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Dear Ruben,

By and large I am happy with the decisions you have made. Trading Cliff Lee, as you’ve said, seemed like the only way the acquisition of Harry Leroy Halladay III was possible. A perfect game is all the proof the detractors need, to say nothing of the consistency we expected and he’s delivered. Placido Polanco was a shrewd move, and he’s certainly proven the Chone Figgins camp wrong. Jose Contreras for $1.5M? Brilliant.

But look at this team right now. The monthlong funk is marching into the Interleague portion of the season which the Phillies always dread. Things seem really tense, Charlie seems uncharacteristically troubled, and the team is mired in second place with only the occasional sign of life. Something has to give, and that something is probably Greg Dobbs. But the point is this:

Domonic Brown deserves to be on the Philadelphia Phillies right now. I don’t want to hear a thing about his service time and team management’s contractual policies. In the face of this slump, that is nonsense. Call up Domonic Brown, and now.

Look around the National League — it is a rookie feeding frenzy. Right here in our own National League East, Jason Heyward has become a contributing insta-star in Atlanta. In the past week alone in New York, Ike Davis hit a walk-off homerun, and Jonathon Niese pitched a complete game, one hit shutout. The Marlins? Maybe you caught that 6’5″ fella in rightfield the last few days, the guy who had three hits in his MLB debut, right here in South Philly. What’s that other team in the division? The Expos? I believe I heard something about an impressive rookie in Washington.

Jason Heyward will not be of legal drinking age until August 9th, yet he has become a star in his hometown. If memory serves, he greeted his first chance against his division rival Phillies with a two-out, ninth inning homerun to tie the game.

Ike Davis is 23 years old. I thought the Mets were foolish to not re-sign Carlos Delgado, but after Tuesday, it’s going to be hard to ignore this guy. Jonathan Niese is also 23, and he’s already solidified himself in a five-man rotation in Queens.

Mike Stanton is 20 years old. He had more homeruns (21) than his age already this season when the Marlins called him up this week.

Stephen Strasburg? He’ll be 22 on July 20th. He’s going to be making plenty of visits to Citizens Bank Park — starting in August. And he’s also important enough that the Phillies’ scheduled national broadcast on Sunday against the Red Sox has been bumped; TBS deems Strasburg’s start in the otherwise highly sought after Nationals-Indians ticket takes favor over a matchup featuring two of the last three World Series champions.

And for what it’s worth, Mike Leake is 5-0 with a 2.68 ERA in Cincinnati. He’s 22. If it wasn’t for Ubaldo Jimenez, Cardinals rookie Jaime Garcia would be leading the National League with his 1.47 ERA. He’s 23.

There is a youth movement assailing baseball’s gentry. With the team struggling so mightily, especially from lefthanders off the bench (Dobbs? Schneider? ugh), there is no reason whatsoever the Phillies should not get in on the action.

Domonic Brown will be 23 in September. Raul Ibañez is 38 and has $23M left on his contract. There have been more than a few recent reminders that Jayson Werth is a free agent to be. They could both use a couple days off — and maybe a little fire under their asses. Chase Utley and Ryan Howard were stuck behind Placido Polanco and Jim Thome, and I think we can agree they’ve proven themselves worthy of replacing their predecessors. But they also each got a late start.

Why not let Domonic Brown do his thing now? He was the one blue chip you would not part with. He’s already older than Heyward, Stanton and Strasburg. Let him prove you right.

This team needs an injection, something to rally and get excited around. The fans are getting restless, too. And you know as well as I do that Reading is not where Domonic Brown belongs. Nor Allentown.

Every single other team in the division has a star rookie in the making. Why can’t us? The season is practically already sold out — give the fans something else to look forward to, a little positive boost in this streak of ugliness. Think of the jersey and t-shirt sales. Think of the left handed bat off the bench not named Dobbs and Schneider. Think of the run production. And the excitement. And the buzz.

Come on, Rube. The time is now. Call up Domonic Brown.

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Look, people — I know it takes some getting used to when a guy just all of a sudden springs something on you like, “Hey, you’ve been spelling my name wrong. Would you mind spelling it Domonic — with an “o” — from now on?” I mean, I remember back in ’91 when Akeem Olajuwon told everyone he wanted to be known as Hakeem and it took me until about ’97 to get it right, but he was already an established player. This is Domonic’s first bit of national exposure with the major league club. The spelling of his name should not be an issue. But then, on myphl17′s coverage of the Phillies/Twins game on Saturday, this happened:



In unrelated news that doesn’t anger me, I’d just like to publicly congratulate the fellas over at The 700 Level on their new partnership deal with Comcast SportsNet. When I was a wee blogger with zero internet connections on a startup baseball website, the people who helped me out the most — BY FAR — were Enrico and Matt P. They are stand up gentlemen who run an incredible website, and I wish them nothing but the best.

Not only is this move well deserved, but it’s long overdue.

So congrats Enrico, Matt P, Kulp, and Andrew. I’m looking forward to the next time I see you so you can buy me a bunch of beers with your new Comcast money. SHOTS ON ENRICO!

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Somewhat lost in the ruckus surrounding Pedro Martinez’s minor league rehab start in Class AA Reading last night was the continued maturation of the R-Phils newest call-up, super phenom Dom Brown. The man Jonathan Mayo recently tabbed as the 24th best prospect in all of baseball went 2-for-4 at the plate including a MONSTER shot in the 1st that left FirstEnergy Stadium in a hurry, traveled an estimated 426 feet, and wound up bouncing into the wall of an Auto Glass shop across the street. Then he would go on to hit an RBI double to the gap in left-center and throw an opposing player out at 3rd base from right field.

Not too shabby for the young guy.

But perhaps the strangest part of the evening for Mr. Brown was when he informed the press that people have been misspelling his name for his whole life. It’s DOMONIC, not Dominic.

And according to intrepid reporter John R. Finger of CSN, he was just too polite to correct anybody.  Even David Murphy chimed in on the Tweets and said that Izzy Gould of the St. Petersburg Times — who covered Domonic in high school — has been spelling his name the traditional way all these years.

Oh well, as long as he keeps mashing homers and piling up outfield assists he can spell his name however the fuck he wants. But for future reference, just remember — it’s Domonic.

Reading’s Brown Making a Name For Himself | CSN Philly

UPDATE: After the jump, check out the footage of Domonic’s mammoth blast…

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