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The T-Mac Huffing Game

Have you ever watched a Phillies telecast and thought to yourself, “Man, this would be SO much better if I had a Vicks vaporizer and some turpentine?” Well if so, I’ve got a game for you*! That’s right, kids, it’s the Tom McCarthy (T-Mac) Huffing Game!

If being truthful (citing our work, etc) to the point of prudence, the inspiration for this came from the demurely named Tom McCarthy Sucks blog, as they so kindly localized the hate and made fun graphics and such. Heck, maybe now they’ll actually update it or something. NEW ONE! Every time you go to and it’s not updated, fill your right lung with commercial strength solvent vapor!

Howwwww about that?!

And hey, speaking of awkwardly forced segues, let’s get to the Official game rules, shall we? Without further adieu (sic):

Tom yells at you in a golden-throated, over-modulated voice:
Huff one of those really thick, industrial-sized permanent markers for 10 seconds

Tom breaks Wheels’ balls over the trivia question:
Go to the fridge and do a blast from the aerosolized whipped cream

Tom starts a sentence with, “Heyyyy!”:
Dip an old t-shirt into a bucket of chloroform and it hold it to your face for 5 seconds

Tom proclaims unconvincingly, “Howwww about that?!!”:
Insert your entire head in a gallon-sized freezer bag of a paint thinner

Tom forces a segue to an on-air ad read, saying, “Speaking of…[hardly related topic]…, …”:
Spray oven cleaner directly into your mouth

Tom talks for an entire inning without breathing:
Zip yourself in a Dryel bag filled halfway with formaldehyde

Tom says “red hot”:
Duct tape a sandwich baggie of nail polish remover over your face like a surgical mask

Tom says or does something to Sarge that leaves you rooting for an assault:
Shoot computer keyboard cleaner directly up your nose (one nostril)

Tom cackles a phony used car salesman laugh at something that wasn’t all that funny:
Shut all the doors and windows in your house or apartment, turn the A/C up to high, and pour turpentine directly in your vents

Tom emotes positively for the other team:
Lock yourself in a closet, put a towel along the floor to prevent fresh air from sneaking in, and steam a bucket of ammonia.

That should do it, kids. If you think up anymore, leave them in the comments.

Phillies TV broadcasts are going to be so much more fun now–you won’t even have a reason to mute them and put on the radio!

* Note: Neither or (publicly) endorses inhalant abuse. The preceding has been a work of satire. Don’t do drugs.

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Check out Sarge and T-Mac in the Phillies broadcast booth knocking down some Diet Pepsis and streaming the Canucks/Blackhawks game on their laptop. It’s like a cot damn party in there! Closer look:

And congratulations go out to those Philadelphia Flyers who completely dominated the Sabres in last night’s deciding Game 7 at the Wells Fargo Center. Bring on Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, or Boston!

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Washington Nationals latest #1 draft pick Bryce Harper held his introductory press conference at Nationals Park yesterday where he schmoozed with the press and put on a show during an afternoon batting practice session. Apparently, this guy was hitting bombs into the third deck in left field (where only Adam Dunn hath ventured) and even showed off his raw power by hitting some impressive opposite field taters. But, of course, Bryce had his own special nickname for those, one you might actually be familiar with.

From Adam Kilgore’s story in The Washington Post (emphasis mine):

“Harper slapped on a red hat with a white curly “W” and sat before a room full of reporters, his family and members of the Nationals ownership group. Quickly, Harper introduced a new phrase to the franchise’s lexicon. He explained that during batting practice earlier he had hit several “oppo boppos” – opposite field home runs. “


It’s well-documented that Tom McCarthy brought the phrase “oppo boppos” into the “baseball lexicon” a few seasons ago. Now, I’m not sure if TMac ever copyrighted that phrase, but he’s credited for it on Urban Dictionary, and I think that should be good enough to win a litigious battle.

Photo via D.C. Sports Bog

(Shout out to The Fightins reader Hahri for the tip)

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More from the perfect Halladay weekend: My boy Dan Levy from On the DL Podcast talked with T-Mac and Franzke for his Press Coverage piece this week about what it was like being in the booth to not only witness, but call the play-by-play for Roy Halladay’s perfect game.  Real good stuff here, folks.  Check it out.  [The Sporting Blog]

NINE INNINGS OF SARGE ON TV! Just a heads up — “Scott Franzke left the team to be with his wife, who is expecting. Wheels and LA on the radio, McCarthy and Sarge on TV tonight.” [@ToddZolecki]

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After Sarge was done talking his boy Barack Obama yesterday at Nationals Park, the venerable broadcasting duo of Chris Wheeler and Tom McCarthy got a chance to meet with the 44th President while the MyPhl17 cameras captured the moment on film.


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Here’s the radio call courtesy of 1210 WPHT from Chase Utley’s 2nd homer off of Yankees ace C.C. Sabathia last night. It was during the middle innings, so Franzke and LA weren’t in the booth, however Tom McCarthy does a fine job with it (he even gets authentically excited!) and Sarge comes in to finish it off with his ‘Cadillac Time’ proclamation. Listen up:

Photo courtesy of NickSixers Flickr account

(Thanks to commenter stinkbug for the audio)

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For the past couple of nights during the Comcast broadcast of the Phillies game, the guys in the booth have been utterly fascinated with the almost full moon that has been in the sky like it doesn’t happen once a month or something. In the middle of last night’s game, while it’s still a 1-0 game in the 5th mind you, Tom McCarthy started to reminisce about the moon from the previous night when he dropped the BOMB on us that he thinks we could see the planet Jupiter through the lens of the HD CSN camera.

So while T-Mac was explaining that you can practically make out the moons around Jupiter, Sarge Matthews chimed in to let Tom know that, “those would be the rings.” Tom politely explained to Sarge that the planet with the rings is Saturn, and Sarge — who is obviously no Copernicus — told him that, “you can call the planet whatever one you want — I’m checking out the rings.”

It really is broadcasting at it’s finest. Cue the wolf howling sounds:

In Sarge’s defense, while you nerds were studying your Astrology Astronomy textbook, Sarge was probably putting in a few extra hours of BP and fielding practice getting ready for a successful 16 year career as a pro ball player. And honestly, would you rather know which planets have rings around it or be the MVP of the 1983 NLCS? Because you can’t have both!

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One of the most underrated aspects of Phillies broadcasts being on a regular channel like myphl17 is definitely the promos they make the announcers read prior to some innings. When they’re on Comcast, they are basically just promoting other sports shows or something that could be easily segue’d in to. But when you mix in some shitty programming, the outcome is usually hilarious. Like this:

I gotta tell you, my favorite of all-time broadcaster promo happened last year when the Phils were still on CW57 and Harry Kalas was reading a commercial for that crappy new 90210 redux and read it, “Tune in this Tuesday for the premiere of an all-new season of ninety-twenty-ten.”

haha, miss you Harry.

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