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It’s been almost a whole day since The Phillies have taken over the lead in the NL East, and your heart-rate has probably just about returned to normal.

This video should fix that:

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(This post was brought to you by MyPHL17;
who would like to remind you that Phillies baseball isn’t on that shitty CW station anymore.)

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Although I said I wouldn’t be posting until after the New Year, my day off was rudely taken away from me and I was dragged into work this morning against my will. So instead of being productive here, I might as well waste some company time with a feel good video of Young James playing the part of Jimmy Claus while providing a family in need with some Christmas goodies:

You’re a good man, Jimmy Rollins. The only thing I have a problem with is the distribution of replica jerseys. Come on, Jimmy, the kids need authentics!

Oh, and while you’re here, allow me to redirect you to WSBGM’s so you can read their entertaining interview with bullpen workhorse Chad Durbin; where he reveals that not only is Charlie Manuel one of the “brighter men in baseball,” but he’s also into the stock market. Surely he invested money in some kind of fruit company many years ago.

Jimmy Rollins Holiday Q&A |
Rolling delivers unforgettable holiday |

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(Note: This was originally published on March 1st, 2008 at my old digs. I thought it was appropriate to repost today. And yes, Pat definitely savaged a young Leslie Gudel after they were done filming)

In 2002, one season prior to signing his (at the time) big 6-year, $50 million extension with the Phillies, a 25-year old Pat Burrell had to slum it during Spring Training in what looks to be an old-folks retirement community.

Luckily, some handsome YouTuber DailyMotioner (me) uploaded the proof for all to enjoy.

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I was just browsing through people’s Vimeo accounts and I stumbled upon this Ryan Howard Sony commercial from last year. I don’t remember seeing it before, so I’ll choose to share.


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Sad news out of the Phillies camp today, folkers.

One of my personal favorite prospects (and a Beerleaguer fave, as well) with the finest 54mph curve you will ever witness, R.J. Swindle, is no longer with the team. The 25-year old junkballer has agreed to terms with the Milwaukee Brewers and is immediately added to their 40-man roster. Although the lefty wasn’t all that impressive when was called up to the bigs for a few innings in July, his minor league numbers are incredible. In the past four years (on three different teams), R.J. posted a better-than 10-to-1 K/BB ratio; with a minuscule 1.58 ERA.

But your beautiful, swooping curveball will always be immortalized in video form. At least until MLB lawyers get a whiff of it and send cease and desist letters to Viddler, causing me to find yet another video hosting website where I can upload my harmless clips.

Not that I’m bitter or anything.

Crew adds lefty Swindle to fold in ‘pen |
Brewers sign away Beerleaguer favorite R.J. Swindle | Beerleaguer
Great Named No-Namers are the Name of the Game | Bugs&Cranks

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Exactly one week ago today, Young Will Gregg was introduced to the country because of his incredibly addictive YouTube video where he had an entire section of Broad St. hanging on his every move during the Phillies victory parade.

All of a sudden, the rest of the lame-o’s in the world have finally caught onto the greatness of that video and it has been showcased on TV around the globe the past few days. This week alone, the clip has been featured on practically every local news station in Philly, Good Morning America, and even Jimmy Kimmel Live! has gotten in on the “How big is Will?” fun.

But with all the commotion surrounding the most famous parade attendee who didn’t curse on live television, it seems as though people forgot where it originated. (Don’t worry, I’m here to remind you)

Okay, technically, it was first posted on YouTube. However, as is the case with the literally millions of nondescript videos uploaded onto the ‘Tube each day, it still takes the work of an astute blogger with the ability to promote said video before it finally takes off. And in this instance, that astute blogger would be me.

Before you start — I know what you’re thinking. “Waaaaaaaaahhh. Poor wittle bwogger got his feewings huwt because nobody will mention his shitty website on TV.” I hear you, I’d probably say the same thing. It’s just not everyday where Good Morning America replays an amateur :21 second video that was dug up from the YouTube trenches by a Phillies blogger with way too much time on his hands. Instead, these mutherfuckers act like you can just hop on your computer, type in dubbaewe dubbaewe dubbaewe dot YouTube dot com, and up pops a cute kid with mind control powers over a large group of Phillies fans.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… RECOGNIZE ME DAMMIT!!! HOW BIG IS MEECH?!!!??!

*sniff* *sniff*

After the jump, a feature on Will and his family from abc6 in Philly, and the video of his GMA mention…

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And the entertaining parade videos keep rolling in…

Here we have a group of young Phillies fans who decided to set up shop on top of a FOX 29 news truck parked outside Citizens Bank Park on the morning of the parade. On the hood of the truck, a petite young lady who barely looks old enough to buy alcohol begins to take her frustration out on the front windshield as she incessantly smashes it in with her foot. No word on what she could have possibly been angry about. I mean, the Phillies parade was probably minutes away from arriving and it’s the middle of the afternoon, but this windshield obviously did something to annoy her.

After what I consider to be a fair request of “Show us your tits!” is denied, the girl’s shoe comes off of her kicking foot. Surely, this would be the end of her window smashing — BUT NO! She just casually slides her sneaker back on and continues kicking the shit out of that windshield. That’s when one of Philadelphia’s finest spots the girl, whips out his trusty Nightstick, thwacks her on her knee with it, pulls her off the hood, and tosses the handcuffs on her.

Then, the other fifteen-or-so kids slide off the news truck while a nice “Fuck the police” chant breaks out.

The End. (I’m telling you, it’s quite the action packed 2 minutes and 16 seconds)

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Prior to last night’s Eagles game vs. the Giants, Cole Hamels and Pat Burrell were on hand for the ceremonial coin toss at the 50-yard line. Via E at The Level:

[Pat & Cole] received a loud ovation from the crowd at the Linc. They received another ovation with 6 minutes, 45 seconds left in the first quarter when they were introduced a second time after the Eagles congratulated the 2008 World Series champions on both giant end-zone scoreboards.

But before getting that coin toss thing out of the way, the Phillies duo took time out of their busy schedule to pose for a pic with five attractive Iggles cheerleaders. They are true pillars of the community:

After the jump, more (less sexy) pics and an interview with EaglesTV…

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Cole Hamels is surely taking advantage of his new found fame.

Since being named World Series MVP, Hamels has been hitting the talk show circuit with a vengeance; stopping by Letterman, BDSSP, DWTS, and Jim Rome.  This afternoon was no different, as his coming out party continued with a quick segment on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Cole popped in, gave everyone’s favorite lesbian talk show host one of his jerseys, sat through one of her boring comedy routines (What if you never sat down again?  Really?), and finished it off with a dunk tank-submerging of Ellen’s executive producer while Pat Benetar blasted from the speakers. 

Yeah, it was that good.

I would also like to point out that Ellen’s producer, Ed Glavine, got as big (if not bigger) of an applause as Cole Hamels did. Those daytime talk audiences are quite possibly the dumbest form of human beings on earth.

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