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After the jump, a Chooch’s reaction .gif via of Gifulmination

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Baseball is a strange game.®

After going the entire month of June without allowing a single home run (0 feet worth), Clifton Phifer Lee surrendered THREE IN ONE INNING of today’s game against the Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre, his first start of July.

It was the bottom of the eighth inning with the Phillies leading 4-3 when left fielder Eric Thames led off with a shot to center that traveled 423 feet and tied the game up. Then the MLB leader in homers stepped up and hit the weakest HR of the three, a 389 foot solo tater to left. Adam Lind followed with a single and Juan Rivera flied out to center (no wonder why they released him), then Edwin Encarnacion effing MURDERED a baseball 454 feet into the second deck in left-center.

That adds up to 1,266 feet worth of homers. In the span of nine pitches.

If you don’t believe me, here’s a handy stat table courtesy of ESPN’s newest acquisition, Hit Tracker (a/k/a ESPN Home Run Tracker):

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You have to love how nonchalant Cliff Lee is.

Here’s the fella who has allowed one earned run in the ENTIRE MONTH of June being interviewed by CSN at the Jimmy Rollins BaseBOWL charity event last night and the way he answers these questions about the Red Sox you would have no idea he’s about to face the most dangerous lineup in baseball.

I think someone skilled in Photoshop needs to make one of those “deal with it” .gif with his sunglasses levitating off his shirt onto his face.

MUST READ: A Comprehensive Phillies/SAWX Series Preview (1 of 3) | Zoo With Roy

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You think it’s tough throwing a complete game shutout on the road in St. Louis? TRY DOING THIS:

He looks like one of those cute cherub statue fountains that you find out front of fancy hotels.

(via St. Louis legends

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(in reverse-chronological order)


(Pic via The 700 Level)

The greatest news of all: Tonight, Chase Utley will be in uniform with the Phillies batting third for the very first time this season. If ever there was a time when a team desperately needed a steady bat in the middle of the lineup, that team would be the Phillies and that steady bat would Chase Utley’s. Take THAT, chondromalacia!

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Look what a little 3-run shot does to Cliff Lee (That’s DJ Brian Schneider on the invisible turntables):

(Give it up to @tonyisdynamic for the audio/video work)

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Today over at the Philly Daily News, columnist Rich Hofmann broaches a subject that many of us dare not speak of: Could Cliff Lee signing in Philadelphia somehow be a bad thing?

At first blush, that notion seems like nothing more than the fodder of a bored columnist, but it’s an interesting piece, and not completely out of school, as I (and others) have thought the same thing. Should Cliff Lee wind up with the Phillies again in 2011, and assuming that Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt are healthy, then does the blessing of four bonafide Aces become a curse of personal gain and hubris? After all, professional athletes are just like us insomuch as they are people with wants and needs and desires are not above feeling jaded or jealous.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve no doubt that Roy, Cole, Roy and Cliff would be professional in dealing with the slotting order of the starters (and really, I think the whole “Opening Day starter” thing is way overblown), but Hoffman makes a good point: What happens in October?

Sayeth Rich:

But here is the question I ask: which one is the fourth starter in the post-season?

What if Halladay were the one who looked the most gassed as October approached? There is no way on earth that Charlie Manuel would be able to call him into the office and tell him that he’s the fourth starter. The same with Lee, who will have signed the longest, biggest-money deal if he were to return. All of which would leave Oswalt and Hamels locked into a competition for which neither of them ever would have signed up if given the chance — oh, and Hamels, when all is said and done, is the guy who is going to be here longer than any of them.

Hofmann goes on to clarify that he’d prefer the cash is spent on the rest of the roster, like the lefty-heavy lineup and the bullpen, but his take on having four Aces does pose a valid concern, but one more akin to “Do you mind if your diamond shoes are too tight?” rather than “Would you rather walk 10 miles in a foot of snow or a foot of mud?”

Still, if this is the biggest problem facing the team when the 2011 playoffs roll around, we can all agree that we’ve got it pretty good.

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Since it’s the off-season, not much happens around these parts, save for the occasional and not-at-all-shocking-picture of Pat Burrell or homage to Katy Perry. Still, baseball is occurring, and we’re going to do our best to keep the masses informed of all the comings and goings of the Hot Stove. And while we might not be able to dedicate one post to every column, blurb, or tweet about the Lees and Werths of the world, we can alway s rely on a good ol’ fashioned link dump.* Enjoy.

  • Some 30 years ago, the Phillies made one of the worst trades in franchise history when they sent Ryne Sandberg to the Chicago Cubs, where he went on to have a Hall of Fame career and is widely considered to be one of the greatest second basemen of all time. A reunion between parties might be in order, as the Phillies have approached Sandberg to be the coach of their Triple-A affiliate. Sandberg, who was recently managing in the Cubs’ system, was passed over by the club when he was passed over in favor of Mike Quade to manage the Big Club, says Todd Zolecki, who also writes about another former Phillie, Juan Samuel, being considered to fill the spikes of Davy Lopes as the first base coach. [Zo Zone]
  • Although Domonic Brown is the crown jewel of the Phillies’ farm system, David Murphy writes about three other prospects who could have a big impact on the Phillies in the near future: First baseman Matt Rizzotti, relief pitcher Josh Zeid, and starting pitcher Justin DeFratus. Rizzotti has put up big numbers in the minors and Zeid projects as a power closer, but the one who could have the biggest and most sudden impact would be one DeFratus, a 22-year-old starting pitcher with a big arm who has quickly ascended through the Phillies’ farm system. [High Cheese]
  • Phillies Jayson Werth and Cliff Lee are two of the biggest free agent targets this offseason, and both are likely targets of the Phils, Jim Salisbury writes. And could a Domonic Brown-for-Andrew McCutchen swap be in the cards? Not really, but it makes more sense than you’d think. [CSNPhilly]
  • Bad news for Jamie Moyer, who injured his elbow while pitching in winter ball in the Dominican Republic as he attempts to pitch in his 25th Major League season in 2011. The veteran lefty, who turns 48 next week, injured his left elbow in July and has season-ending surgery shortly thereafter. [CSNPhilly]
  • Pat Gillick, former General Manager and current advisor to the team, is being considered for the Baseball Hall of Fame via their election committee, writes Bob Brookover. Gillick has seen success at every stop in his front office career, and was at the helm when the Phillies won their second World Series in franchise history in 2008. []

*Hopefully, this will become an at least semi-daily feature here at The Fightins. If that’s the case, then it’s probably going to need a better name. I was admittedly in a rush to get this done, and I wrote “Emphorium” in a fit of irony. Suggestions are more than welcome.

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Methinks the Comcast graphic guy got a bit nostalgic tonight…

At least the fella working the ticker at the bottom got it right.

(Thanks to The Fightins reader James Parsons for the screengrab)

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Todd Zolecki just blew my mind, maaan: In his first four starts with the Phillies, Roy Halladay is 4-0 with a 0.82 ERA. Cliff Lee’s first four with the Phils? 4-0, 0.82 ERA. I know, I know — enough with the Cliff Lee talk, but that’s just creepy! [@ToddZolecki]

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