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(from Coal Hammerz via @RudyMezzy)

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As you’re well aware of, Raul Ibanez didn’t exactly get off to what you would call a “hot start” in April this year. And I also know that practically every fan was hoping he’d retire in the midst of his 0-for-35 megaslump a few weeks ago, so I figured I’d share this interesting little statistical factoid with you that might help you realize just how streaky of a hitter Ibanez is, and perhaps make you as a fan a bit more patient with him.

Now, let me preface this by saying I’m not trying to announce “Raul Ibanez is back!” and you should now expect him to revert back to the All-Star caliber Raul from the first half of the ’09 season. Rather, that Ibanez is incredibly streaky, and no matter how poorly he plays over a certain small sample-sized period of time, he’s also capable of heating up the same way. And I’m also strictly focusing on hits here, since that’s what went missing from Ibanez’s repertoire for a week and a half at the end of April.

We straight? Good.

Okay, so through 26 games played in April, Raul Ibanez ranked DEAD LAST in hits among National League regulars with 14. The next worst was Johny Gomes with 16, but at least he provided some pop (6 HR, 17 RBI), speed (5 SB), and walked a bunch (19.2 BB%). Ibanez basically did NOTHING on offense.

Here are the bottom three (strictly hits wise) in the NL in April, swiped from FanGraphs (click to enlarge):

Now, through 10 games thus far in May, Raul is TIED FOR SECOND in the NL in hits with 15 (one more than all of last month) and has raised his average an incredible 71 points from .161 to .232. The production hasn’t picked up significantly and the walks are literally non-existent, but at least it’s a good sign that Raul can still react quick enough to actually hit a thrown pitch and maybe we shouldn’t be worried as much as we were last month.

The top three in the NL for May, (again taken from FanGraphs) looks like so:

Your theories for this anomaly are welcomed in the comments, but I’m blaming it on his beard.

(Thanks to Eric Seidman of FanGraphs and co-author of one of the finer new Phillies blogs to hit the scene, Brotherly Glove, for helping a statistical illiterate find this info)

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Not that I have any particular insight on the mental state of Raul Ibanez, but one would have to imagine that over the course of his one-and-a-half week 0-for-35 slump, he was extremely frustrated with himself, possibly to the point of depression. I mean, the thought had to cross his mind that perhaps, with his 39th birthday approaching, the game had passed him by and it was time to hang ‘em up.

Well all that changed last night as Raul HAD to feel good about his 3-for-4 night against the Nationals which included a long homer to right field off of Jason Marquis as the Phillies cruised to a 7-4 win. It was by far his best performance of the young season, and pretty much the only thing that could bum him out after that kind of game would be if the guy conducting the post-game interview joked with him about slitting his wrists during his slump.

Enter Sarge Matthews:

Hide the razor blades? Meh, on second thought, maybe Sarge was trying to get Raul to grow his beard back.

(Thanks again to @waverider15 for the video assist)

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It’s been almost a whole day since The Phillies have taken over the lead in the NL East, and your heart-rate has probably just about returned to normal.

This video should fix that:

We’re interrupting your regularly scheduled programming of “Everybody Hates Scott Barry” to bring you this piece from Dash about the responsibility of bloggers and non-bloggers when commenting on steroids in baseball. Along the way, he talks about Jose Bautista, Raul Ibanez, and if there is any room to speculate on whether a player’s breakout year (in this case, Jose Bautista) is the result of PEDs. [Press Coverage]

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Keep your eye on the baseball…

Hey, pinball face — LOOK OUT!

That ball missed the poor woman’s baby by about an inch. Pay attention, lady!

For the record, we here at The Fightins don’t necessarily like seeing people get hurt during baseball games, but when it does happen, we feel it’s our duty to record and upload the clip to YouTube.

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Phillies slugging left fielder Raul Ibañez arrived at Citizens Bank Park Friday night in the loudest, ugliest Ed Hardy t-shirt in the history of loud, ugly Ed Hardy t-shirts. And that, my friends, is not an easy feat:

I mean, I like tigers as much as the next guy (wait… what?), but must you put a giant horribly-drawn tiger face on a lime green t-shirt with snakes in the backround? And if you did, what on earth would possess someone to not only purchase, but wear said shirt? Next time Jim Salisbury is looking to annoy Raul with an accusation from a blogger, perhaps he should inquire about his shiteous choice of shirt.

The only thing that could possibly make that tee uglier is if they put that same arrogant print on the back of it…

Oh fuck. You’ve got to be kidding me.

I hope they locked him out of the clubhouse until he agreed to change.

