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Who wants a Morgan Freeman cookie?
Posted by Ryan at 9:02 pm ET 19 Comments

Look, I’m going to be honest. I’m a pretty drunk for this game tonight, and I’m on some new medications. So when I heard T-Mac and Sarge talking about Morgan Freeman’s face on a cookie I assumed I was hallucinating because, well, why would that exist? That doesn’t make sense. Why would the principal from Lean on Me and the detective from Se7en be on a cookie? I shook it off and continued to drink until the one and only @waverider15 posted this picture. Seeing is believing. So click through if you want to see a bigger version of a fucking Morgan Freeman cookie.

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19 Responses to “Who wants a Morgan Freeman cookie?”

  1. Steve says:

    T-Mac has breasts. Jus Sayin’

  2. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    All I see is a bigger picture of T-mac.

    Do not want.

  3. These Civil Rights games promotions need to stop. What’s next? Fans walk through authentic Birmingham buses?

  4. You wanna look away from T-Mac’s moobs, but you just can’t.

  5. PhilLee fan says:

    That’s just a really bad pic of T-Mac…REALLY bad. He looks “special”.

  6. Dan says:

    Looks like a poptart, and the Phillies offense looks like garbage

  7. Sherry W says:

    TMac has boobs, and Sarge’s headlights are on. I think I just lost my cookies.

  8. Old man says:

    Intriguing texture. I shall have “old woman” cook some tomorrow.

  9. al says:

    tmacs breast enhancements are looking pretty saggy post-op

  10. Cotdamnit says:

    Who the fuck allowed this clown to write for the Fightins? Meech this Ryan dude’s gotta go. Pedigree, son.

  11. says:


  12. Lynniemac says:

    That is one of the creepiest grins I have ever seen.

  13. Chutley says:

    Uhhm hey Tmac, if you havent noticed, you kinda have man tits…

  14. Greenman! says:

    oh my god I’m dying, this post needs to be renamed Tmac’s man tits.

  15. Danyiel says:

    Bitch tits.

  16. Tyson says:

    I was fully expecting to write a comment about T-Mac’s boobs, but looks like everyone already has the subject covered.

  17. Too lazy to read every post says:

    Why the fuck do they have Nelson Mandela cookies?

  18. I'll puke on you if you tase me! says:

    Wow! I can totally see T-Mac’s left tit!!!!

  19. Lance section 426 row 5 on 5/21 says:

    Morgan Freeman is a Knee Grow

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