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Open Game Thread: 9/17 Phillies vs. Cardinals
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7:05 PM on PHL 17

Pitching Matchup:

Roy Oswalt (7-9. 3.88 ERA)

Jake Westbrook (12-8, 4.61 ERA)

The Braves won this afternoon. The Phils magic number is one. A win tonight clinches the division. Lets pop some fucking corks tonight.

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286 Responses to “Open Game Thread: 9/17 Phillies vs. Cardinals”

  1. 5 will happen tonight.

  2. Frannie says:

    We got this.

  3. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    I’m feelin it too.

  4. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    So nice of Atlanta to do what they could to give the fans here a nice celebration.

  5. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  6. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Is that you Al Davis?

  7. There we go… center aligned.

  8. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    Here’s to the offense not going totally brain dead tonight.

  9. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Lii Roy lookin strong. Now let’s put up a crooked number early.

  10. ugh says:

    Gameday said that third pitch to Pujols was 94…where the fuck has that been??

  11. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    First time I’ve seen tonight’s lineup. I think Charlie wants some offense too.

  12. Frannie says:

    did Rollins finally hit the damn ball?

  13. muffin says:

    anyone got a stream? i wanna see some champagne pop!

  14. HunterwortheveryPence says:

    small ball? hope so. time for some really foul crooked numbers!

  15. tbag says:

    cards may be playin for a wild card…but the phils are playing for booze.

  16. Frannie says:

    Was the a semi-intentional walk of Howard?

  17. tbag says:

    i never want to hear wheels talk about getting a guys juices going again..

  18. bothwillandway says:

    Pence delivers a 2-out run! Something Werth could never do

  19. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  20. bothwillandway says:

    ….how do you let Berkman steal a base??

  21. tbag says:

    berkman looked like he needed a diet coke after that steal

  22. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Okay, fellas, 1 run isn’t gonna cut it tonight. More offense.

  23. Frannie says:

    Lil Roy is doing really well tonight, seems like his back decided to stop messing with him

  24. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Imagine if by letting him bide his time all season getting into game shape we get to see the Lil Roy from 2004 for the postseason.

  25. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  26. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  27. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    Good show Rollins, good show

  28. Ugueth Urbina says:

    can someone spare some gasoline???

  29. Frannie says:

    Chase needs to get his head in the game, and play harder.

  30. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Damn it. This 1 run isn’t gonna be enough. It just isn’t. OFFENSE.

  31. bothwillandway says:

    Utley is fucking killing us. I think that beanball jarred something loose

  32. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Lil Roy…looks fucking good.

  33. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    Oh, Ibanez. So love-hate with that man…

  34. Grounder to Short says:

    What the fuck happened to the rally towels?

  35. Shane says:

    C’mon Chooch!

  36. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    They’re getting base runners out the ying yang tonight. Let’s do something about it fellas!

  37. bothwillandway says:

    WOW. Huge gift from Furcal there

  38. HunterwortheveryPence says:

    2 on 1 out… Maybe????????

  39. Frannie says:

    I’ll admit, that was a sweet jump over chooch

  40. HunterwortheveryPence says:

    Come ON Sarge shut the hell up!!!! The play is 5 minutes OLD!

  41. Shane says:

    J Roll 3 for 3
    Oswalt hitting 94…


  42. Frannie says:

    Rollins is finalllyyyyyyy getting his swag back. Took long enough

  43. HunterwortheveryPence says:

    YEA!! JIMMY!!!!

  44. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    Bases loaded again?! C’mon! Get the men home!

  45. bothwillandway says:

    No damn popups please!

  46. HunterwortheveryPence says:

    DO IT SHANE!!!!!!

  47. Frannie says:

    Walk it out, Shane!

  48. HunterwortheveryPence says:

    F*CK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Tony LaRussa’s signal for Arthur Rhodes is my favorite thing on TV tonight.

  50. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:


  51. CptnSpldng says:

    Let’s get this done here & now.

  52. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Give Chase credit he’s still staying in tough after the beanball. He just needs to find his stroke.

