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Open Game Thread 8/6: Phillies at Giants
Posted by SwiftOnSports at 4:32 pm ET 113 Comments

4:10PM on FOX


PHILLIES: Coal Hammels (12-6) 2.60 ERA

GIANTS: Matt Cain (4-3) 2.76 ERA

NOTE: Apologies for the lateness, didn’t realize we were without a gamethread till late.

113 Responses to “Open Game Thread 8/6: Phillies at Giants”

  1. Serious Question says:

    Anyone have a link to where I can stream the game?

  2. matt says:

    no, but the Phillies will win if Cole Hamels drops a deuce

  3. Dicky McDickerson says:

    Mmm, Hunter Pence gettin’ it done so far…

    • Chucko says:

      It’s so exciting to watch that guy play. When the benches cleared last night, he ran right out there and was up in front of the fray. He must really want to be here.

    • Dicky McDickerson says:

      Dude’s a baseballer. He loves the game. He loves the fans. He LOVES to be out there makin’ a difference. Can’t even compare folks like Beltran to this guy. He’s a gem!

    • alpha49er says:

      I LOVE HIM. And everything he brings to the game. Most of the Phillies are acting like they are having FUN again.

  4. Tim Lincecum needs dental work says:

    Will Cole drill Whiteside in the back?

  5. new guy says:

    expecting a shutout from my boy Hollywood today, looking good so far.

  6. Tim Lincecum says:

    Where’s the herrrrrb motherrrfuckerrrrr

  7. Slappy White says:

    Fuck you Fox regional coverage!!!

  8. Aubrey Huff's his own farts says:

    We are out for blood today…you don’t come to our house and drop a 9 spot on us, then have your little troll centerfielder try and take cheap shots at our pitcher after the fight was broken up…I know your team is still all butthurt from last year, but there’s no reason to get all violent over a pitch that clearly missed on accident. And besides, Brother Cain is on the mound today. He would be an ace on any team, including your overhyped rotation.

    • Dicky McDickerson says:

      Out for blood? Hmm, let’s see what you get today… 2-0 so far.

    • Tim Lincecum needs dental work says:


    • Tim Lincecum needs dental work says:

      Sorry, had to get that out.

    • Tim Lincecum needs dental work says:

      By the way, where were you last night during the game? You stopped postingt after we took the lead. You going to puss out on us today too?

    • alpha49er says:

      Dude you must be on some good medicinal herb. EVERY commentator, all the spectators and his own team mates say he threw it on purpose. And last year is last year if your pussies can’t handle a 9-spot in their own house start playing the game like pros instead of joe’s

    • Eli Whiteside says:

      Thanks for making our fans look like a bunch of idiotic pussies.

    • Tim Lincecum needs dental work says:

      Still waiting Aubrey…………

    • Chucko says:

      Yeah, being 73-39 really is over hyped. Why do you have to talk so much shit? The things you’re saying are so stupid, it’s so obvious you’re doing it to piss everyone off. I wouldn’t ever talk to fans of an opposing team like that. It’s so dumb.

    • Tim Lincecum needs dental work says:

      I don’t think he is pissing anybody off. It is hilarious the things he is posting.

    • Chucko says:

      Maybe so, but it’s that he’s TRYING to that irks me.

  9. new guy says:

    anyone betting Cole Handsome throws a shutout?

  10. Cole Hamels says:

    My adopted African baby had a pet chomposaurus before coming to america. Tyis game’s personal now…

  11. Lime Ricky says:

    @new guy

    I’m down with that, they’re playing solid baseball so far. Anyone know what his pitch count is through 5?

  12. chilly says:

    I smell another super mario kart remix

  13. Dicky McDickerson says:

    Cole’s dealin’ so far. Hmm, at this rate, the 2 runs should be enuff, but I’d really like a couple of insurance runs and mebbe more to sink it deep into them El Gigantes.

