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Posted by Ryan at 3:26 pm ET 53 Comments

As mentioned yesterday, Carlos Ruiz is profiled in the current edition of Sports Illustrated. The story has hit the web and trust me when I say you need to drop whatever you’re doing and read this right now. It’s equal parts hilarious, heartbreaking, hopeful, and, uh, hinspirational.

Read it on (or a newsstand, I guess) or check out some choice excerpts after the jump. But seriously, I’m not screwing around here, read the goddamned article.

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Posted by Chris at 2:23 pm ET 68 Comments


As I mentioned yesterday, the Sports Illustrated baseball preview edition hit news stands today with our ace Roy Halladay gracing the cover. Also, as expected, I received a copy in the mail today and immediately tore into it. After looking at the NL East preview and laughing at the Mets being picked to finish 4th again I started reading the lengthy piece on Halladay and just how cot damn amazing he is.

So follow me after the jump for some selections from the article that I found to be exceptionally awesome.

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Posted by Chris at 1:51 pm ET 39 Comments


We interrupt your beard mourning for this:

In the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, hitting stands tomorrow, you can find Roy Halladay in all his beautiful magnificence. Creepy flesh colored beard included. If you can handle looking away from the gaze of Roy and actually open the magazine you will see that Tom Verducci has picked the Phillies to beat the Tampa Bay Rays (déjà vu?) in the World Series this year. Cool, right? Well not really.

Apparently being picked to win the World Series by SI is some what of a curse a la the Madden cover. For example, last year Tom Verducci picked the Mets to win the World Series.

Now I never really buy into the whole curse thing. It’s dumb. Especially in the case of picking the Mets to win the World Series. They obviously just suck and being picked to win had nothing to do with them sucking and more to do with them being bad at baseball. For once I’m glad I got duped into saving $20 off MLB.TV by signing up for a free trial of SI. I’ll receive this issue in the mail tomorrow and then call up and cancel before they ninja bill me.

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Posted by dmac at 12:12 pm ET 31 Comments


Here’s this week’s SI cover.

Don’t worry, fellas. Ryan Howard is so awesome not even the Sports Illustrated cover curse can contain him. (via)

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All covers courtesy of the SI Vault

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