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As you have probably heard, Phillies closer Ryan Madson was placed on the 15-day DL this morning with what is being described as a right hand contusion. The time missed isn’t what’s worrisome here (the DL stay is retroactive to June 18th, so he’s available to rejoin the team on July 4th), it’s the severity of the injury.

Last week, Charlie Manuel folded under questioning and told reporters that Madson had a “feeling” or “tingling” in his hand. And while I’m certainly no doctor, numbness of the throwing hand doesn’t sound like a promising injury for a pitcher. I guess the good news is that the injury actually occurred during a game on May 20th vs. the Rangers when David Murphy [no High Cheese] hit a bouncer that came up and whacked Madson on the outside of the right wrist.

Since then, Madson has pitched in 13 games/13 innings, and gave up 6 earned runs, a .352 OBP against, with 11 K’s and 4 walks. Probably his worst stretch of the season.

Head past the jump for the .gif of the play the hit Madson’s hand…

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I thought it was rather peculiar when Ryan Madson didn’t enter the game to pitch with the score tied in the top of the 9th at home last night, and it turns out our reigning closer has a little problem with his throwing hand that will keep him sidelined for a few games. CSN’s resident storyteller John R. Finger was pinch-beat writing for Jim Salisbury last night and asked Charlie Manuel about it with the first question of the post-game presser. After dodging it for a few minutes, he finally caved and admitted Madson injured his hand last week and he should be ready to return in 3-4 days. He didn’t mention it beforehand because he didn’t want to “tip his hand” to Oakland that Madson was unavailable. (Not like it matters, have you seen Oakland try and hit?)

Madson didn’t speak to reporters after the game, so no one really knows the severity of the injury, but “feeling”, “tingling”, or “numbness” doesn’t sound too good.

Also worth noting, Chooch was unavailable for last night’s game because he had a root canal performed earlier in the day. (a/k/a The Panama Canal II)

Phillies’ Manuel admits reliever Madson is hurt | John R. Finger, CSN

And if you’re into this sorta thing, below you can watch the part of the post-game where Charlie talks about Madson. I’m pretty sure he says Madson injured his hand in Colorado (or “Collaradda” as he pronounced it). The Phillies don’t even play in Colorado until August! I’m guessing he meant either Seattle or St. Louis, but I see how he can get those cities confused.

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Ryan Madson was his usually nasty self against the Rox, striking out the side and preserving the one-run lead to notch his 7th save in 7 tries, but last night he was especially cocky for some reason. It was almost like he was developing a CLOSER’S MENTALITY!!! right before our eyes. Regardless, Crashburn Alley went ahead and .gif’d each of his K’s plus that fantastically angry reaction after the win. My personal fave, the K of Tulowitzki that made him look like it was the first time he ever picked up a bat, you can find up top there. For the rest, hurry along to… [Crashburn Alley]

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Here’s injured Phillies reliever Ryan Madson double-fisting a couple cold ones in the concourse at the Wachovia Center tonight during Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. I’m actually surprised Madson is meandering around with the common folk (even wearing the free t-shirt they gave away!) and not up in some fancy suite with other celebs, waitresses, and a private bathroom and shit. You ordinary guy, you.

Or are the two beers just a clever ruse to avoid having to sign autographs? Hmmmm.

I just hope someone remembers to hide all the metal chairs if the Blackhawks happen to score.

(Thanks to Flyers fan and opportune picture taker @phillyfan323 for the pic)

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You know that thing that I wrote a few days ago about good and bad losses? I think there needs to be another category for what happened last night. Because it wasn’t a good loss and it wasn’t a bad loss. It was something entirely different, something that has the ability to send a fan from completely elated to completely deflated in a matter of moments without so much as a warning.

And as Phillies fans, we are all well aware of the Hometown’s Nine ability to dish out the heartbreaking losses to the opposition. But baseball can be a cruel mistress, one that is capable of turning the fates around at will, so here we sit, on the receiving end of one of those losses, left only to curse at the television and second guess our way into a downward spiral of madness.

