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Kyle stumbled into the locker room, his leather jacket splotched with several grotesque white patches. ┬áHe leaned against the doorway to support himself, then ripped the sunglasses off his face like he’d seen that guy do in that Rated R movie.

“Morning, fellas,” he breathed gruffly, and lurched toward his locker.

“Kyle, did you wear your leather jacket out in the rain?” asked Pete MacKanin.

“Yeah, what of it?!” Kyle snarled.

Pete thought about the last time he’d heard the phrase “Yeah, what of it?“– It was 1950, and he was playing jacks on some steps while a couple of greasers had an increasingly heated debate about pomade brands. Read more »

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Hey, guess what? The Phillies bullpen sucks, that’s what.

But I’m sure you didn’t need me to tell you that. Through twenty-six games so far this year, the pen (collectively) has a gaudy 4.46 ERA with 4 blown saves. As a matter of fact, the only two guys who have been worth a damn are Chad Durbin (12.1 IP, 2.19 ERA, 0 HR allowed, 9K, 5 BB) and Jose Contreras (7.2 IP, 1.17 ERA, 1 HR allowed, 14 K, 0 BB), but the rest of them? Garbage.

The worst of the bunch — BY FAR — has been Danys Baez. Let’s put it this way — In 10 IP in 2010, Danys has given up 9 earned runs; in 49 IP, Roy Halladay has given up 8. Now, I guess you could use that stat to point out how good Roy has been, but for the purposes of this post I want it to exemplify how sucky Baez has been.

Okay, now here’s the important question: Why have they been this bad? Is it some bad luck BABIP maneuver that will eventually even itself out? Is it a case of the dreaded “noodle arm?” Is it because they do dumb shit like kick a metal chair when they get aggravated?

Perhaps some of that plays into their suckage, but reader Chris Hoffman may have found a simpler reason:

I was out in Arizona last weekend for a couple of games and sat by the bullpen for one of them. I think I figured out the cause of the struggles they’ve been having. Check out the pictures, I think the team needs a new nutritionist.

You heard the man, check out the pictures.

A closer look:


If they’re not giving up runs, they’re gorging themselves with Nestle Crunch bars!

Now that I think about it, that’s probably the reason DJ Fatty Fat waddled out near the bullpen last night. He probably sniffed out their stash from Section 135. Now whip yourselves into shape, bullpen! Because at this rate, you’ll all be a bunch of Dennys Reyes’ by year’s end.

Hurry back, J.C.: This is good, because the Phillies bullpen could really use a guy who can get people out — “I’m ready,” said Romero, who is recovering from elbow surgery. “I’m ready, but I just work here. He’s the boss. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to keep driving around. But I have to do what I have to do.” [Inquirer]

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Shortly after the Phillies convened around the Harry Kalas billboard in left-center field last night at the conclusion of their win over the ‘Stros, the group of reality TV stars otherwise known as the Phillies bullpen made their way into their hang out spot for the games, huddled up, and smashed their Budweiser tall boys together in celebration of a job well done during the regular season. This is what it looked like…


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It was the bottom of the eighth inning, Brett Myers just got knocked out of the game after yet another wonderful start, and the Cubs were threatening to take it to the Phillies bullpen again. Well, at least that’s the most Philly fans were thinking. After blowing 7th inning-or-later leads in the previous two contests at Wrigley, the Phillies bullpen needed someone — anyone — to step in and stop the bleeding.

Enter: J.C. Romero. He promptly struck out Reed Johnson & Ronny Cedeno swinging, walked Kosuke Fukudome to load the bases, and ran the count to 1-2 against the next batter, Geovany Soto.

Then this happened:

Now, under most circumstances, I’m completely against over-the-top celebrations like that, but the bullpen needed a shot of adrenaline and J.C. was happy to oblige. It seemed to work for Brad Lidge, who closed the game with a 1-2-3 ninth inning for his 32nd save in 32 opportunities,

“[Romero's celebration] was strong,” added closer Brad Lidge. “It got me pumped up, so that’s a bonus. I go with the more traditional fist pump. I don’t know how else to express it. Maybe someday, I’ll add the chest pound. I might hurt myself though. He’s big-chested, so he can handle it.”

In reality, the bullpen has been fantastic this year; better than anyone could imagine. Hopefully, they just hit a temporary bump and Romero put them back on track. We’ll find out this afternoon when Granpappy is set to face Carlos Zambrano Sean Marshall (thanks, Fuqua!) in the series finale.

Romero’s exuberance pumps up Phils |

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