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One of the top pitching prospects in the Phillies organization, Jarred Cosart, and a young aspiring TV host from Texas named Amber Leigh Hartman broke off their relationship recently, and it got a little uncomfortable when Amber decided to tweet about it.

Turns out, Jarred didn’t think the breakup was as mutual as she did. The perils of social networking:

Chin up, Jarred. You don’t want to be associated with a Cowboys fan anyway.

UPDATE 1:00 am: It looks like these two kids can’t get on the same page. After word spread about their break-up (don’t worry, I’m ashamed of myself too), Amber announced the two of them have reconciled and decided to give their relationship another go:

And then Jarred was all, NOT SO FAST:

Now I feel dirty. I’m hoping I won’t ever have to update this post again.

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