Either way, last night was a bad-until-further-category-is-unveiled-loss, and for a few reasons:

  • It happened against a division rival that is going to be in the hunt the entire season.
  • It was a wasted start from Kyle Kendrick, whose pitching acumen appears to have finally left Florida.
  • The Phillies were one out, one measly out, from a win. A grounder. A lazy fly ball. A strike out. All they (and I mean Ryan Madson) had to do was not what they did.
  • I don’t like the Tomahawk Chop. Not so much because it’s offensive, but because it’s not 1995 anymore.

This edition of Mornin’ Dash should be about Kyle Kendrick’s brilliant start, and only his brilliant start, where he commanded his pitches, recorded 16 ground ball outs, got out of a huge jam in the fourth, and mostly had the Atlanta batters by the cojones all night.

It should be, but it’s not, because I have to shoe horn in something about the bullpen and how they (and again, I mean Ryan Madson) blew a three run lead with two outs in the first game of a nine game road trip that is going to significantly test the mettle of these Phillies in the early goings of the season.

Look, it’s April, and it’s really too early to tell about how anything is going to go down. And for that reason, the loss last night isn’t too big a deal, because there are going to be more. Maybe not as frustrating, but they’re going to be there. Anyone who knows anything about this team knows that they are predisposed to struggle in the first month of the season, and again, it’s friggin’ April. Capiche?

The silver lining is that Kendrick is the second straight starter to go deep into the game with with a better-than-good outing. Following Cole Hamels’ gem on Sunday, Phils starters have given up only two runs in the last 16 innings. Is Kendrick going to keep this up? It’d be nice, but it’s unlikely.

Take that for what it’s worth, because like I said about Hamels, it’s too early to tell what direction this might be heading. But seeing as how I’m a glass-half full kinda guy, I’d like to think that the real Kyle Kendrick has arrived.*

*Subject to change

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Obviously a bit perturbed by his teammates getting all the top endorsements, Ryan Madson topped ‘em all last week when he appeared in the weekly circular ad for Best Buy’s worst nightmare, Gerhard’s Appliances, now with 5 locations in the Delaware Valley to serve you better! Not only that, but if you were one of the lucky ones who saw it a week ago, you could’ve gone to Gerhard’s newest location on Grant & the Boulevard in the Northeast and met Ryan Madson while you were perusing their large selection of electronics & appliances.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t on the ball and failed to give youse the heads up, but the good news is, I secured a copy of the circular. Kindly click below for a .pdf of it:

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Brad Lidge Win?

Brad Lidge delivering strike three, or a ground ball, or fly ball, or out of some kind of out to win the Phillies back to back World Series or…

Ryan Madson Win

Ryan Madson is on the mound when IF the Phillies repeat as World F’n Champions. Or would you vote other? Madson seems to be favored currently but I think we all know Charlie is going to sneak Lidge into an appearance, and if he doesn’t blow it he would probably be used again. So Lidge, Madson, or other?

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/ wanking motionWith all the sucking the Phillies have been doing lately, it’s kinda hard to pinpoint one sucky player as the reason for their recent downfall. Jimmy Rollins is 0-for-his last 27 with four walks since the 19th of June, Ryan Howard has just one home run in his last 15 games, Pedro Feliz had himself a nice 1-for-23 streak going on up until this week — and that’s not even mentioning any of the shiteous outings from our pitching staff during that time.

Well, all but one. The guy 95% of Philadelphians were ready to anoint as the new closer as soon as Brad Lidge started fucking up, Ryan Madson.

For some reason, ever since our eighth inning specialist was handed the closer’s role after Lidge landed on the DL with a “bum knee”, Ryan Madson been getting knocked around the park like he has “#57 Taschner” on the back of his jersey.

