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Ah jeez, you just hate to see this —

It seems as though Chris Wheeler was the victim of an unfortunate prank gone awry on the team bus headed to the airport in St. Louis the other day.

In a story relayed by Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen on the Phillies radio broadcast last night, Chris Wheeler was taking care of business in the bathroom of the bus transporting the broadcast team from the stadium to the airplane when it came to a stop on the tarmac and reached its destination. As everyone got off the bus, Scott Franzke was lagging behind because he had hid Wheeler’s briefcase and I guess wanted to get a good laugh as Chris frantically tried searching for it before they had to board the plane. Instead, Scott heard “a muffled banging noise” coming from the bathroom, and when he went back to check on it, he opened the door and found Chris Wheeler locked inside with the broken door knob in his hand.

The funniest part is, if Franzke never hid Wheeler’s briefcase in the first place, he would’ve already got off the bus and poor Chris Wheeler might still be stuck in that bathroom as I type this.

If you weren’t happy with my telling of that story, I’m sorry, and I have embedded the audio from WPHT featuring Franzke & L.A. after the jump hoping you’ll accept that as my apology. Thank you.

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So in the bottom of the 8th with 2 outs while Vanimal was pitching, Chris Wheeler noticed how much Vance was sweating. Not surprisingly things got weird from there until the end of the inning. I can’t really pinpoint a certain line by Wheeler to make fun of here because it is all so awkward/disgusting, but I can try. (The video is post-jump)

I mean, that’s a serious sweater out there!

I don’t know if Wheels knows that “sweater” is not a word used to describe someone who is sweating, but is rather an article of clothing. First I thought of that scene in Dumb and Dumber when the cop obviously confuses Harry’s cardigan for a pullover, like Wheels mistaked Worley’s jersey for a sweater. Then I thought about Wheels in a festive sweater that has shoulder pads.

Man I hope they give him a new one, cause that one’s gonna be white tomorrow!

Hahaha no comment.

It was wet on days it wasn’t even that hot!

That’s what she said? Sorry, I know I mailed that one in.

Well, it is Vance!

I don’t really get this, or any of it for that matter, but is Vance Worley already known for sweating a lot? I know I’m trying to make sense of something Chris Wheeler is saying which is like trying to make sense of an episode of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, but when even Tom McCarthy is left speechless, as close to speechless as he can come, you know it’s bad.

Seriously, I owe @waverider15 some good old fashioned dry humping for this video. Follow him.

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Some gentle soul left this in the comments section of the game thread yesterday, and I can’t not post it here. It’s an incredibly creepy video of some lady who was in the broadcast booth with T-Mac and Wheels from last year set to Andrea Bocelli music. Sorry for doing this to you first thing in the morning…

(H/T Kyle)

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During last night’s radio broadcast on THE BIG TALKER 1210 WPHT, Scott Franzke shared an anecdote from earlier in the day when Chris Wheeler almost got hit in the head by a poorly thrown ball during warm-ups. According to Franzke, Wheeler was sitting in the dugout (wearing a baseball glove?) when an errant throw was about to nail Wheels until an alert Sarge Matthews told him to duck and basically saved his life.

I believe the Sarge is a hero part and the Chris Wheeler wears a glove in the dugout during warmups part, but I’m not so sure I buy the part that this was an “accidental” throw. I think that whoever threw that baseball knew exactly what they were doing.

The audio is after the jump.

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The audio you will find embedded below contains a CLASSIC rant from the pride of Marple-Newtown Township and colorman for the Phillies, Chris Wheeler.

It was in the top of the seventh inning last night when Chase Utley hit a ball foul down the left field line headed towards fail territory. Dodgers LF Scott Podsednik tracked it down near the stands on the third base line and after catching it, tumbled over the railing and into the stands. It wasn’t the greatest play you’ll ever see, but impressive nonetheless. And I’m sure if you were an announcer for this game, you would certainly talk about the catch for a few moments and maybe even squeeze in a Jeter comparison or something.

Well, not Chris Wheeler.

After the play happened, Chris Wheeler immediately became fixated on this one guy in the crowd who was talking on his cell phone and didn’t even let it go as Podsednik was hitting the concrete mere feet in front of him. This angered Chris Wheeler. So he goes on for 2+ minutes about how incensed he is when he sees someone talking loudly on their cellular phones in public. At one point, Chris even says, “I know I’m wrong, and I’ll stop…” and then continues to talk about it for another 30 seconds.

It’s just classic Wheels, and if you know what’s good for ya, you’ll listen.

(Thanks to the always helpful @Phylan for the audio rippage.)

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NINE INNINGS OF SARGE ON TV! Just a heads up — “Scott Franzke left the team to be with his wife, who is expecting. Wheels and LA on the radio, McCarthy and Sarge on TV tonight.” [@ToddZolecki]

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After Sarge was done talking his boy Barack Obama yesterday at Nationals Park, the venerable broadcasting duo of Chris Wheeler and Tom McCarthy got a chance to meet with the 44th President while the MyPhl17 cameras captured the moment on film.


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Posted by Tug Haines at 2:02 pm ET 35 Comments

I have four sisters, and I love each and every one of them. That being said, Becca is my favorite today. She’s down in Clearwater this weekend to get an early Phillies fix. I asked her if she could get me a box of Turkey Hill ice cream autographed by Carlos Ruiz, but she did me one better – a copy of Wheeler’s View from the Booth: Four Decades with the Phillies, personally signed by the man himself along with this ringing endorsement:

2010 Spring Training WHEELS INSCRIPTION


The Fightins is a great site. Good job. Thanks for being a Phillies fan.

Best Wishes

Chris Wheeler


So thanks again Beck, and thank you, Muffins, for being such a good sport. Keep on rockin’ around the COCK.

2010 Spring Training WHEELS

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The highlight of the Phils’ first Spring Training game today, other than Doc Halladay completely pwning Yankee ass, would be this graphic shown during the ridiculously boring middle innings today.

From the looks of this wonderful comparison of two aces in action, it looks like baseball is going to be fucking awesome on CSN (or Xfinity SportsNet at some point during the regular season) once again. I actually really enjoyed the Doc, Forehead, and Kendrick interviews from the booth boys today. The radio boys seem to be in mid-season form as well.

(pic via our very own Chris; UPDATED pic in crispy 1080px width via @dhm)

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Look who made his first television appearance of the Spring yesterday evening –


Looking pretty dang sharp in his kick-ass leather jacket (surely for his motorcycle), readjusted hairpiece, Penn State sweatshirt (DYK his cat’s name is Nittany? Of course you did), and invisible eyebrows, Muffin showed up on Daily News Live to drop some knowledge on the viewing audience and look good doing it.

I’ll bet you Chris has to beat those vixens from the local retirement community off with a stick!

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