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Posted by Ryan at 3:26 pm ET 53 Comments

As mentioned yesterday, Carlos Ruiz is profiled in the current edition of Sports Illustrated. The story has hit the web and trust me when I say you need to drop whatever you’re doing and read this right now. It’s equal parts hilarious, heartbreaking, hopeful, and, uh, hinspirational.

Read it on (or a newsstand, I guess) or check out some choice excerpts after the jump. But seriously, I’m not screwing around here, read the goddamned article.

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Posted by Danger Guerrero at 12:41 pm ET 11 Comments

As some of you may know, in addition to my occasional posts here at The Fightins, I also contribute to the film and television blogs at Uproxx (Film Drunk & Warming Glow, respectively). Through my work at those sites, I’ve developed some insider connections in the entertainment industry. My sources are mostly on the periphery, but every now and again they’ll tip me off to some big Hollywood news before it breaks in other media outlets. And hoo boy, do we have a doozy today.

According to my sources, Daniel Craig is OUT as James Bond. Apparently producers are planning a reboot of the legendary franchise, starting with the Sean Connery classic Goldfinger, and wanted to tap a new leading man for the process. The casting has been kept tightly under wraps to this point, but I’ve heard the higher-ups had reached out to bankable leading men like Ben Affleck, Clive Owen, and Sam Worthington. However, my sources are telling me they’ve settled on a more ethnically diverse newcomer in an attempt to drive up international sales.

Coming Summer 2012, Phillies catcher Carlos “Chooch” Ruiz is James Bond in… Colefingor:

[big-ass ups to Weems, for putting a rush job on my dumb idea from this morning and turning it into that kickass Photoshop]

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Posted by Danger Guerrero at 9:30 am ET 84 Comments

[Scene: Lunchtime in the Phillies High Cafeteria, at what used to be “the cool table,” where Cole Hamels, Joe Blanton, and Carlos Ruiz are enjoying pizza Friday.]

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Posted by Chris at 10:47 am ET 53 Comments

So the Phillies have some sweet promotions this year that I feel are worth pointing out. The team photo, Chase Action Figure, Knit Cap, and Cole Hamels bag/purse/backpack(Dog not included) are all cool, but seriously look at that friggin’ Chooch bobble head. I’ll be damned if that isn’t one of the sweetest bobble heads ever(apologies to Charlie and Roy). You’ll see the dates each promotion is happening in the bottom left hand corner of each picture. You’re welcome.

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Posted by Tug Haines at 10:21 pm ET 57 Comments

With the exception of my 13-hour workday, this baseball-free Wednesday was pretty relaxing. I’ll admit to feeling a little cold and alone without any sort of game on the tube, but I manage to fill that negative space as I always do: by obsessing over Paul Simon’s Graceland, eating too many Freezie Pops and dicking around with Photoshop.

¡Hora de Helado!
¡Hora de Helado!

If you’re not into the whole “Chooch + Ice Cream” thing, I suggest you take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself where you went wrong in your life.

Here’s some actual news:

Dodgers rotation goes Kershaw, Padilla, Kuroda, Wolf. So it’s Hamels and Kershaw to kick off the series. And Big Zo seems to think Cholly has fingered Pedro to start Game 2. Martinez vs. Padilla. Not exactly a marquee matchup along the lines of Lee vs. Sabathia, but it’s definitely a curiosity.

Oh yeah. Don’t be surprised if they don’t play on Sunday. Big-ass Nor’easter coming in this weekend.

According to Andy Martino: “Team sources say that Brett Myers is off the LCS roster.”


Kendrick and Myers yanked from the NLCS roster in favor of Park and Bruntlett.

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Posted by Tug Haines at 12:13 am ET 17 Comments

Ice Cream Time Is Catching On

It appears that Carlos Ruiz’s own special celebration ritual is gaining some popularity in the Phillies clubhouse. This photo was taken shortly after Ryan Howard clamped down on the last out to seal Cole’s 2-hit, complete game shutout.

Carlos Ruiz Is The .gif That Keeps On Giving | TheFightins
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