Check out his line since he blew a save against Toronto on June 16th (and I swear to God if any of you fucks talk about a small sample size, I’m gonna track you down by your IP address and punch you in the neck):

6 games, 0-2 record, an NL leading 3 blown saves (in six appearances!), 7.94 ERA, and a little over three baserunners allowed PER INNING. Meanwhile, opponents are batting .346 against him with a .485 OBP, .731 SLG%, and an insane 1.216 OPS.

The question remains though — WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?

There are plenty of theories floating around, but if you ask me, Madson has to stop relying on his fastball so much — ESPECIALLY that cutter that hasn’t been cutting since the first month of the season — and get back to throwing the pitch that got him a spot on a major league roster to begin with, that beautiful changeup of his.  I mean, you have a pitch in your arsenal that was the most swung at and missed pitch (percentage-wise) out of any major league pitcher in 2008, and instead of putting hitters away with it, you choose to throw that flat fastball over the middle of the plate to say, a Brian Roberts (hypothetically, of course) with 2 outs and a runner on base while you’re up a run in the bottom of the ninth.

As a matter of fact, I’m sure that’s the reason.

Take a look at this little statistical nugget dug up by Jayson Stark courtesy of those pitch-tracking geeks over at Inside Edge:

Ryan Madson hasn’t gotten a single swing-and-miss on his fastball since Lidge was placed on the DL.

Read that again.  NOT ONE. That’s kinda pathetic.

So Ryan, pretty please, with a fucking cherry on top, start throwing more changeups and stop throwing so many cot damn fastballs.

Your pal,

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While it may not be an appealing phrase, rhyme-wise, (just like how Lidge’s entrance isn’t appealing, musically) many people are suggesting that Madson be moved to closer duty, given Lidge’s recent suckiness on the mound. While the numbers may suggest this is an improvement, Mad Dog closing move could also totally fuck up the bullpen and leave a shitstorm after the 7th inning.

History tells us that Madson does not adjust well to new roles. I was one of the overly optimistic fools that believed Mad Dog would flourish as a starter. The man was a cotdamn monster when he first came up from the farm system! But whence he was designated a starter in ’06, he stank more than a Amy Winehouse-Courtney Love scissor session. Logically, one would believe that the adjustment fucked him up. Motherfucker forgot how to pitch after becoming so comfortable as a mid to late relief man. That is what’s worrisome about the thought of him closing.

As the moving picture box has told us lately, professional athletes are total pussies. Errr, I mean professional athletes suffer from anxiety and sociological problems. Some deal with it by taking anxiety medication, others choose to light farm hands on fire and machete the fuck outta them. Lidge being moved from a closer’s spot could affect the man some believe to have his fragile moments. So moving Madson to closer would most likely make Lidge the setup man. This can go one of two ways 1.) Madson is a successful closer, and Lidge is a decent setup man, or 2.) Madson shits himself again in a new role, Lidge cannot deal with the demotion, making the bullpen totally fucked.

While 6 blown saves are pretty sucky, I’m not sure if this is a risk you want to take. Madson could work as a closer, but I doubt B-Lidge would be a successful setup brah. If only the Phillies had another infielder with an oddly shaped head they could trade for a homicidal middle reliever…

Nipple holders after the jump:

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Excuse me while I catch up on my weekend Mets hating. First up? Ryan Madson, who had some SCATHING commentary directed towards those pesky Metros the other day. Check it:

Some of the guys on their team just wouldn’t fit in our clubhouse, and some of the guys here just wouldn’t fit with their guys. It’s one of those things where it’s two different mentalities, two different attitudes, everything. It’s like oil and water. We just don’t believe in the same things.

I believe what Ryan is trying to say here is: the Phillies believe they can win and go out on the field with that mentality on a daily basis, while the Mets are too busy working on handshakes to realize how much talent they are completely wasting out there.

That’s what it sounds like to me, at least.

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