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Chase Utley was just voted the second meanest player in Major League Baseball in a poll conducted amongst 215 players.  The list also included Milton Bradley and Carlos Zambrano.  #1 was A.J. Pierzynski.

Really, what Chase will be most pissed about from all this is that he didn’t come out on top.

As we have all known for a long time, Chase has a reputation for senseless behavior, hateful slurs, and disinterest in bettering the community.  Love him or hate him, let us take a look back at Chase’s long, drawn out history of slaughtering people’s feelings. Read more »

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It was waaaay back in May of aught-nine when Sarge Matthews first called Chris Wheeler “Muffin” on TV (I wish the video was still up) and it has been a staple of post-game interviews (and The Fightins posts) ever since. Well, now it has FINALLY caught on with the players.

Behold, the greatest thing ever:

(Huge thanks to @TravisMount for the video)

Also see: My personal favorite “Muffin” moment prior to tonight >> Sarge’s “Muffin Time” Twitter contest has come to an end

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It was all the batting gloves’ fault! Thankfully, he disposed of them.

(Good spot by Doc’s Patients)

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(in reverse-chronological order)


(Pic via The 700 Level)

The greatest news of all: Tonight, Chase Utley will be in uniform with the Phillies batting third for the very first time this season. If ever there was a time when a team desperately needed a steady bat in the middle of the lineup, that team would be the Phillies and that steady bat would Chase Utley’s. Take THAT, chondromalacia!

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While Chase Utley was continuing his rehab in Clearwater tonight (going 1-for-4 and driving in the lone run as the Threshers lost 6-1), Jose Contreras was just starting his, and he didn’t fare so well. Jose started the game, and lasted a mere two-thirds of an inning and got pounded for 4 hits and 3 earned runs.

But perhaps more importantly, Jiwan James sent out a pre-game tweet paraphrasing a Harry Kalas catch phrase to thank Chase Utley for supplying the post-game spread. As you can see from the white board announcement below, the meal was from Clearwater steakhouse Pappas Ranch and consisted of some juicy rib-eye steak, mashed potaters, beans, and salad.

Sounds delicious!

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The last time we saw Chase Utley hit a home run was on October 10th of last year off of Johnny Cueto in Game 3 of the NLDS against the Reds. And I don’t know about you, but even though this was in a minor league game off of somebody named Joe Kelly, it sure as hell felt good to finally watch him go yard again.

It was in the fifth inning, after fellow rehabber Roy Oswalt had already wrapped up his 7 hit, 3 earned run tune up (he could use another game or two in the minors methinks), when Chase Utley stepped up to the plate with one out. And on the first pitch…

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Chase Utley returned to fake game action yesterday (which is like 1000x better than no-game action) in an extended Spring Training game in Dunedin, FL. CSNPhilly’s Casey Feeney was on the scene doing the Lord’s work live-tweeting each of his Chase’s at-bats and giving general updates on how he’s looking. In 7 trips to the plate (again, it was an exhibition where he got to bat each inning and they didn’t keep score), Chase collected 5 hits including 2 homers and 3 singles. He also played 4 innings of defense and registered 3 put outs (all pop ups) while committing no errors.

It was encouraging just to see Chase back out on the field getting some work in, and he could start a rehab assignment with the Threshers sometime this week before heading up to either Reading or Lehigh Valley if (when) his knee holds up.

After the jump, a nice highlight reel of Utley’s day yesterday…

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Posted by Dash Treyhorn at 4:36 pm ET 16 Comments

It’s not like Yahoo! Sports had to let us know or anything, but Ryan, Chase and Shane have been on an absolute tear lately as they lead the Fightins to the top of divison and to the best record in the National League.

Not surprisingly, Ryan Howard has turned into “that overpaid guy” to the “OH MY GOD IT’S COMING RIGHT AT US” hitting-monster that rears its beautiful head ’round about this time every year, while Chase is swinging the bat to the tune of a .333/.453/.569 triple-slash line after a rough go of it when he came off the D.L.

But it’s Shane Victorino and his .386 average and .462 on-base percentage that has been leading the charge on this recent (and not at all surprising) surge to the top of the National League.

After struggling for most of the season, Shane was the owner a .250 average on August 31st, but the Flyin’ Hawaiian (and inspiration for one of the very first Birdland X Fightins shirts) has absolutely turned it on this month, and has had a ton of success filling in for Jimmy Rollins in the leadoff spot. Something tells me that Shane might have Wally Pipp’d J’Roll for the foreseeable future.

Not bad for a few guys who were offensive black holes a few weeks ago and a team that was left for dead in the middle of the summer.

Here’s the always reliable (but not always grammatically correct) Peter Gammons on the tweets:

That’s like mid-August at the earliest. This ain’t good.


Bad news courtesy of @jcrasnick

UPDATE: Greg Dobbs and BOCOCK have been recalled from Lehigh Valley. That’s an even swap, right?

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