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It was waaaay back in May of aught-nine when Sarge Matthews first called Chris Wheeler “Muffin” on TV (I wish the video was still up) and it has been a staple of post-game interviews (and The Fightins posts) ever since. Well, now it has FINALLY caught on with the players.

Behold, the greatest thing ever:

(Huge thanks to @TravisMount for the video)

Also see: My personal favorite “Muffin” moment prior to tonight >> Sarge’s “Muffin Time” Twitter contest has come to an end

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Back in May of ’08, The Fightins proved their love for Phillies color commentator Gary “Sarge” Matthews by debuting The Definitive Sarge Matthews Hat Collection. It was pretty much the greatest blog post of the year, and set us apart as the biggest Sarge fans on Earth. We even have a section of Sarge’s wiki page giving us propers for outing him as such a big hat enthusiast.

And because we continue to grow as a site and don’t rely on the same gimmicks year-after-year, I kind of shied away from posting about Sarge’s hats recently. That doesn’t mean I still don’t marvel at Sarge’s ability to match his Kangols perfectly with his broadcasting attire, because I do, I just thought it could get a bit tiresome and wear out some of the Sarge Hat appeal.

Well, I can’t take it any longer. So we are proud to present to you this EXXXCLUSIVE of every single hat/cap/fedora that Sarge has sported this year in chronological order. All 95 of them.

Tell ‘em, slideshow:

After the jump, I’ve gone ahead and tallied up how many times Sarge has worn each cap so you can get a sense of which ones are his favorites. Believe me, it was my pleasure.

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Not that I have any particular insight on the mental state of Raul Ibanez, but one would have to imagine that over the course of his one-and-a-half week 0-for-35 slump, he was extremely frustrated with himself, possibly to the point of depression. I mean, the thought had to cross his mind that perhaps, with his 39th birthday approaching, the game had passed him by and it was time to hang ‘em up.

Well all that changed last night as Raul HAD to feel good about his 3-for-4 night against the Nationals which included a long homer to right field off of Jason Marquis as the Phillies cruised to a 7-4 win. It was by far his best performance of the young season, and pretty much the only thing that could bum him out after that kind of game would be if the guy conducting the post-game interview joked with him about slitting his wrists during his slump.

Enter Sarge Matthews:

Hide the razor blades? Meh, on second thought, maybe Sarge was trying to get Raul to grow his beard back.

(Thanks again to @waverider15 for the video assist)

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During last night’s radio broadcast on THE BIG TALKER 1210 WPHT, Scott Franzke shared an anecdote from earlier in the day when Chris Wheeler almost got hit in the head by a poorly thrown ball during warm-ups. According to Franzke, Wheeler was sitting in the dugout (wearing a baseball glove?) when an errant throw was about to nail Wheels until an alert Sarge Matthews told him to duck and basically saved his life.

I believe the Sarge is a hero part and the Chris Wheeler wears a glove in the dugout during warmups part, but I’m not so sure I buy the part that this was an “accidental” throw. I think that whoever threw that baseball knew exactly what they were doing.

The audio is after the jump.

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Sarge would like to dedicate this one to all the San Diego Padres fans out there…

(Special thanks to @waverider15 for the clip)

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Not only did Carlos Ruiz lead the Phillies over the Marlins tonight by going 3-for-4 with a 2-run shot, a couple singles and a walk, but he also raised his average to .300 and his team-leading OBP to .399. (Thanks, Cintron!) And as if that wasn’t enough already, after the game he joined the stylish Sarge Matthews for what has to be the greatest interviewer/interviewee tandem in recorded history.

If you like watching awesome things, you’ll wanna click Read More to watch it.

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While I was seated comfortably in section 201 on Tuesday night as my Phillies were taking care of the Marlins on their way to first place, I got a few messages alerting me that Jim Jackson and Larry Andersen were on the radio talking about the Birdland x The Fightins ‘I listen to Sarge’ t-shirt. Of course, drunky me forgets about it until last night when my ace-in-the-hole for ripping audio, @Phylan, sent me the proof to listen to. And it just so happens that the person they were talking about who was wearing the Sarge tee that night was none other than the lovely Amy Fadool of CSN Philly fame.

That’s pretty BADASS when you have someone like Amy Fadool sporting your gear, but it’s even extra BADASS when you get the radio guys to brag about it for you.

Although it would’ve been nice if they had any clue who made the shirts or where to find them, I was honored either way.

Here’s the audio, and I blockquoted the best line courtesy of Larry Andersen:

“I listen to Sarge” that’s what is says on the front, and on the back is says, “I still don’t know what he said.”

(Audio taken from The Big Talker, WPHT 1210am)

And just to bring me down to earth a little bit, I later found out that a producer over at CSN and my Twitter buddy, Dan Roche, guilted members of the CSN staff into buying them. Thanks for killing my high, Dan:

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Just when I thought it was impossible for me to like Domonic Brown more than I already did…

The man is wise beyond his years.

(Thanks for the heads up, @bikewobble)

Oh! And speaking of Dom Brown and fashion, have you seen the Birdland store lately?


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Last night, Gary Matthews discussed an hilarious injury he received when telling a teammate “how Muhammad Ali took George Frazier down.” (Tom McCarthy corrected Smokin’ Joe’s first name.) While doing this, he managed to knock himself to the ground and injure his thumb, causing him to miss six weeks. Doctors had to insert three pins!

One can only imagine Sarge would make a wonderful boxing analyst. Can somebody get him a tryout for Friday Night Fights?

See if .gif’d, after the jump.

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