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¡Que chupe, Mets!

Audio courtesy of WUBA 1480 AM, Danny Martinez with the call

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Remember this afternoon when I said I was done talking about this unnecessary steroid melodrama concerning Raul Ibañez?  Well, technically, I was being honest.  *I’m* done discussing it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t post the reaction of our great manager, Charlie Manuel.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Charlie Manuel is a cot damn wordsmith.

I’m sure Raul’s upset about it.  I think whenever you make some kind of acquisition [sic] and definitely when it comes public like that, I think that someone should have to prove it.  And ya know like, and uhhh, I think that he invades your rights.  And I think that that’s, uhhhh, ya know like I think that that’s against the law if you wanna know the truth.  So that’s all I gotta say.

You hear that bloggers?  When you’re sitting in your mother’s basement forcing yourself to come up with some lame topic to write about — THINK before making some false acquisitions.  Because if you go around just tossing out acquisitions whenever you damn well please, someone who writes for a popular newspaper might take that acquisition, highlight it, and make you the laughingstock of the internet for a day.

Thanks, Charlie.  Now tell ‘em yourself:

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Can’t get enough of this Raul Ibañez steroid speculation shit?  Good, settle in.

First of all, let me say that this JRod fella from Midwest Sports Fans issued an apology of sorts this morning on his blog.  After reading it the first time, I kind of felt bad for the guy.  Kind of.  In it, he states:

I’ll accept some level of accountability and offer a sincere apology to Raul Ibanez for advancing a public debate that, in his specific case, is very likely unfair and perhaps even unnecessary.

But then comes the “however” part.

However [Ed. Note: told you], I’m not accepting complete blame and accountability for being the person who started this. I just tried to do my homework and write a cogent response to speculation I had heard from other sources, and to comment on what I considered to be a thought-provoking and engaging topic that was already being discussed publicly and privately. The post did not even receive much pub or traffic until it was mentioned in the Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday, but based on the response and the comments the post has received, it seems to me to have proven to be both thought-provoking and engaging.

And that, to me, is what the blogosphere is about.

They key word in that paragraph is “tried”.  Yes, you tried to do your homework, JRod.  You tried to write a cogent response to speculation that you heard from other sources.  (btw, who are these “sources”?  Your fantasy baseball friend?)  But when you found ZERO evidence of these performance enhancers, you should’ve stricken all of that steroid talk from your article.  It’s in the HEADLINE for chrissakes.  The article could’ve been easily written to find out which factors are contributing to Ibanez’s hot play of late.  In it, you could’ve used your park factors, pitching matchups, new lineup — all that shit.  But the fact of the matter is you used that info to try and find out if Raul is on steroids.  And that, my friend, is irresponsible.

Listen, if you wanna accuse Ibañez of taking steroids on a message board with your fantasy buddies, or at a bar with your friends, go right ahead.  But the minute you publish it on a website where you claim to be a professional writer, you are held accountable.  And whether or not you think John Gonzalez of the Inquirer should have highlighted your article is now a moot point — he did.  So you can’t play the “I did not consider the potential fallout from the article” side of it.  Because as a professional writer who even HINTS at a player using steroids without any facts is not only irresponsible, but borderline libel.

Also buried towards the end of this lengthy semi-apology is an interesting statement:

Plus, I’ve found more statistical evidence since I wrote my article that further explains why Ibanez might be off to such a great start. This article shows how much better Ibanez is hitting with men on base, a situation he finds himself in more often with Philly than he did with Seattle.

Was that information unavailable at the time you published your original article?  Because one would think that if you are suggesting someone could perhaps be on the juice, you would do as much research as humanly possible to either prove or debunk your thesis.

Had I considered [this] when writing my article, its speculative nature probably would have been a bit less…although, admittedly, not completely removed.

So even if you had this extra information at your disposal when writing the original post, you still would’ve tossed in the steroid speculation?  GRRRRRRRR.

For fuck’s sake, AJ Daulerio — A BLOGGER — had PROOF that Manny Ramirez was on steroids before the 50-game suspension came down on him.  If he was ONE-QUARTER as irresponsible as JRod was, he would’ve leaked the information, which in turn, would’ve made Deadspin a household name.  Instead, he decided to err on the side of caution, do some more research, and wound up getting shot down by some lawyers.  All JRod had was some park dimension bullshit and 50-some-odd games worth of statistics.

It just seems like people are pointing the finger at everyone from John Gonzalez, to Jim Salisbury, to Raul Ibañez himself — when in reality, it’s all JRod’s fault.

The end.  Seriously.  I’m done talking about this shit.

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