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I’m not doing too well in my efforts to preview these interleague series for you guys. None of these bloggers I’m emailing will return my emails or calls or anything. It’s like they don’t take this website seriously or something. What the hell?

Anyway, in order to break down this A’s/Phillies series, I asked my friend Justin Klugh from That Ball’s Outta Here and Call to the Pen to answer the¬†questionnaire that those lousy A’s bloggers were too high and mighty to fill out for me.

Ryan: Oakland comes into this series in Philadelphia dead-last in the American League west. How does this look against their expectations heading into the season? Do they have a chance at finishing the season at .500?
Oakland A’s 2011 Check List:
  • Hope¬†Moneyball trailer is halfway decent
  • Use trailer to garner sympathy as poorest of the poor teams
  • Allow other teams to lose out of pity
  • Ignore fans disgusted with strategy reeking of cowardice
  • Fire manager to penetrate national media
  • Fail to use exposure for any real purpose
  • Send Josh Willingham to DL for second try at national exposure
  • Shit bed
  • Spend winter wondering what all that was about
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