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Wilson Valdez: Hall of Famer
Posted by Ryan at 9:57 am ET 10 Comments

Wilson Valdez is now, improbably, a part of the Baseball Hall of Fame. The hat that he wore the night he became the last position player since Babe Ruth to start a game in the field and record a win as a pitcher is now in the Hall forever to be preserved as a part of history. As Wheels would say, baseball sure is a goofy game.


10 Responses to “Wilson Valdez: Hall of Famer”

  1. will.H says:

    aw skeet skeet, i mean shaving cream

  2. kr1spy says:

    Last time i was at the hall i saw Eric “Beardo” Bruntlett’s jersey hanging there from his unassisted triple play. Lets just say that not everything there is golden.

  3. Eric Bruntlett and Wilson Valdez, two great Phillies in the Hall of Fame. Wait, what? One of the reasons why I love this game, anything can happen.

  4. will.H says:

    and the only eagle in the last 20 years to have anything in the hall of fame is the most controversial free agent of all time

  5. El Duderino says:

    Apparently, Wheels would also remark about how white that hat is.

  6. Ron Hipple says:


  7. Mick Billmeyer says:

    My binocs are going in next.

  8. James Fayleez says:

    I wonder if they are going to induct Bobby Bonilla’s 125 year contract with the LOLMets.

  9. Willy says:

    Hope they got the peanut butter stripe off the inside…

  10. the guy who writes the bad puns for halladay and lee games says:

    lol james

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