  14. PHLinPDX says:

    Crowd is still hilarious. They were cheering white side like he was a savior. Still cheering every SF pop up. Every other video on the big screen is about Brian Wilson. Is this a one man team?

  15. Dicky McDickerson says:

    Yep, Hunter “Phucking” Pence. Another hit for Teh DUDE!

  16. BJ says:

    this game is fast as fuck

  17. Lime Ricky says:

    “Polanco grounds into the 6-6-3.”

    Oh really? I didn’t know the fucking shortstop tossed the ball to himself then threw to first, asshole. Stick to calling Rangers games, Kenny.

  18. Aubrey Huff's his own farts says:

    I had a hot lady friend come over, so I didn’t have time to come on here after the 5th inning last nite. I have a feeling you will see the Beard today. Pay close attention, because that’s the closest to greatness your team will get all season. You should feel honored to hit against that man

    • Tim Lincecum needs dental work says:

      Sure you did…..a serious question. How can you read all of the articles about the fight last night and think the ball thrown at Victorino wasn’t intentional? Bruce Bochy even said, thats baseball. Are you really that narrow minded?

    • Pasadena_Phan says:

      We saw ‘The Beard’ last night… and was ineffective to the point they were getting someone else up in the your bullpen B4 the inning ended.

    • alpha49er says:

      Wasn’t no great thing last night. Won’t be tonight.

    • Iconious says:

      So….about “seeing the Beard” today? Does Fox showing him in the dugout count for what you meant?

    • Greg Legg says:

      No Dane Cook of Pitching tonight?

  19. alpha49er says:

    Well It’s the stretch and the SF Gays haven’t hit meaningful yet (even a batter) so if they intend any late ining shenanigans they better get started.

    • Aubrey Huff's his own farts says:

      Like I said, Philly fans are homophobes…get with the 21st century you loser

    • alpha49er says:

      Oh pardon me I didn’t know I was debating some upstanding christian who takes every mention of faggot, lesbian, gay, etc as a sign of homophobia. It was intended to mean they play with limp wrists and lace panties and cry whenever the other team doesn’t lay down and let them win. Sorry for offending your sensibilities you worthless crybaby, loser, imbecile,… funny… anything I say almost sounds like I’m complimenting you so I’ll stop.

  20. cheap guy w/o cable says:

    you got a prob with him calling your team the SF Gays? who’s the homophobe now?

  21. Aubrey Huff's his own farts says:

    You Philly fans act like you’re the only team to have someone get thrown at..its part of the game. Your troll centerfielder needs to grow a pair and take the base like a man.

    • Tim Lincecum needs dental work says:

      So you just admitted that Victorino got thrown at, I thought you said it was “clearly missed on accident”

    • Aubrey Huff's his own farts says:

      I mean, I know our team is so good that its infuriating, but its no reason to want to fight

    • Aubrey Huff's his own farts says:

      Yea, it missed his ugly bald head…that pitch was meant to take his head off

    • Tim Lincecum needs dental work says:

      Do you know that you are sounding dumber and dumber everytime you post? It is quite hilarious.

    • alpha49er says:

      He’s obviously sniffing Huffs farts and it’s affecting what little sense he has, may be showing. Looks like the crowd has decided their teams a lost cause. also.

    • Tim Lincecum needs dental work says:

      Pretty much.

    • Greg Legg says:

      Your team, uh, doesn’t look so good.

    • Chucko says:

      Victorino did what players have been doing since the game’s creation. Geez man who cares?

    • BestPhanEver says:

      If that pitch was meant to take his head off, your pitchers must be a hell of a lot worse than we thought, because I believe it hit Shane in the back.

  22. Tim Lincecum needs dental work says:

    ATTA BOY COLE!!!!!!!

  23. mw says:

    Sit down giants

  24. PHLinPDX says:

    It’s only 2-0 and a huge chunk of the crowd just left.

  25. mw says:

    Big surprise, Victorino get an infield hit because that fat piece of shit at third base couldn’t handle the ball. Are they going to throw at somebody now?