  53. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Fuck Furcal.

  54. MoyerIsMyHero says:

    I hate the Shift.

    • HunterwortheveryPence says:

      Seems real pu**y to me. Like beating up a women… or SF Giants fan. Too easy and no fun.

    • Dubee Dubee Du says:

      They’ve been doing the shift off and on at least since Ted Williams. Granted Ryan ain’t no Teddy ballgame. That last one looked like it hit the mound and was slowed up enough for Furcal to get to it.

    • MoyerIsMyHero says:

      It looked like it would have made it through, but either way it was close.

      I know it’s nothing new, and you’d be stupid not to if a guy pulls as many balls as Howard does. But it still annoys me.

      I’d be interested to see analysis of how much facing the shift affects batters like Howard. I’m sure some stat geek has it figured out.

  55. HunterwortheveryPence says:

    Well it’s the 4th and we’re into a susceptible bullpen. Here’s hoping for more and more and more and more and more….does that sound too greedy? Or not enough?

  56. bothwillandway says:

    This ump is blind as hell

  57. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    This leaving RISP is really nerve-wracking. OFFENSE. BASE HITS. GET SOME.

    • Dubee Dubee Du says:

      It is frustrating but at least they are getting runners on. Sooner or later they have to bring somebody home. They’re just that close.

  58. HunterwortheveryPence says:

    Jesu D Christi!!!!! Leaving ten so far???? What the hell?!?!?!?!?!

  59. Frannie says:

    I’ve missed this Lil Roy so much =D

  60. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    Fuck yeah, Vic

  61. …put’em on ice, fuck yeah Shane!

  62. Mike P says:

    Oswalt isn’t that different than what he’s been other nights. He hasn’t been that far off of 94 previous nights, and he was victimized last time out by shit luck and awful defense.

    • Dubee Dubee Du says:

      Not to be arguementative Mike P but i’m seeing a little more pop and some serious location with Roy tonight. I agree he did get fu&*ed by his defense last time though.

    • Mike P says:

      It’s fine to be argumentative. That’s part of the fun of baseball. In fact, one of the few endearing aspects of the Castro regime is that they license people to argue about baseball in a public square in Havana.

      I liked what I saw from Oswalt last time out, despite the results. I felt like I saw that pop, and I didn’t think his location was really all that bad. With some defensive competence, he would have come out of that game looking a lot better. But just because I feel that way doesn’t mean you have to agree.

      His late-riser (which it seems has more giddy-up than his straight 4-seamer) seemed to disappear down the stretch today. I wonder if he felt less comfortable throwing it as his pitch count rose, or if they just decided to use his offspeed and breaking pitches to change things up in the late innings.

  63. Shane Victorino says:


  64. Shane Victorino says:


  65. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Officially my favorite game recap of the year.

  66. DJ Khaled says:

    Pretty sure I wrote “All I do is Win”

  67. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    A couple of old whities in the booth. And not of the Ashburn kind.

  68. TMAC says:

    Wheels? remember that time Roy threw a curveball to strike out Jorge Cantu?????

    DUDE, wheels cant remember the curveball he threw to the last batter

  69. My heart stopped for a moment.

  70. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    WOW! I don’t like me any Molinas

  71. bothwillandway says:

    God damn….Just end this inning

  72. SAID! says:

    That was one of the nastiest curves I have EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Oh shit I just did the Wheels double fist pump on that strike out. I need to get out more.

  74. Colleen Wolfe's Newly Bleached Asshole says:

    John Clarke is gonna POP a cork in my white-out zone in 6 more outs!!!

  75. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    God, I can barely watch. JESUS.

  76. bothwillandway says:

    Two on for Berkman. FUCK

  77. HunterwortheveryPence says:

    NOT LIDGE!!!!!

  78. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    And that’s why that fucker is a guaranteed first ballot HOFer

  79. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Get the rookie outta there. GET HIM OUT OF THERE.

  80. catfood says:

    Now I’m nervous

  81. bothwillandway says:

    This bum can not get anybody out! GET HIM OUT OF HERE!

