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After Sarge was done talking his boy Barack Obama yesterday at Nationals Park, the venerable broadcasting duo of Chris Wheeler and Tom McCarthy got a chance to meet with the 44th President while the MyPhl17 cameras captured the moment on film.


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Here’s the OFFICIAL White House video of president Barack Obama meeting with the National Leaguers in the new Busch Stadium clubhouse prior to this year’s All-Star game. When he arrives in the locker room, Mr. President politely greets every one of the NL players get a nice handshake. Except Shane Victornio, that is.

Because Shane is Barack’s “local boy”, Shane gets the more intimate hug from the President and then surprises him with some Hawaiian Macadamia nuts. Barack obviously enjoys this very much, and thanks Shane for sharing his “Aloha spirit.” Then Victorino says something completely inaudible. The End.

The good part starts around the :20 second mark.

If you’ll notice, only two people were identified by name during that entire video: Willie Mays and Shane Victorino. THAT’S gangsta.

(Mahalo to The Fightins reader Heather for sending that in)

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Here’s EXCLUSIVE video (that I ripped from CSN) of Barack Obama making a beeline for the Sarge after congratulating the WFC Phillies on a season well done this afternoon on the White House lawn.

“Tell Michelle I said hello.”

Sarge — you couldn’t get any cooler if you tried.

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Your 2008 World Fucking Champion Philadelphia Phillies are in DC as we speak gearing up for a meeting with the 44th President of these United States of America, Barack Obama. Thanks to the whitehouse dot gov’s trusty little embeddable live feed, you can watch it LIVE! right here, EXCLUSIVELY (that’s a lie) on The Fightins dot com.

Come back in about an hour (12:20 PM EST) to check it out. Coming atchu live, so live, you can hear it live:

UPDATE: The White House live feed COMPLETELY BLOWS. If you’d like to watch actual live video, head on over to Again, sorry for the confusion, but the White House live feed FUCKING BLOWS.

via The 700 Level, Barack with his customized gold-trimmed #44 Phillies jersey:

UPDATE II: There is now embeddable video available. Eat it up, kiddies:

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Just when I thought Sarge Matthews couldn’t possibly get any cooler…

It appears as though the greatest color commentator in broadcasting is all buddy-buddy with none other than the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.  And not like “Yeah, I met him once.”-type acquaintances either; more like “Hey Sarge, why don’t tag along with me on the pre-inauguration train ride from Philadelphia to Washington?”-cronies.

As the story goes, Sarge and Barack met each other when their daughters were attending the same dance class together in Chicago.  From there, the two became friendly and started scheduling golf outings and family cookouts.

For some odd reason, the monthly Atlanta Braves publication, Chop Talk, has more details:

“I’m not one of the guys you see playing basketball with him, but I do get invited to certain things.”

Some of the “things” Sarge is modestly referring to are the aforementioned train ride, a private tour of the White House with Barack, and a seat right next to the podium as he was getting sworn in.  Not too shabby.

“It was totally emotional to be part of history,” said Matthews, “you look out and see so many people. It was special to be part of something great like that. There are no words to describe it.”

Just in case you were wondering, Sarge was talking about the inauguration there, not the World Series parade.  But if you add up the two, they equal out to one heck of a year for the ex-Phillie:

“I’ve had a heck of a year,” Matthews said. [Ed. Note: Told you.] “This came at a perfect time for me. To be able to live through it again after playing in ‘83 and beating the Dodgers, for these guys to come out and take it another step further, it was really a tearful moment. I almost kind of felt the way I thought I would had I been a player.”

It must be humbling for the President to know he has at least one friend who is waaay cooler than he could ever be.

Matthews’ presidential pal | ChopTalk

UPDATE: Courtesy of eagle-eyed commenter SJ, we now have proof of Sarge’s inauguration presence.

Click to enlarge.

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While nearly every person in America with even the slightest interest in the future of our fine country was paying attention to the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama on Tuesday afternoon, a couple of Phillies were contractually obligated to entertain luncheon guests at Citizens Bank Park.

One of those fellers was the Phillies newly re-signed lefty specialist, California native Scott Eyre. So, being the astute beat writer that he is, Randy Miller asked Eyre what he thought about our 44th president:

“I’m not going to lie; I didn’t vote for (President Obama),” Eyre said. “I did it for selfish reasons, but I really think he’s going to do a good job after paying attention to him.”

Now, I’m not here to knock anyone’s political stance. For one, I didn’t even vote (in my defense, voting took place while I was working a 12-hour day and by the time I got home Obama was already declared the PA winner) and for two, I frankly don’t give a shit what Scott Eyre thinks about politics as long as he comes in and strikes out Carlos Delgado a few times a year. But what were these “selfish reasons” he was talking about?

From the same article:

Eyre doesn’t follow politics much either, but voted for John McCain last November after his financial advisor told him that Obama planned to increase taxes if elected president.


I guess we can be thankful most people in America aren’t rich enough to have a financial advisor on our payroll. Can you imagine how lame a John McCain presidential ball would have been?

Phils turn attention to Washington | PhillyBurbs

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