  26. crazy4swayze says:

    while fox can suck my balls, i did enjoy not hearing wheels say that the giants lefty reliever threw “frisbees”.

  27. Dicky McDickerson says:

    Um, Hunter Pence again. can we have a 3-hit night again? And two RIBs!? Hmm, me puts 10 dicks on it.

  28. alpha49er says:

    Where’s the BLOOD???? Where’s the revenge??? And WHY are you on your third pitcher? OH Thats right SF pantywaists!

  29. alpha49er says:

    Bottom of the ninth and still waiting for blood hell even a paper cut or shaving nick would make it a true statement. Or was your a** overriding your mouth?

  30. Tim Lincecum needs dental work says:

    “Go out there and take a deuce” Eric Karros

  31. Dicky McDickerson says:

    2 more outs and you got this, Cole.

  32. BigBrownBear says:

    Carlos Beltran has really sparked this SF offense!

  33. Dicky McDickerson says:

    Now plunk Panda! Fucking destroy that douchebags face! *blerp* hehehe, just kidding. I KNOW this is a game cuz I’m a PHILLIES PHAN! Strike him out and we’re done here for the night. #LetsGoEat?

  34. Dicky McDickerson says:

    Job well done, Cole, job well done! :)

  35. Tim Lincecum needs dental work says:


  36. Old Pee Stained Urinal at the Vet says:

    In play, (outs).

  37. alpha49er says:

    Well we did get the nick but no jugulars were touched and PHILLIES WIN ANOTHER ONE!!!!!

  38. Dicky McDickerson says:

    Where’s that blood, Aubrey Huff’s fart? WHERE IS IT!? In yer face, I bet. #letsgoeat.

  39. Tim Lincecum needs dental work says:

    Where are you Aubrey? Did Brian Wilson come in? Did I miss him? What happend?

  40. new guy says:

    goddamn overrated panda fucked up my shutout prediction! DAMNN! well lets go for the sweep and #letsgoeat.

  41. Tim Lincecum needs dental work says:

    Another series win, little roy on the mound tomorrow #letsgoeat.

  42. chilly says:

    I love you phillies. I also love the bucket of rum I just had.

  43. Danyiel says:

    Hahahaha, let me guess…Aubrey had another “lady friend” come over and he couldn’t hang around to talk more shit. Hell, I’ll believe that he had a lady friend over, they’re busy giving each other makeovers right now.

  44. Cholly says:

    C’mon guys. It’s getting closer to dinner time in SF and Aubrey’s mom just called him back inside. Maybe she’ll let hm come over to play tomorrow….

  45. Shane says:


  46. Aubrey Huff's his own farts says:

    We are saving up the runs for the postseason, where we will unload all over you assholes like a girl getting gangbanged…NUKKAKE’D!!!!
    Oh, and that hr in the 9th by Kung Fu Panda is just a taste of what you’re gonna get tomorrow…we all know your offense stinks worse than my champagne farts when you face Timmy

    • Greg Legg says:

      The Ginas allow 3.6 runs per game, and score 3.6 runs per game. Basically your team is one big tire spinning in mud.

      Braves in 3.

    • Iconious says:

      You actually have to make the postseason first Aubrey. Might want to look in your rearview mirror because the Diamondbacks are about to pass you and take the division lead. Awesome defending champs you guys are.

    • Tim Lincecum needs dental work says:

      Hey Aubrey, are you Baghdad Bob?

    • Dicky McDickerson says:

      +1 Iconious. I mean, they haven’t even COMPETED the past three days. Just gettin’ swept like sore losers. And then their fans act like they’re so civilized and shit. Give me a damn break. And guess what, you haven’t even FACED Roy Halladay this season…

    • Dubee Dubee Du says:

      Correct Mr. Dicky McDickerson.

