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Posted by Dash Treyhorn at 10:14 am ET 27 Comments

Brace yourselves, Phillie fans, because this morning we got a cot-damn bombshell, brought to you by our dear friends from

Phillies infielder and one-time pitcher Wilson Valdez is making $560,000 this year but tipped only 50 cents on two drinks he paid for with a $100 bill for him and a pal just before last call at Time (1315 Sansom) after last Thursday’s late-ending game against the Cubs.


People, Wilson Valdez is barely making above the league minimum this season. He earns less money than Kyle Kendrick. He’s practically poor, in baseball money. If he was a normal person like the rest of us, and was relegated to pushing papers from nine to five, he’d be earning like $24K a year. That said, let us not cast out the baseball player who is trying to cut loose after dropping a game to the Chicago Cubs.

Besides, who is to say that this waitress didn’t have it coming? Maybe she insulted his throwing arm, or better yet, I bet he ordered one drink, but she gave him two because “I hear you like double plays.” Is that the way you treat the future shortshop of this fine organization? Come on, 22-year-old bartender who refers to herself as “a model,” you know better.

Personally, I’d feel honored, not insulted, if The Man With The Golden Goatee stiffed me.

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