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Following Sunday afternoon’s faceplant into the Rogers Centre turf, Shane Victorino’s Phillies teammates paid homage to the mishap by creating a faux chalk outline of his sprawled out body in centerfield before the series opener against the Marlins. A funny gesture, sure, but definitely not the most original or factual mock crime scene.

In fact, earlier this season, Aubrey Huff had a similar outfield blunder that left him face down at Dodgers Stadium. The next day, ex-Phillie Pat Burrell drew a chalk outline around his body during batting practice.

On top of that, the play in which Shane fell down actually happened in Toronto, not Miami. Now I’m not a cop or anything, but I’m pretty sure if you were tracing a body at a crime scene, you would do it at the scene of the crime. At least I think that’s how it works. Nitpicking aside, you get an A for effort, Phillies.


After the jump, it’s a cot damn Shane Victorino faceplant .gif party hosted by Bill Baer of Crashburn Alley

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Following today’s 3-1 victory over the A’s, Shane Victorino hurried from South Philly to Atlantic City just in time to catch the final leg of the Dave Matthews Band Caravan tour at Bader Field. Considering the game ended at precisely 3:49 pm, and the picture below was snapped around 6:30 pm, that means it took Shane 2 hours and 11 minutes to head off the field, get showered, chat with reporters, deal with Sunday post-game traffic (which always adds an extra half-hour to your commute), and make the 59-minute trip (again, that’s minus traffic) to the concert location. In my opinion, that’s more impressive than his 1-for-4 performance on the field today.

Here he is making his grand entrance:

(Tipped off by The Fightins sexy field correspondents @KateDoves & @caaarlyf)


With Shane Victorino back from the DL and in the lineup tonight, my man David Hale from the Wilmington News Journal brings us the most depressing ¬†good news you’ll read all day.

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Shane Victorino has an important announcement for you regarding rugby. Listen up:

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The National League Gold Glove winners were announced today, and Shane Victorino was the lone representative on the Phillies to take home a trophy. It is his third straight award for defensive excellence. Chase Utley, who is perhaps the best defensive second baseman in the league got shut out again, as did Jimmy Rollins, although his lack of playing time due to injuries likely played into that.

Other winners included: Bronson Arroyo (P РCIN), Yadier Molina (C РSTL), Albert Pujols (1B РSTL), Brandon Phillips (2B РCIN), Scott Rolen (3B РCIN), Troy Tulowitzki (SS РCOL), Carlos Gonzalez (LF РCOL), and Michael Bourn (CF РHOU).  [Zo Zone]

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(the GAINTS bout to git CLAPT UP 4 RELL)

Perhaps my favorite reaction after Roy Oswalt completely ignored the stop sign of Sam Perlozzo and trotted home from second in the bottom of the seventh last night was that of Shane Victorino.

(Watch from every angle and listen to every call of the play HERE)

After Oswalt slid safely into home, Shane stood at the top of the dugout with his mouthpiece halfway sticking out and gave him a standing ovation. So we .gifted it and placed it after the jump for your entertainment. Enjoy.

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It’s not like Yahoo! Sports had to let us know or anything, but Ryan, Chase and Shane have been on an absolute tear lately as they lead the Fightins to the top of divison and to the best record in the National League.

Not surprisingly, Ryan Howard has turned into “that overpaid guy” to the “OH MY GOD IT’S COMING RIGHT AT US” hitting-monster that rears its beautiful head ’round about this time every year, while Chase is swinging the bat to the tune of a .333/.453/.569 triple-slash line after a rough go of it when he came off the D.L.

But it’s Shane Victorino and his .386 average and .462 on-base percentage that has been leading the charge on this recent (and not at all surprising) surge to the top of the National League.

After struggling for most of the season, Shane was the owner a .250 average on August 31st, but the Flyin’ Hawaiian (and inspiration for one of the very first Birdland X Fightins shirts) has absolutely turned it on this month, and has had a ton of success filling in for Jimmy Rollins in the leadoff spot. Something tells me that Shane might have Wally Pipp’d J’Roll for the foreseeable future.

Not bad for a few guys who were offensive black holes a few weeks ago and a team that was left for dead in the middle of the summer.

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It’s been almost a whole day since The Phillies have taken over the lead in the NL East, and your heart-rate has probably just about returned to normal.

This video should fix that:

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This evening, on the Phillies last night off until September 9th, some members of the team are headed down to The Union League of Philadelphia on Broad St. to help their boy Shane Victorino raise some money for underprivileged youth in Philly & Hawaii while strutting down the catwalk for a nice fashion show fundraiser. Among the “models” scheduled to appear are Cole Hamels and his Survivor wife, Kyle Kendrick and *his* Survivor wife, The Executioner Bernard Hopkins, Jimmy Rollins… shit I don’t have all day — check the list yourself. I’m sure plenty of pictures will pop up from the event later on tonight and tomorrow, but right now, The Fightins intrepid reporter @iladelphia [Ed. Note -- intrepid reporter/Twitter friend, same difference] was ON THE SCENE and got you an exxxclusive first look at Ryan Howard and his schoolteacher/Eagles cheerleader girlfriend making their grand red-carpet entrance.

And, umm, DAMN she looks good:

Also worth noting is the fact that the big gentlemen who mashes lots of homers managed to squeeze his swollen ankle into those dress shoes, so I’d imagine he’s pretty close to returning to the lineup.

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