  82. Mike P says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh boy, here we go!

  83. SAID! says:

    FUCK YOU MIKE STUTES…. I WANT HERNDON TO PITCH…jk you can stay in there

  84. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  85. Mike P says:

    I know this sounds crazy, but right now, I might have more confidence in Lidge than Stutes or Bastardo.

  86. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Also, don’t turn over the order for the top of the 9th. JESUS. CHRIST.

  87. bothwillandway says:

    And of course Lidge will walk the first batter

  88. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Have no fear Lidge here.

  89. Shane says:

    Lights Out…I believe.

  90. HunterwortheveryPence says:

    That ASS wheeler… Give them the credit for 4 straight pitches… when I could have hit what Stutes was offering… Now we got Lidge in so even more angst and uncertainty…

  91. HunterwortheveryPence says:

    I sure wish those 10 RISP come back to haunt us

  92. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    It’s about fuckin time

  93. HunterwortheveryPence says:

    finally!!!! a good outcome

  94. MoyerIsMyHero says:


  95. bothwillandway says:

    Inning over!

    This game has a really bad feeling to it.

  96. muffin says:

    i hate larussa. and herdon is better than stutes, just not more handsome.

  97. 1 pitch, lights fucking out!

  98. catfood says:

    I did not like that inning

  99. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    I don’t know what needs to happen with Stutes and Bastardo, but SOMETHING has to happen. And fucking soon. Unacceptable.

  100. Grounder to Short says:

    Where are all the Lidge haters now?

  101. bothwillandway says:

    Yadi leading off next inning. Not liking this at all

  102. SAID! says:


  103. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    yeah chooch

  104. tbag says:

    gimme JMJ instead of gload

  105. catfood says:

    Pinch Hit Cliff Lee

  106. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  107. tbag says:

    that guy has 8 consonants and 3 vowels in his last name….and thats IF you count the Y as a vowel.

  108. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    Was that ball four?

  109. bothwillandway says:

    Did JMJ swing at even one pitch that was in the zone?? What a goddamn waste

  110. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    They need to get this run across the fucking plate. No fucking joke.

  111. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    Yay Rollins

  112. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Can Charlie pull a squeeze out of his bag of tricks?

  113. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:


  114. catfood says:

    *sniff* that was just beautiful.

  115. bothwillandway says:


  116. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Now would be a great time for Chase “The Man” Utley to show up.

  117. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    That’s a Charlie Manuel Squeeze.

  118. tbag says:


  119. KruksLeftNut says:

    Chompasauruses rule.

  120. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Ok Uts is back on his game now.

  121. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    I think baseballs are just naturally attracted to Utley

  122. catfood says:

    Uh. I think ive seen this before…

  123. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  124. Frannie says:

    I am so surprised Utley hasn’t gotten into about 30 infield fights with the various pitchers who’ve hit him

  125. bothwillandway says:

    Gee I certainly didn’t see that breaking-ball-a-mile-off-the-plate coming! Gosh.

  126. bothwillandway says:

    Dotel. The same guy who was throwing BP to Pence last night

  127. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    I love Ryan Howard. But he frustrates me more than anyone else in that line up.

  128. catfood says:

    Did that fat guy behind home plate just flash the camera? I took my benadryl too early… Yawn. GO PENCE

  129. bothwillandway says:

    That was some HUSTLE

  130. catfood says:


  131. Dubee Dubee Du says:


  132. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    YEAH! A dinky little infield hit that normally probably would have been an out but I’ll take it!

  133. MoyerIsMyHero says:


  134. SAID! says:


  135. catfood says:


  136. bothwillandway says:


  137. Mike P says:

    Man, Raul wasn’t going to fuck around with the bases loaded all night! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

  138. HunterwortheveryPence says:


  139. nickjames says:


  140. tbag says:

    lol…as awesome as that was….tmac just called it a grand slam…i didnt know you could have a grand slam without a runner on 3rd

  141. HP3's Grass Stains says:



  143. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    YES!!!!!!!!! ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. SAID! says:

    What one run lead?

