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First, let me say that I hope your respective teams’ off-seasons are going well. By now, Chipper Jones has probably bagged his fourth or fifth ten-point buck, and Jason Varitek is putting the finishing touches on his backswing. Sounds nice and relaxing, doesn’t it, and why not? Those fellas worked hard. They’re not sitting around feeling miserable about what might have been, so why should you?

Now, I’ve seen a few things here and there while perusing the ol’ blogosphere lately that have me a bit concerned. It seems that many of you who happen to be fans of teams like the Red Sox and the Mets have decided to root for the Phillies to beat the Yankees in this World Series. In your collective wisdom, you and others like you have reached the conclusion that because they are considered the lesser of two evils, the Phillies are worthy of your support.

Speaking as a Phillies fan, I would just like to say this in response: Take that support and cram it far, far up into your ass. We don’t want you rooting for our team. Fuck off. Really.

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