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Ballgirl Jamie had one of those embarrassing “whoops I just fell on a FOX nationally televised broadcast” moments in the 9th inning of yesterday’s game against the Braves. You know, the kind where you hope that nobody saw and PRAY that some jerkoff blogger with the ability to make .gifs out of 4-second clips didn’t notice.

Sorry, Jamie. No such luck.

(Half the blame goes to Bill Baer at Crashburn Alley, Jamie. He’s the one who .gif’d it for me.)

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Yesterday, in the top of the 9th during the Phillies/Rays game at Bright House Field, Mike Schmidt was auditioning in the booth with Tom McCarthy and Sarge Matthews talking about J.R. Richard (seriously) when something sexy happened. Phils reliever Chad Durbin was pitching to the Rays Elliot Johnson (hang on, I swear it gets sexier) when that Elliot guy hit a ball foul down the first base line. After a couple seconds, the (male portion of the) crowd started to erupt, then the Comcast cameras picked up the reason for all the commotion.

Would you like to watch it? Of course you would.

If .gifs are more your thing, there’s one of those after the jump.

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Good morning, folkers.  Meech here.  Just wanted to remind everyone out there surfing the intranet today to head on over to the ballgirl ballot form on and cast your vote for ballgirl hopeful Amandah. 

Like so:

And if you don’t have shit to do today, just keep repeating Step 1 over and over again.

Do it for Amandah, do it for the sanctity of the Phillies ballgirls, but most importantly — do it for me.  You see, it would be awfully embarrassing and reflect poorly upon this here site if I put forth all this effort to endorse a qualified ballgirl candidate and she wound up losing.  So please, don’t let that happen. 

I’m not kidding, vote or DIE.

Polls close at 5pm sharp.


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Every year around this time, a couple dozen softball-playing, Phillies-loving females who have already gone through tryouts and a round of cuts vie for a spot on the on the highly contested roster that makes up the Philadelphia Phillies ballgirls. Normally, the public has nothing to do with who does or doesn’t make the squad, but this year, the Phillies are allowing the us, the fans, to vote between five qualified young ladies for the final roster spot. And because we here at The Fightins follow our beloved ballgirls so closely, I felt it was my duty as a blog proprietor to throw my support behind one of these potential candidates and ensure that she makes the team.

Thankfully, threw up some tryout videos, along with the pictures of said women, to help make it easier to reach a final decision. So last night, I moseyed on over to the ballot page with the hopes that one of these ladies would stand out amongst the pack and leave us with a clear-cut favorite to endorse.

After a painstakingly long process, I have finally made my decision.

And the female that I feel would best represent the Phillies as a 2010 ballgirl IS…


Nice, right?

Well fellas (and ladies), not only is Amandah easy on the eyes, but she’s also highly qualified for the position. (Check out her tryout video HERE)  She’s an avid Phillies fan (a prerequisite for the job, I imagine), she’s a dedicated runner, and serves as an ambassador or something for the Nike+ Human Race campaign that motivates people to run (which is a skill needed when you are running a reliever’s jacket from the bullpen to the dugout), she’s currently working on her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at Temple University (Amandah lubs the kids!), she’s heavily involved in something called PhilaPets (she’ll get along great with Jen Utley!), and did I mention she’s quite attractive?

Truth be told, Amandah was the first contestant on the Phillies little vote page and between my admiration for the girl and sheer laziness to look at the other possible ballgirls, I made my decision about 10 seconds into her video.  But seriously, how much more qualified could those other broads be compared to Amandah?  I doubt it’s even possible.

So do yourself a favor and go to the Ballgirl Balloting page on IMMEDIATELY and cast your vote for our little hometown girl Amandah to become the final roster spot getter on the 2010 Phillies ballgirls team.  And who knows?  Perhaps Amandah will be so gracious of our work that she could even give The Fightins some exclusive insight into life as a ballgirl as the season goes on.

Vote early. Vote often. Polls close next Monday, December 7th.


After the jump, and as a reward for casting your vote for her, there are a couple more pics of Amandah from her Nike marathon gig.  And remember — it’s not stalking if you seek out various photos of attractive women that you don’t know as long as you are writing an article about them.  Us journalists call that “research”.

Thank you.

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There weren’t too many highlights for the good guys during last night’s 6-2 drubbing at the hands of those pesky Marlin kids, but rookie ballgirl Kelli Curcio made the web gemmiest of plays after Shane Victorino hit a scorcher foul down the first base line late in the game. It was so good, in fact, that my boys T-Mac & Wheels took some time out of their nightly Abbott and Costello routine to praise young Kelli.

