eighth and the fans started chanting “who’s your daddy?”

    What a classy bunch of fans they have in Toronto. No wonder the Leafs couldn’t get a half decent free agent to sign there!

  5. Jon Rauch says:

    I eat cock!!!!

  6. The Vanimal says:

    Let’s hope for rioting.

  7. I’m so glad that you got the rest of the manager, because I heard Franzke say something about this as the radio went to commercial.

    Oh, and check out the cougar in the white top behind home plate. I think she’s looking for a “bang bang player.”

  8. Shamels Raul (formerly S.R. Wertiz) says:


  9. ChutleyJRollButtslap says:

    I was expecting a post Stanley Cup Vancouver type riot to start up. But then Roy Halladay would raise his arms and all would be calm once more.

  10. Kung Fu Fightins says:

    Love how the catcher puts his mask down then goes into the fight… little girl

  11. philtrum says:

    this game got nuts. so entertaining.

    we definitely need to play toronto more

  12. trueblue says:

    Never would have been that final HR if the home base umpire had called strike 3 a strike in the first place – not to mention the bad call he made against Bautista earlier in the game but then we all know that officials do what officials do – sometimes wonder why they do it. Is it really human error?
    By the way – it was Ricky Romero who encouraged Jay fans to give Halladay a standing ovation welcome. Does that sound like bad sportsmanship? Anyway – it only takes one bad call to lose a game. Who knows – it could only take a couple of those in a season to determine who gets into the finals. I suppose it happens to all teams off and on but seems to be happening against the Jays all too often this season – especially to Bautista!
    It was so delicious to see Bautista come up against Halladay and winning – but I bet that Halladay respects Bautista even more than ever. Can’t blame Phillies for bad calls! They’re a great team too!

  13. Billig says:

    I enjoy that the Phils score goes from 4 to 5 as Rauch is flipping the hell out lol

  14. trueblue says:

    How many guys did it take to finally pull him off! Looks like Arencibia didn’t know what to do – possibly afraid of that much rage and didn’t want to get hurt himself. Saw Rauch in bullpen July 4 but not called out to close so wonder if he has been disciplined. Sure it was exciting to watch but they need to control themselves better than that. Worse things have happened than an umpire making the wrong call I suppose.

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