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Jarred Cosart, Sebastian Valle impress at Futures Game
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The Phillies were well represented in yesterday’s Futures Game, which saw them send Jarred Cosart and Sebastian Valle to Arizona for the festivities. ┬áNeither of them failed to disappoint. Valle, who came on as a pinch-hitter in the top of the 6th, doubled in the game-tying run off Indians farmhand Drew Pomeranz. The World team would eventually take the lead in the same inning.
Even more impressive than Valle, was Jarred Cosart. Cosart entered the top of the 8th inning of a 4-3 game and proceeded to show electric stuff. In only 10 pitches, Cosart managed to strike out two players from the World team, touching up to 97 MPH on the gun while displaying his amazing curveball and changeup. The USA team managed to take a 6-4 lead in the bottom of the 8th, giving Cosart the Futures Game win. All in all, a very impressive showing from both Phillies farmhands.
.GIF’s of Cosart’s impressive stuff after the jump.



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17 Responses to “Jarred Cosart, Sebastian Valle impress at Futures Game”

  1. DP says:

    My computer’s going to explode.

  2. says:

    Cosart’s only 7-6? Pssshh.. TRADE HIM!

  3. TheBlondeSide says:

    Hi everyone! I decided to dump Jarred again. Any MLB pitchers already in The Game want to date a gold digger? Tweet me. Kisses! xoxoxoxo

  4. bigmyc says:

    If I didn’t know any better, and I’m not sure that I do, I’d say he’s got major league ready stuff TODAY.

  5. Lynniemac says:

    Wow. That break is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

  6. Anthony Hewitt says:

    How come I’m never invited to this game???? ughh

  7. dUb-iLL says:

    Both of these guys for Hunter Pence… Do It… DO IT NOW!!!

  8. Debbie Downer says:

    His delivery looks like Mark Priors :( Good or bad?

  9. I really enjoyed watching the Futures Game this year. Seeing Valle and Cosart perform on National Broadcast, and perform well was pretty sweet. I have to say though; watching Cosart pitch he reminded me a lot of Roy Oswalt. Pretty similar mechanics, a high velocity rising fastball, and a nasty biting 12-6ish curveball. I’d like to see him up with the big club as soon as he can. But he’d end up in the pen if that were so, and I’m not sure whether he’d be better as a starter in a couple of years, or as a 1 inning guy at some point next year.

  10. Ed Wade's a jenius says:

    Well if there is a prospect or two you don’t want send’m my way I’ll be happy to get “fleeced” again.

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