Just don’t let her wholesome demeanor or invisi-braces fool you — she’s actually an All-Conference softball player over at LaSalle University.

BEHOLD the backhanded stab of ballgirl Kelli, after the jump.

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Finally.  The highly sought after Phillies ear-flap cap — just like the one J-Roll wore in Games 5a and 5b of the World Series — will be available for purchase next weekend at the Majestic Clubhouse Store located inside Citizens Bank Park.  At 40 bucks a pop, they are actually cheaper than the regular on-field New Era caps from the World Series.  Quantities will surely be limited, and because of the lack of production on them, you might just have to wait until next year if you miss out on the first order.  So I’d recommend you be there on Saturday if you want one.

If these caps alone aren’t enticing enough to make a special trip to The Bank, perhaps something else on this weekend activity list will be.  Besides the cap shipment, here are the other tempting attractions:

  • The release of A Perfect Season, the 2008 Phillies DVD
  • Free photos with the World Series trophy (!!!!!)
  • Holiday tree and ballpark lighting ceremony (Saturday@5pm)
  • Take your picture with the Phillie Phanatic as Phanta Claus
  • The Phillies ballgirls will be there
  • Canned food drive sponsored by Philabundance
  • Phillies Charities memorabilia sale featuring game-used bats, jerseys and caps

Remember, all of that happens next weekend.  I’m sure I’ll see you there.

‘Phanta Claus’ & World Series trophy to highlight Phillies Holiday Sale & Tree Lighting |
Phillies ear-flap caps due next week | Inquirer
(Crispy clean High Definition screen cap courtesy of Philadelphia Will Do)

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What!? The ‘Tard is going to attempt to talk about titties and it’s relevant to the Phillies? Impossible. Well, listen to this fuckface:

“The Phillies are looking to hire a staff of ballgirls who can represent the organization in media situations as well as perform duties on the field. Resumes are being accepted until October 24, 2008 for the ballgirl positions. Those qualified will be invited to the tryout, scheduled for November at Citizens Bank Park.”

That’s right ladies. To steal a line from the Man Show, “if you’re between the ages of 18 and 19, we want to see your breasts”. Also:

Those interested should send their resume with photo to: Attn. Ballgirl Applications, c/o The Phillies, Citizens Bank Park, One Citizens Bank Way, Philadelphia, PA 19148…go to … or email info to No phone calls will be accepted.


Those interested should send their phone number with nude photo (JPEG format only! LOLZ!)to or No pants can be worn.

Here’s your chance, ladies. Being a Phillies ballgirl can shoot you into super stardom like this, this, or this.

I will personally interview this candidate:

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During the bottom of the eighth inning of last night’s game, eccentric outfielder Manny Ramirez is sporting a grin on his mug that would lead you to believe the Dodgers were the ones with a 2-0 series lead heading back to L.A.  Of course we all know that’s not the case, so why does Manny look so happy?

Well, because the lovely Phillies ballgirl Gina Papili is prancing across the field and just happened to get in his field of vision.  You can’t blame him, really.

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Hey, Christy G, what’s up?

I’m just chillin’. Ya know, trying to get this new website off the ground and shit. But besides that, same-old-same. How ’bout the Phils this year, huh? They’re doing frickin’ awesome! I can’t believe it’s almost June and the Marlins and Braves are our biggest competition. Who’da thunk the Mets would be sucking this bad? LOL!

Oh, speaking of the Phillies, I was watching the game vs. the Marlins last night and saw you over in left field. Cool, huh?

Yeah, it was the fourth inning and that good shortstop for the Marlins hit that foul over by you and you got the ball and gave it to that little girl…

Do you remember that play? That was really nice of you, I bet you made her day!

Anyway, enough of me rambling. I made this really cool slideshow of the whole thing and thought you might enjoy it. Keep up the good work! I’ll be watching, LOL!

See ya!,

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During yesterday’s tussle at The Bank, Blue Jays first baseman Lyle Overbay hit a sharp foul headed directly towards the ballgirl down the right field line. For some reason or another (perhaps she should try an infielder’s glove?), the ball shot through her legs and caromed off the railing into right field.

The fans were not appreciative:

YouTube Preview Image

Now this might seem harsh, but Philly fans DEMAND excellence if you are in position to properly field a ball.

This goes for the players on the field, fans in the stands — and yes, even ballgirls.

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