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I recently threw in an old VHS cassette that had been laying around my mom’s house ¬†entitled, “Sammy Steals Tape”, expecting either a face-breaking and crudely edited composition of Juan Samuel’s greatest-ever stolen base attempts, or a cleverly disguised midnight PRISM movies boob tape (Carnal Crimes ftw) that was stashed away by a much younger (pre-internet fame, yo) ZWR.

However, what I actually got was far more incredible than I could ever have expected. It was grainy, mid-80′s¬† footage from a PHL 17 broadcast of a Veteran’s Stadium scoreboard in-stadium promotion. I know, right?!

Pictured below is my basically awesome re-creation of this watershed event:

Oh, and the first person to tweet the actual correct answer to me, Ron Artest, or George W. Bush wins a big prize. Huge. I mean, it’s not going to be a free t-shirt or anything, but it’ll still totally rule, whenever I decide what it is.

(Hint: it’s not Shane Rawley, donkeys)

Note: In order to win entries must include the phrase, “Turn that frown upside down.” Contributors to, their family members, fake and/or gag Twitter accounts and/or internet girlfriends are not eligible to enter to win the huge prize that I haven’t thought of yet. Ryan Lawrence is not eligible.

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