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Kyle Kendrick (4-4) 3.23 ERA

Phillies: Every time Kendrick pitches it makes me sad. So instead of posting a picture of him, I decided to upload this GIF of the Turk Dance. (Related: Click here for LOLs.) You are welcome for the in-depth baseball analysis.

Ricky Romero (7-7) 2.74 ERA

Blue Jays: A Blue Jay is a stupid mascot. “Oo, I’m a dumb bird and I fly around and eat worms and stuff.” Pfft, weak. If I owned the Blue Jays I’d change the name to something badass like “The Toronto Razorsharks,” or I’d move the team to Maui and name it “The Active Volcanoes,” because I’ve seen Dante’s Peak and volcanoes are terrifying. What I’m getting at is this: get your shit together, Toronto.

[as always, big-ups to Weems on the rush job Photoshop]

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