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Posted by Ryan at 2:43 pm ET 20 Comments

According to Mark Zuckerman of Nats Insider, The Nationals have inked former Phils left-hander JC Romero to a AAA deal. He’ll be playing in Syracuse with the Sky Chiefs until the Nats need him in the big leagues again.

I’m not really sure why Romero would turn down a minor league assignment from the Phillies only to turn around and accept one from the Nationals. Maybe he wanted to be with a team with a shot at the playoff– HAHAHAH I’m sorry, I couldn’t even get it out. I thought I could, but nope. HAHAHA


Immediately following the Phillies 3-0 win over the Florida Marlins, news was released that JC Romero has been designated for assignment and sent down to AAA Lehigh Valley. Vance Worley has been recalled.

(Big ups to’s Todd Zolecki.)

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I could be mistaken, but to me it looks like J.C. Romero has shaved his hair into some faux hawk of sorts for his comeback from injury. Here are a couple shots from his return to the mound on Monday night.

Click to enlarge:


Just be careful, J.C..   As you recall, that mohawk gimmick didn’t work out too well for the Rays last October.

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Posted by Tug Haines at 11:34 pm ET 21 Comments

By now everyone has heard about the altercation between Phillies reliever J.C. Romero and Rays “fan” Robert Eaton after a game in Tampa Bay last Thursday. Eaton made some snide comments about steroids and got what any loudmouth drunk prick has coming to him.

I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. I’m just saying that some people don’t know when to shut up, and others are quick to grab people that don’t know how to shut up by their throats and choke a bitch. Sometimes these two kinds of people meet…

Enough with the opinions. As a superjournalist with superjournalistic powers such as superjournalistic integrity I must try only to report the facts. And it just so happens that I have nothing but facts to present today. Through my contacts and network of other superjournalists, I managed to procure a leaked copy of Robert Eaton’s 911 call to the St. Petersburg PD.

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Early this morning, The St. Petersburg Times had a blurb in their sports section about an alleged altercation between a Rays fan and a Phillies player following the Phils 10-4 loss on Thursday night. Here’s what it said:

PHILLIE, FAN FIGHT: An incident took place between a fan and a Phillies player after Thursday’s game, the Rays confirmed. ”At this point it is a police matter and for that reason we won’t have any further comment,” the team said in a statement, but did not identify the player. St. Petersburg Police officials could not be reached late Friday night, but a dispatcher confirmed that a report for a battery call was taken at the stadium at about 11 p.m. Thursday. The Phillies could not be reached for comment.

So, like an asshole, I spent majority of the morning placing calls to the St. Pete Times and the St. Pete police department posing as an actual reporter trying to put a name to this unidentified Phillies player only to have Matt P from The 700 Level hit me on the GChat telling me it was J.C. Romero.  How did he know this?  Because commenter willH. left this little nugget on their site yesterday:

poppa will.H said a rays fan shoved something he wanted autographed into JC romeros face and they got into a lengthy pushing/shouting match infront of the phils dugout after the game last night

But because Matt P isn’t one of those bloggers that just randomly posts unsubstantiated reports as fact and couldn’t confirm with “poppa will.H” or any of the Phillies scribes, he decided to wait until he got some sort of proof.  Now, the entire world is reporting that it was, in fact, J.C. Romero who grabbed some shit-talking Rays fan by the throat and threatened to choke a bitch.

Via the newest St. Petersburg Times report:

Robert Eaton [Ed. Note: I hate Eatons], a 25-year-old father of two, said Phillies pitcher J.C. Romero grabbed him by the neck and pushed him after he made a comment about steroids.

[...]Eaton said he was attempting to get autographs from Phillies players when the incident happened.  After players brushed him off, Eaton said he called out to Romero, something to the effect of, “How about you get me some juice?”

Romero snapped, Eaton said, telling him to “shut the f—- up” and that he didn’t know what he was talking about.  Eaton said he replied that Romero was the one who’d been suspended recently.

“He reared back and kinda grazed my chin and grabbed me by the neck and threw me back,” Eaton said. “I was in shock.”

Eaton’s lawyer, James Magazine, said he was retained late Friday afternoon and hasn’t had time to investigate the case.

What in the name of Mario Lavandeira is going on in this world?  Since when are people surprised when they talk shit to somebody and get punched and/or choked out?

Fuck this guy.  +1 J.C. Romero.

BONUS! Here’s some fans in Mets land giving it to Romero a few weeks ago.  Instead of choking them (because he obviously couldn’t reach them), he mocks them and tells ‘em to “go smoke more weed.”  haha

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Suck it, GNC! La Roca is eligible to return to the Phillies tonight.

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Posted by Chamomiles Davis at 2:31 pm ET 11 Comments

First, I’d like to apologize for yet another extended and unexplained absence. Well, unexplained until now: you see, our Fearless Leader King Meech of Meechstonia bravely took it upon himself to rescue me — Steve Zissou-style — from the clutches of Somali pirates.

