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The Fightins Drunken All-Star Game Live Chat
Posted by Ryan at 7:00 pm ET 22 Comments

Last night’s impromptu Home Run Derby Live Chat was an absolute friggin’ riot so we’re gonna do it again for the All-Star Game. Grab your mind-altering substance of choice and join us at 7:45 PM as we all get fucked up and talk about everything except the actual All-Star Game. Who knows, maybe we can land ourselves on another Big League Stew post tomorrow!

Click Here to launch the chat in a new window, or hit the jump to use the embedded chat window.

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22 Responses to “The Fightins Drunken All-Star Game Live Chat”

  1. chinny says:

    DVR ready…lets make this epic

  2. Phil says:

    blazed as fuck, can’t wait to watch Doc dominate those AL pussies

  3. the new guy says:

    Hazel Mae is a chick i would love to have sweaty ass sex with, jesus christ i love watching MLBN!

  4. kevin stocker says:

    fuck brian wilson

  5. ChaseUlteysKnee says:

    we need a cliff shirt with “babe ruth started as a pitcher too”

  6. Jim says:

    Could these announcers possibly suck Jeter’s dick any harder? Seriously its beyond sad.

  7. MacJacMcCoy says:

    Whats Bochy some kind of asshole? Over a week ago Halladay makes it known that he doesnt want to pitch first bc he doesnt want to go 2 innings and Bochy names him the starter anyway and has him pitch 2 innings. Then he has Cliff Lee start the 3rd inning which is fine. But then he brings Lee back out to pitch the 4th? The guy has only had 2 days of rest and has pitched a ton this season and you pull some bush league shit like that ? We already had 1 pitcher go down with an injury tonight I guess that wasnt enough for Bochy.

    I gurantee he doesnt have a Giants pitcher go more then 1 inning. Its obvious whats going on and its a real cowardly thing to do.

    • the new guy says:

      i been peeped that out dude since yesterday, he wants our guys to get hurt

    • The Sisko says:

      Bochy knows his only chance of getting past us this year is facing a depleted and fatigued ace staff. He’s probably still beseeching Selig to get Hamels in the game. Fuck him.

  8. Watching Skinamax says:

    Who got hurt? What did I miss?

  9. Greg Legg says:

    Halladay may have pitched two, but in an off day, he still pitches a ton. So I think tonight qualifies as a light workout.

  10. catfood says:

    Brian Wilson is such a self-satisfied asshat.

    • Greg Legg says:

      He’s the friend who thinks he’s funny, but no one else does. But everyone is too kind to tell him out of fear he’ll cry himself to sleep. Or throw coolers.

  11. catfood says:

    “But everyone is too kind to tell him out of fear he’ll cry himself to sleep.”
    … Kendrick?

  12. Old Pee Stained Urinal at the Vet says:

    Brewers just traded for K-Rod. hahaha

  13. Kung Fu Fightins says:


  14. Franny Murt says:

    Which flavor won the chooch ice creams?

  15. Seth Everett says:

    I covered NINE of the last 12 All Star Games.

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