  145. Dubee Dubee Du says:


  146. HunterwortheveryPence says:

    NOW we’re talking lopsided…more

  147. my beer says:

    Fuck yeah Rual…got home just in time for that…sweet!

  148. SAID! says:



  149. Mason's Homegirl says:

    Never, never, never doubt Rauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllllll!

  150. Frannie says:

    That was glorious.

  151. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    I hope they can talk Ibanez into coming back as a platoon player/ pinchhitter.


    breaking out the pots and pans

  153. The Philadelphia Phillies are the 2011 National League East Division Champions!

  154. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    5 years in a row! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. HunterwortheveryPence says:

    WE RULE!!!!!!!!!!



  157. 2011 NL EAST CHAMPIONS! says:

    Somewhere in heaven right now Harry is looking down saying


  158. MoyerIsMyHero says:


  159. tbag says:

    i just saw utley smile…

  160. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    Is Pence crying?

  161. bothwillandway says:

    So glad they made this a blowout

  162. my beer says:

    It never got old!

  163. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  164. MoyerIsMyHero says:

    Sweet play by Utley, too. Added a little excitement for what seemed like a foregone conclusion.

  165. bothwillandway says:

    Now let’s see some of those AAA prospects

  166. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    11 wins to go.

  167. bothwillandway says:

    Alert the press! HALLADAY IS SMILING

  168. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  169. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    I love watching men getting wet with champagne

  170. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Ryan Howard is not fucking around. He has ski goggles on.

  171. Oliver says:

    Fuck yeah boys

  172. Frannie says:

    Pence is hilarious

  173. catfood says:

    Pence’s celebration was one of the most endearing things Ive ever seen

  174. Shane says:


    Good Game, Let’s Pop Bottles!

  175. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Pence is killing me here.

  176. tbag says:

    wheels looks absolutely ridiculous in that shirt and hat…i love it

  177. Shane says:

    haha dubee just chillin with the big boy can!

  178. CTM says:

    Utley spraying beer on people. What a jerk, amirite?

  179. nickjames says:

    list of first time phils division champs? Mini Mart, Vanimal, Stutes, Pence, Schwimer….am I missing anyone? Not counting recent call ups

  180. Colleen Wolfe's Newly Bleached Asshole says:

    Champagne burns as much as bleach!

  181. Jimmy Rollins says:

    I told you all before and I’ll say it again.”We are the team to beat”

  182. Oppo Boppo says:

    Champagne Bukkakes all around

  183. Danyiel says:

    Holy fuck, Cliff Lee is one sexy motherfucker!

  184. Chamomiles Davis says:

    J-Roll was channeling Bootsy Collins in that locker room interview just now.

    “2011 NL East Champs: Groove Is In The Heart”

  185. Colleen Wolfe's Newly Bleached Asshole says:

    ***pffftt*** Ooops, ‘scuse me. Greasy pizza for dinner.

  186. Mike P says:

    Watching this celebration, you can’t help but reflect on how we are the envy of our grandfathers and great grandfathers, die-hards who had to watch 100-loss seasons and decade after decade of baseball without playoff appearances. What a time to root for the Fightin’ Phils.

    • You don’t have to be that old to remember when the Phillies sucked. I remember plenty of shitty seasons . In 99′ I made a list.
      ☑ Division Title
      ☑ NL Pennant
      ☑ A World Series Winner
      ☑ An MVP
      ☑ A Cy Young
      ☑ A perfect game
      and a 100 win season.

      I thought I’d have to give an un-finished list to my grandchildren and I was only 17/
      Now I’m going to be an old fogey- and the only thing that will keep me happy is telling my great grandchildren how know Phillies team will ever be as good as this one.
      I can see it now-
      “Yea, but he’s no Chase Utley.. Yea but he’s no Ryan Howard.. Yea but you should have seen Jimmy Rollings.. Victorino was faster…. Cy Young Shmy Young he didn’t throw a perfect game or a no hitter in the Play-offs- Yea that happened… Google it… it was a search engine…. so you could search the internet… no with a keyboard…. you typed letters with your fingers….and Cliff Lee took less money….like ten million less…. no dollars we didn’t have Yen then……………and if you think he’s bad you should have heard Wheels SENIOR…..”