      They have not faced Doc, in fact their manager made certain that Halladay or Lee was not going to face his Giants in Phila. by pitching them as he did in the Allstar game.
      Bravo to Bochy for using every conceivable legal means available to him to make the odds for his team better. But that was last month and 2010 was last year welcome to pennant stretch 2011.
      It will soon be apparent to the Giant’s fans that it’s going to be much tougher to repeat this year than it was to win it last year.

      As long as there are know serious injurys from here on out there is no team that will be able to stop our Phillies.

    • Dubee Dubee Du says:

      Sorry for the errors in spelling and grammer

    • Chucko says:

      No, that was beautiful Dubee…fucking beautiful.

    • Aubrey Huff's his own farts says:

      What’s beautiful is the 2010 World Champions banner hanging at AT&T park. We already have space reserved next to it for the 2011 World Champs banner. Remember what happened last year kids when we were 10 games out of first at this point. This team is built to scrap and fight against the odds.

    • Bruce Bochy's Windowless Van says:

      You mean when the Giants faced an injury decimated Braves team with Brooks Conrad, the gift that kept on giving in terms of bullshit runs? Think that’s gonna happen again this year? Remember, the Giants only won all of those games by one run, genius. I’d venture a guess that getting through the Braves this year isn’t going to be such a cakewalk, and that’s assuming the Giants even make the playoffs this year.

  47. Annoying Beer Vendor says:

    Deuce Happens.

  48. JohnMatrix says:

    Anyone who wears those beard masks with the fake hat needs to be given a free shower. Buchenwald style.

  49. wheels' hairpiece says:

    Hollywood dropping a deuce…still wanted him to plunk Sandoval

  50. jbeezy says:

    hunter pence is making me feel bad about all the times i made fun of him when he made what should have been easy games against the astros scrappier than they needed to be. that may be a run on. and how bout that vance worley this year? lovin the good times

  51. Bruce Bochy's Windowless Van says:

    Remember at the All-Star break how Giants fans were all calling Bochy a genius that was going to lead them to the promised land for the second straight year? Yeah…not so much anymore. They’re calling for his firing over at McCovey Chronicles, there seems to be some genuine vitrol in some of the comments. There’s also a consensus among them that getting Beltran screwed up the “team chemistry” and that’s why they’ve been losing. Amazing.

    Also, you would think with a losing streak this bad they would wise up and stop wearing the “World Series Champs” patches. I remember Cholly nixed ours by the second half in 2009 after a similar stretch of losses.

    • Aubrey Huff's his own farts says:

      Relax, like Frankie says. Bochy has this shit on lock. It’s the time of year where we aren’t giving our all. We are saving it up for the big run in Sept and Oct. Remember, that’s when we steamroll everything in our path.

  52. Greg Legg says:

    As I sit here and watch the Braves and Mets, I can’t help but feel (a) both will be pesky hereon out, and (b) Reyes is a bad mother. When Reyes wants to give it 100%, he’s as good as there is in baseball.

    • J-Roll says:

      Did you just say something nice about the mets? GTFO.

    • Bruce Bochy's Windowless Van says:

      Hey, at least the Mets showed up tonight. HAHAHAHAHA SUCK IT, BRAVES!

      Oh, and fuck you, Diamondbacks. Way to waste the glorious gift that we have given you…

  53. catfood says:

    I like that you used the word “pesky”… Denotes a slight annoyance but no real threat

  54. nickjames says:

    Man…this sounded like it was fun tonight. I was at a cookout that had NO CABLE or INTERNET. Go Phils. Aubrey’s Fart is a douche. #justate #letsgoeattomorrow

  55. Greenman! says:

    This was me during the Giants series (repost)

  56. I'll puke on you if you tase me! says:

    Toe Camels is on his way to a Cy Young….. Hey, Huff…. easy on the glue.

  57. I'll puke on you if you tase me! says:

    Yo, Aubrey Huhh’s his own farts…….

  58. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    Gah. So damn close to the shutout…

    • Dubee Dubee Du says:

      Yeah and I’m a big enough loser to not only be bloghopper but a fantasy baseball geek as well.
      That one run cost me dearly.

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