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Shane Victorino has an important announcement for you regarding rugby. Listen up:

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Well lookey who’s about to take over the endorsement industry — Mr. Choochtober himself, Carlos Ruiz.

If you head to your local Shop Rite right now, you’re bound to bump into a giant cardboard cutout of the greatest Panama-born catcher in Philadelphia Phillies history.

And what is he slangin, you ask?

Only the finest energy drink on the market today — CINTRON. And if you don’t know what Cintron is, you better do like Chooch does and go get you some. Because drinking it immediately makes you the best at whatever the hell it is you do. Seriously, yo. Chooch started drinking this on July 27th.

He’s even got a contest going at Cintron’s website and you can even meet him at a Shop Rite soon, so go check out the rules and enter, dummy.

(Ice cream cone for @cranekicker for the heads up)

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The first Charlie Manuel NutriSystem commercial that leaked must’ve been a fake (I called that shit, yo), because the real one started popping up on your fancy LCD flat screens last month, and it’s finally on the YouTubes. This must be the pirated version of the extended club mix though, because the NutriSystem number is all X’d out.

Anyway, it’s a fantastic commercial, complete with nonathletic extras and unrealistic baseball situations, like when Charlie pulls the pitcher from batting practice at the :10 second mark, and it even features the Ghost of Fat Charlie Manuel haunting the dugout. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

“Hey, Mike! Come on down here, guy!”

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Per my normal Sunday morning routine, I was drinking a cup of coffee while perusing old, mostly Philadelphia-based commercials on YouTube. It’s really quite enjoyable, if you have the time one morning, I highly recommend it. Anyways, in between WPVI’s “There’s that news van again” and Betson’s classic “Hey, where’d everybody go?” spots, I happened upon a couple Phillies-related old school commercials that I felt I’d share with the class.

First up, is an old Somerton Springs Golf Shoppe ad featuring the one and only Whitey Ashburn trying to get you to buy some golf equipment. I actually got my first set of golf clubs from their Feasterville location when I was a young’n. Some knockoff Pings called Pal Joey if I remember correctly. And they had this driving range and a shitty 18-hole golf course there, too. Ahhhh, memories.

Now, the golf course is some town home community and there’s a dumb Sonic fast food joint where the “shoppe” was.

But like I was saying, Richie Ashburn for Somerton Springs Golf Shoppe:

Commersh #2 is a Mike Schmidt-endorsed PRISM spot from 1990. If you grew up in the Philadelphia area, and you’re above the age of 13, PRISM was a must for your sports-watching needs. It was a pay cable channel, like an HBO, except it would feature exclusive Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers games. AND WWF events from the Spectrum! If you didn’t have it, I’m sure one of your buddies did.

BONUS TRIVIA! Did you know that PRISM actually stood for Philadelphia Regional In-Home Sports and Movies? Acronyms were all the rage in the 70′s, bruh.

Mike Schmidt, PRISM:

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Obviously a bit perturbed by his teammates getting all the top endorsements, Ryan Madson topped ‘em all last week when he appeared in the weekly circular ad for Best Buy’s worst nightmare, Gerhard’s Appliances, now with 5 locations in the Delaware Valley to serve you better! Not only that, but if you were one of the lucky ones who saw it a week ago, you could’ve gone to Gerhard’s newest location on Grant & the Boulevard in the Northeast and met Ryan Madson while you were perusing their large selection of electronics & appliances.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t on the ball and failed to give youse the heads up, but the good news is, I secured a copy of the circular. Kindly click below for a .pdf of it:

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Watch as Cole Hamels stands on a huge mound of cocaine and breaks dinner plates for Xfinity.

(video chopped by DMac)

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From the creative team at MMA-outfitter and preferred clothier of Phillies all-star Shane Victorino comes this not-yet-available, limited edition Silver Star Flyin’ Hawaiian Signature Collection t-shirt.  And while I say they aren’t available yet, they are taking pre-orders NOW and if you purchase your shirt soon, you can expect to have it shipped out by February 14th.

Here’s the product description:

From the inspiring mind of Phillies All-Star and 2X Gold Glove winner Shane Victorino comes the latest Signature Tee. Called the Flyin’ Hawaiian for obvious reasons, this high quality 30-singles tee has jumbo graphics on front and back and is available in two colorways

And here’s a detailed shot (click image for even MORE detail!):

As you can see, not only does the shirt say “Flyin’ Hawaiian” in bold tattoo-ish letters, but Shane’s home state of Hawaii is prominently featured between the wings that are growing out of the temples of the tribal skull.  And if you look real close, you will notice some type of goo oozing from the skull’s eyes.  I won’t even venture a guess as to what it signifies, but I’ll tell you one thing — IT’S FUCKING BADASS.

I can’t think of a more fitting t-shirt that encompasses the man that is, Shane Victorino.

So order quick, before they’re all gone.

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HOT OFF THE PRESSES! MMA-themed clothing line (whatever that means) Silver Star has just hooked up with gold glove-winning, UFC fight-attending, All Star team-making centerfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies, Shane Victorino. And they’re designing t-shirts together.

Here’s the press release courtesy of Maury Brown’s The Biz of Baseball:

Fresh off the field from the 2009 World Series, Shane “The Flyin’ Hawaiin” Victorino has signed a clothing deal for a full collection with lifestyle apparel brand Silver Star Casting Company. The switch hitting center fielder has helped the Philadelphia Phillies reach the World Series the past two seasons and was also a member of Team USA in the 2009 World Baseball Classic. Victorino is a two time Rawlings Gold Glove winner (2008, 2009) and in July of 2009, Victorino received a record 15.6 million votes and was named to the National League All-Star Team.

“I have been a fan of the Silver Star brand for a long time and to be fortunate enough to have my own collection is a real honor for me. I look forward to a great relationship with Silver Star,” said Philadelphia Phillies’ Shane Victorino.

“Silver Star is thrilled to welcome our first Major League Baseball player to the fold,” said Silver Star Casting Company president and CEO, Luke Burrett. “We couldn’t have asked for a better combination of professional and personal champion, and we will work with Shane to give fans an awesome selection of apparel.”

As far as I know, the line hasn’t been revealed to the public yet, but rest assured it will be filled with tight fitting t-shirts that have gigantic graphics of snakes and skulls and shit all over it.

Shane Victorino Releases Clothing Line Through Silver Star Casting Co. | The Biz of Baseball

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(The eyes ain’t the only part of her body Shane got surgery for her, amirite?)

Ahhhhh, it must be nice being the recipient of all the perks that come along with being an All-Star center fielder for the 2-time defending NL Champions… first class flights, stretch limos with complimentary bar service, celebrity friends, VIP treatment at the establishment of your choosing, red carpet treatment at the Grammys, free Lasik vision eye surgery (*record scratch*)

Wait a second!  How’d that last one get in there?  Ah, who cares — FREE LASIK!

Take a listen:

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