    • Franny Murt says:

      @feeling nostalgic: Thanks for the laugh. I love the posters on this site.

    • nickjames says:

      +1 brilliant.

    • Mike P says:

      @Feeling Nostalgic

      I hear that, and of course I remember those seasons well. But as bad as the Phillies were in the mid-to-late 90s, and as bad as they were in my childhood in the late 80s, those teams can’t compare to the pathetic squads that took the field in previous generations. My dad didn’t see the Phils win a pennant until he was almost 30; I saw them win one when I was 12. His dad was born just after the team won the pennant in 1915, so he wouldn’t see the team win the pennant until he was 35. Moreover, in that stretch, he witnessed 12 100-loss seasons, something we never saw in the 80s or 90s. My point is that there is sucking and there is REALLY sucking.

      I love the checklist, though. Funny shit. In 2007, before the amazing comeback, I considered making a bet with a friend who is a Cubs fan that the Phils wouldn’t win the World Series in my lifetime. There wasn’t a way to make bank on that bet–and thank goodness I didn’t make it, because I would have looked like a fool a year later–but it goes to show the differences in mentality from June 2007 to present.

    • nickjames says:

      @mike P

      The month was april…the year was 2008. My girlfriend asked me what it would take to get me to quit smoking. I said 1. Pregnancy 2. Eagles win Super Bowl 3. Phillies win NLCS.

      I sat in a car listening to XM Phils call when Brett struck out Willie Mo to win the division in 07 in a Target parking lot with her…annoyed with me because i wouldn’t leave the car.

      I sat with her in 07 when the Phils got swept by the Rockies in that series where the power went out.

      I’m gonna get to smoke forever, right?!


      Nowadays, i’m a non-smoker who happens to be a fan of the best team in MLB every year.

      So, I feel your bet. Sometimes it’s nice to lose.

    • Mike P says:

      @Nick – Amen, man!

    • feeling nostalgic says:

      Speaking of bets with fans. I was sitting with in the Venitian with some random Mets fan in 06′. I didn’t know him from adam but he was talking so much shit on the Phillies. So i laid some money on the Phils to win as a long shot. It was Hamels v Pedro. Hamels went 8 scoreless and the Phillies sent Pedro to the showers after 1 inning. I scored some nice cash. So I was taking a piss after the game this Mets fan is standing write next to me in the next urinal still talking smack cause it’s august and the Phillies are still 12 or so back. Anyway I bet the guy a million dollars the Phillies win the World Series within three years.
      So when the Phillies won in ’08 one of the first things i thought was, ‘ that fucking mets fan A. must feel like shit and B. owes me a million dollars.
      So if anyone ever hears a mets fan tell that story make sure to post it here so i can get my monies.

  187. Jimmy says:

    just got home from the game….wow what a fucking zoo the parking lot was with the combined Phils/Temple v Penn State peeps….WHAT A GAME, WHAT A WIN! 2011 National League East Champs!!!


  188. The Original J. Dubs says:

    Just got home from work. I miss anything interesting?

    Also, let’s go eat.

  189. Zaahida says:

    So happy I could cry. Lets get that ring, boys!

  190. chilly says:

    Hai guys, amilate?

  191. Talking Chop says:

    Obviously, the Phillies, the Cardinals, Charlie Manuel and Tony LaRussa are all conspiring against the Braves since now the Phillies will start all their AAA scrubs against the Cardinals and let them win the last 2 games of the series and fuck the Braves out of the Wild Card!!! It’s not FAIR!!! None of them have any CLASS!!! They’re all CLASSLESS!!!

  192. Cliff Lee's Bat says:

    I was there and there are very few days as lovely as clinch day.

  193. I was there last night. Fucking brilliant. Best game I have ever been to.

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