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Current Clearwater Threshers (and future Phillies) Jiwan James and Jonathan Singleton will be doing a Ustream tonight. If you spend your Friday nights on the internet (and let’s face it, you do) and want to ask some serious questions of a couple of top prospects in the Phillies’ organization, then head on over to The RELL King James Jiwan James’s Ustream channel (YoungPhillie) “tonight around 11:15 or so after our game 2night!!!” to find out stuff like:

  • Which Thresher is the best at ladder golf
  • How many VORPs they have so far this year
  • How do they like their eggs
  • What’s Phinley like when he’s drunk
  • Put shoe on head

So go over the Ustream when you’re hammered and see what you can find out.

H/T to Christina at Philliedelphia for making me aware of this.

Jiwan James’s Ustream channel

Jiwan James on Twitter

Jon Singleton on Twitter

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