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Posted by Mike Meech at 6:53 pm ET 28 Comments

Following his dramatic walkoff homer in the 10th inning against the Cardinals last night, Chooch Ruiz had the honor of speaking with Sarge after the game when Shane Victorino and Greg Dobbs took it upon themselves to each give Carlos a pie to the face. He’s so cute during interviews!

I couldn’t help but post it:

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Once upon a time, A.J. Burnett was an impressionable young pitcher on the Florida Marlins.  During his time in the NL East, he was exposed to the celebratory ways of the other teams in his division.  Specifically — the Phillies, and even more specifically — Tomas Perez.  You see, A.J. has a “brand new” gimmick this year where he seeks out the hero of any particular Yankees game that they happen to win and shoves a towel filled with shaving cream in their face. In baseball circles, it’s known as “the pie”.

And A.J. Burnett blatantly stole that move from the originator — TOMAS PEREZ.


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