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Cole Hamels Does Xfinity
Posted by TonyIsDynamic at 10:28 am ET 14 Comments

Once again, Cole Hamels is showing that Hollywood side of himself. The same “Hollywood” that plagued him in 2009 when he starred in a myriad of Comcast Xfinity commercials. In what seems like an Apple commercial instead of one for Xfinity, Cole Hamels does some pre-game TV watchin’ in the clubhouse. Look at this no good, no sweet spot-signing jerk, as he catches up on The Office on his Mac right before a game. Notice, as Cole grabs his glove before he heads out. I bet this was right before a game he was starting, too! That Hammels complacency is setting in again. Should of listened to FanSince09.

Oh well. Here’s Cole, pimping Xfinity’s newest service:


PFFFT ok, ok. Here’s the real one:

14 Responses to “Cole Hamels Does Xfinity”

  1. Amandah says:

    Any way to splice in the footage of his bare-ass into this video? So you can make it seem like he’s just watching Moyer talk as his bare little boy ass wiggles in the background?



  2. John says:

    It’s “Should’ve.” “Should of” is nonsense, you imbecile

  3. Muscles says:

    do all the players get their very own midget to tell them its time to play? or do they have to share that one?

  4. Gene Schall says:


    Should of searched Twitter for FanSince09.

  5. Mark says:

    How much gay porn did you watch to get that video? Wait. It’s obvious you probably watch so much that you instantly knew which of your home movies to use!

  6. Danyiel says:

    I don’t know what is a bigger pile of bullshit here, the fact that I actually watched a fucking commercial (well played on the fake one up top, btw) or the fact that there was an XFINITY commercial on before the XFINITY commercial.

  7. What the hell does he say to the midget?

  8. Cole Handsome says:

    Why waste money on an iPad if you’re not watching Corbin Fisher-quality material on it?

  9. FanSince09 says:

    Tony thank you for alerting the world to this latest atrocity by Coal Hammels. You are doing God’s work.



  11. Billig says:

    He runs like such a fairy

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