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Have you ever heard of Hi5? Me neither – until this afternoon, when Professor Jay Ballz of sent me a link to the Hi5 profile kept by Leandro Castro, outfielder for the Phillies’ Class “A” team, the Lakewood BlueClaws. It’s gold (literally, at times). Here’s a small sample of my favorites:

Steamy. Dreamy.

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The Philadelphia Phillies Single-A affiliate, the Lakewood BlueClaws, recently introduced a new mascot race at their New Jersey stadium — The Pork Roll vs. The Egg vs. The Cheese.

I know, sounds fucking delicious, right?

Here’s footage of one of the races — but in reality, it doesn’t really matter who wins and who loses. As long as they all come together on a fresh kaiser roll for my consumption afterward.

YouTube Preview Image

God bless John Taylor.

(via Ben’s Biz Blog)

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