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Following the R-Phils 4-3 win in the series opener vs. the Fisher Cats on Monday night, future superstar Domonic Brown was giving a postgame interview with Tommy Viola when WHAM-O!, Sergio Escalona smashed a pie in his face. Now, Brown was definitely the offensive star of the game, going 2-for-4 with a couple RBI and a run scored, but the runs he drove in were the first two of the game in the third inning. Does that really constitute a pie to the face? I say the pie to the face postgame interview antics should solely be reserved for either late game heroics or a gem of a game thrown by a starting pitcher.

Because if you’re gonna pie Dom Brown every time he gets a couple random RBI during a non-crucial part of the game, chances are he’s gonna get sick of pie by the end of the April. Wise up, Escalona.

Watch the entire postgame interview, after the jump.

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Over in Reading on Sunday, our handsome little Double-A squad, the R-Phils, were set to battle those pesky Bay Sox from Bowie for a pair of 7-inning games (I don’t understand it either). Immediately following the second game, a Beatles cover band named Number Nine were performing for the sold-out crowd (seriously), but during the game, they were busy paying tribute to the 45th anniversary of the Beatles. Since I’m not the biggest Beatles fan around, I couldn’t tell you exactly what it was that it was the 45th anniversary of (Their first album? Inaugural trip to America? When they met?), but what I can do is dig through people’s Flickr accounts and post pictures of Domonic Brown on the jumbotron looking like one of the fab four. Check it out, blokes:

Just to warn you, Domonic Brown is my new favorite Phillies-related obsession. So no matter if he’s hitting 400+ foot home runs out of FirstEnergy Stadium, or plastered on the jumbotron in a silly haircut, I’m probably gonna post about it.

Photo: Flickr/sulimasa

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Somewhat lost in the ruckus surrounding Pedro Martinez’s minor league rehab start in Class AA Reading last night was the continued maturation of the R-Phils newest call-up, super phenom Dom Brown. The man Jonathan Mayo recently tabbed as the 24th best prospect in all of baseball went 2-for-4 at the plate including a MONSTER shot in the 1st that left FirstEnergy Stadium in a hurry, traveled an estimated 426 feet, and wound up bouncing into the wall of an Auto Glass shop across the street. Then he would go on to hit an RBI double to the gap in left-center and throw an opposing player out at 3rd base from right field.

Not too shabby for the young guy.

But perhaps the strangest part of the evening for Mr. Brown was when he informed the press that people have been misspelling his name for his whole life. It’s DOMONIC, not Dominic.

And according to intrepid reporter John R. Finger of CSN, he was just too polite to correct anybody.  Even David Murphy chimed in on the Tweets and said that Izzy Gould of the St. Petersburg Times — who covered Domonic in high school — has been spelling his name the traditional way all these years.

Oh well, as long as he keeps mashing homers and piling up outfield assists he can spell his name however the fuck he wants. But for future reference, just remember — it’s Domonic.

Reading’s Brown Making a Name For Himself | CSN Philly

UPDATE: After the jump, check out the footage of Domonic’s mammoth blast…

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While Greg Dobbs was taking a third strike right down the pike against the most irritating, obnoxious, and even more irritatingly, best, closer in baseball, righty Jason Anderson celebrated his 30th birthday by nailing down a save of his own for the Reading Phillies. In doing so, he preserved the win for Kyle Drabek, his second in his two starts with the R-Phils.

In spite of Hurricane Schwartz’s warnings of red radar blobs over Reading, it was a beautiful night in Berks County for some AA baseball. Drabek wasn’t in tiptop form, but he wasn’t horrible, either. While he scattered seven hits and five walks over five innings, he worked out of several jams. His bullpen picked him up too, including one Mike Zagurski who was consistently in the mid-90s and, at least once, hit 96. A three-run first-inning cushion on a homerun by third baseman Neil Sellers didn’t hurt matters.

Michael Taylor DH’d in the 5-4 win over the Yankees’ AA Trenton Thunder, laying an 0-for-4, but he’s still sporting the Reading triple crown at .346/10/41. It seems like only a matter of time before he’s bumped up to Lehigh Valley where, presumably, the 6’6″ 250lb righthanded slugger would share the outfield with a 6’6″ 235lb righthanded slugger called Big John. And for what it’s worth, the 6’5″ 205lb lefthanded outfielder Dominic Brown has put up a .299/9/28 in 51 games at Single-A Clearwater.

Anyway, last night was a truly beautiful evening at First Energy Stadium, one for drinking the Stoudt’s APAs and Yuengling Lagers each brewed less than an hour away, one for catching a preview of a future Phil on the hill, and one for watching a pink and purple sunset over the third best Minor League Baseball stadium — best in AA — according to Baseball America.

beelove (a/k/a R. Bradley Maule) is the proprietor of the fantastic Philadelphia photography/architecture site,  He went to the Reading Phillies game.  He reported. He took pictures.

More pics from the game, after the jump.

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Last Friday night, the Reading Phillies figured out a clever way to trick people into purchasing a can of world’s most disgusting processed meat, Spam. For a mere $5, fans were given their very own slab of stinky meat along with a plastic knife. They were then encouraged to make a creative carving out of it, with the winner receiving a $100 cash prize.

Entries included such works of art as a goldfish, a Spam castle, even a “sort of like a cube thing, like one you would find in an illusion book.” But none of these submissions held a candle to the Bernini of bogus beef, Sheila Moll, who’s masterpiece “R-Phils Baseball Cap” beat out all comers en route to the victory.


Spam clip provided by WFMZ-TV 69 News (haha, 69 news)
Spam tip provided by Ben Hill (haha, Benny Hill) of Ben’s Biz Blog

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Here’s a classic interview from August of ’99, featuring a 20-year old Jimmy Rollins alongside his Reading teammate/roommate Tyrone Horne. Even before he was an all-star and NL MVP, J-Roll was the same charismatic shortstop and a natural in front of the camera.

Young (real young) James talks about his promotion to Reading, hitting in the 2-hole, haircuts in the clubhouse, and being a messy roommate. Also, a then-Reading hitting coach Milt Thompson gives some advice on what Jimmy needs to work on to make it to the bigs.

Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image
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Unbeknownst to me, the Reading Phillies went retro with their road unis this year. They have ditched the normal grey, and are now sporting the extremely attractive powder blues; complete with maroon & white piping down the sides and classic high-sock look as worn by the actual Phillies from ’73-’88

Carlos Carrasco looks like a cot damn professional here:

Click below for more mesmerizing shots of the powders, featuring Neil Sellers and the great Gookie Dawkins.

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