At the risk of placing myself in a new realm of life-threatening danger, I know the truth about how that ship’s captain from Maine was really rescued. It involved the U.S. Navy abducting an innocent-looking citizen (Yours Truly), dressing said citizen in a long, concealing burqa, and offering “her” to the pirates as a virgin in exchange for the captain’s safe return.

After two weeks and several painful sessions of attempted “deflowering,” the brave crew of the U.S.S. Fightins saved me and brought me back to the arms of my loving family. Now, I can resume in earnest my favorite hobby: writing for this beloved blog.

(Oh, and to a certain branch of the Armed Forces: I know who I’ll be rooting for at the next Army-Navy Game, you deck-swabbing bastards! I mean that from the bottom of my torn and bleeding rectum.)

And now, on to the story at hand…

wtf.jpgApparently our beloved Latino southpaw J.C. Romero is not taking his suspension lying down. He’s suing the maker of that 6-OXO Extreme, who just happened to be one of the infamous BALCO crew that served time in jail.

Romero tested positive for andro after using 6-OXO, even though the new shit wasn’t supposed to contain the old shit. According to the article, J.C. researched the supplement, which he purchased over the counter at GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe, and satisfied himself that it did not contain any banned substances.

On a side note, I often satisfy myself doing research, so long as that research involves Penthouse Pets.

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Here’s a brief clip (courtesy of the content-pulling folks over at of Shane Victorino, J.C. Romero, Larry Andersen, and Greg “The Bull” Luzinski on-board a Phillies sponsored cruise to the Cayman Islands that departed last week. Those current and former Phillies players joined about 200 fans aboard the Holland America cruise ship Westerdam where they swam with dolphins, rode dune buggies, avoided pirates, and even caught an impromptu Jimmy Buffett concert at the Grand Caymen Margaritaville.

Bon Voyage!

While you’re at it, why don’t you head on over to the Phightin’ Phils Phorum where shipmate Jenn Zambri-Dickerson filmed the Q&A session with the foursome.

Cruising with the Phillies |

Posted by Chamomiles Davis at 10:38 pm ET 28 Comments


[UPDATE: Well, the suspension is official, and Romero does not plan to appeal. Fuck me sideways.]

Using tactics employed by shady, imperious organizations past and present, the powers that be in Major League Baseball (“Taking Substance Abuse 33% More Seriously!”) have decided to suspend Phillies reliever J.C. Romero for fifty games next season.

Romero’s crime? Not admitting that he knowingly took a banned supplement.

According to Peter Gammons at, Romero tested positive in September for an undisclosed substance which he’d purchased at a local GNC. In Romero’s words:

“The season is a grind. When you’re a middle reliever, you have to be ready to get up and down and pitch every day. Everyone takes something. Some guys drink coffee, others supplements. We try to make sure they’re all legal. I certainly did.”

At his arbitration hearing in October, Romero testified that he had brought the supplement, which came in a bottle with no warning label, first to his personal nutritionist and then Phillies trainer Dong Lien. According to Lien’s testimony he recommended getting a second nutritionist’s opinion. The second nutritionist cleared the supplement for Romero’s use. (Lien also said that he suggested Romero not take the supplement.)

After being informed that he had tested positive for a banned substance late in September and that this supplement was the source of the positive result, Romero stopped taking all supplements and later tested negative before the start of the postseason (October 1).

Now begins the part of the story where Romero gets screwed… Read more »

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It was the bottom of the eighth inning, Brett Myers just got knocked out of the game after yet another wonderful start, and the Cubs were threatening to take it to the Phillies bullpen again. Well, at least that’s the most Philly fans were thinking. After blowing 7th inning-or-later leads in the previous two contests at Wrigley, the Phillies bullpen needed someone — anyone — to step in and stop the bleeding.

Enter: J.C. Romero. He promptly struck out Reed Johnson & Ronny Cedeno swinging, walked Kosuke Fukudome to load the bases, and ran the count to 1-2 against the next batter, Geovany Soto.

Then this happened:

Now, under most circumstances, I’m completely against over-the-top celebrations like that, but the bullpen needed a shot of adrenaline and J.C. was happy to oblige. It seemed to work for Brad Lidge, who closed the game with a 1-2-3 ninth inning for his 32nd save in 32 opportunities,

“[Romero's celebration] was strong,” added closer Brad Lidge. “It got me pumped up, so that’s a bonus. I go with the more traditional fist pump. I don’t know how else to express it. Maybe someday, I’ll add the chest pound. I might hurt myself though. He’s big-chested, so he can handle it.”

In reality, the bullpen has been fantastic this year; better than anyone could imagine. Hopefully, they just hit a temporary bump and Romero put them back on track. We’ll find out this afternoon when Granpappy is set to face Carlos Zambrano Sean Marshall (thanks, Fuqua!) in the series finale.

Romero’s exuberance pumps up Phils |

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