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Open Game Thread: 6/25 A’s at Phillies
Posted by Ryan at 6:08 pm ET 48 Comments


7:05 PM on CSN and MLB Network


Cole Hamels (9-3, 2.51 ERA)

PHILLIES: I know, I know, I know. Look. Chris asked me to do this at the last minute. It sucks and I know, but it’s a place to talk shit on the game so who cares about what graphic is at the top? At least I had the courtesy to put some goddamned titties up there for youse. Also, Cole’s been pretty fucking good lately, hasn’t he?

Trevor Cahill (7-5. 3.24 ERA)

A’s: Cahill has been pretty f’ing good this season too, so this game seems like it should be another pitchers duel. Watch this thing end up being a slugfest. Either way, hopefully it’ll be more interesting that last night’s snoozer.

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48 Responses to “Open Game Thread: 6/25 A’s at Phillies”

  1. WTT says:

    Remember when Turkish hackers overran this site? They’ve done it to ours, too.

    I guess my only question is…whereas this site is relevant, ours isn’t. So what the fuck?

    Yay, Cole.

  2. DanB says:

    Fuck Turkey

  3. WTT says:

    Yeah, it’s, uh, not good. The good country, or it’s hackers.

    The bird is fine in the fall and winter.

  4. the new guy says:

    Cole goes 7IP 3 Hits 2BB 8K’s sounds bout accurate

  5. DanB says:

    Cole is wearing a band-aid because he has a pimple…..

  6. Cole's Pimple says:

    HELP!! I cant breathe

  7. the new guy says:

    what’s up with the stupid comments today?

  8. the new guy says:

    dude looks like a retard running around the bases

  9. Riptor says:

    Worley is clearly superior to Cole.

  10. the new guy says:

    Chooch throwing people out like it’s no tomorrow this year

  11. Plaaaccciiiiddddoooo says:

    whats that on cole’s face?

  12. Gene Schall says:

    This offense sucks dick.

  13. chocofish says:

    Ya think? A’s are in last place….can’t beat THEM, whats gonna happen when a GOOD team shows up??

    • Mike P says:

      You don’t win every game against bad teams. It just doesn’t work that way in baseball. Plus, they were dealing with a very good pitcher today. That’s life.

  14. No ones cares says:

    Gah Vic what the fuck.

  15. chocofish says:

    Gload got a fuckin hit!

  16. nickjames says:

    Stutes is good luck.

  17. Ruben Amaro Jr. says:

    It’s still early. This team has hit and will hit again. I’m not worried. No reason to panic or make any roster moves.

  18. Plaaaccciiiiddddoooo says:

    These Phillies are LAZY

  19. nickjames says:

    one time, Dom.

  20. Plaaaccciiiiddddoooo says:

    I would trade brown for kemp right now and then get brown back when he’s older like 28-29. IF he hitting at the time.

  21. baked mcbride says:

    dom brown needs to be benched for a week. pathetic display tonight. pathetic.

    • DP says:

      Benched for who? The outfield minus Vic is a complete joke. The bench isn’t much better. I don’t want to hear about our record, this team isn’t winning anythingin the playoffs. RAJ better pull some rabbits outa his hat.

    • baked mcbride says:

      i don’t mind the 0-fer… it’s the loafing on the grounder to second that he should have beaten out that bugs me. then he turns around and doesn’t hustle up the line in the very next at-bat. granted, that second paly was made cleanly, but still you’d think he would have learned a lesson there. he didn’t, so he needs to sit.

  22. Gene Schall says:


    Brown was the only offensive player who showed up last night, not counting Benny’s 2 foot fly ball for the winning RBI.

    Cole should walk into the locker room and tell each one of these assholes to fuck off.

  23. the new guy says:

    it’s time to shake the lineup up a little bit because right now and for the see able future it’s not looking good, this is the same crap that cost us winning the NLCS last yr vs. the Giants. This lackluster offense is not going to do it, when one person goes on a slump, EVERYONE does, and idc what anyone says, Cole pitched good enough to win. It makes no sense at all, it’s like almost everyone in the lineup has a bad bating average, except for a good 2 or 3 ppl, and our outr best 3 pitches (excluding Oswalt cuss he’s hurt) should have a total of 20+ wins. It’s okay to lose games but lose them only scoring below 3 runs? come on, HIT THE BALL, MAKE CONTACT, HUSTLE!!

    • chocofish says:

      EGGGGZACKLY!!! You cant score runs if you dont hit the freakin ball! You cnt hit the bal if you dont make contact! Send em all to get eye exams.

  24. boom says:

    that fatass yankee gets to be the first pitcher to reach 10 wins this year because our GD offense can’t get it the fuck together. thought all of this was suppose to be better once utley got back…wronggg. they need to go back to the basics.

    • the new guy says:

      thats what im saying, i wanted Cole to be the first one then Halladay but no Verlander and CC are the first to 10 wins, while Cole is stuck at 9 and how this offense is playing Halladay will be too

    • bigmyc says:

      At the end of the season, when both Big Boy Roy and Cole baby each have sub 2.75 ERAs and one of them takes the Cy Young, are any of you gonna care that they weren’t the first guys to 10 wins?

    • the new guy says:

      but were not talking about the future we talking about right now, when that time comes then I’m obviously not gonna care, cuss another Phillie has taken the Cy Young two years in a row, until then I’m pissed

    • bigmyc says:

      The team’s in first. Best record in baseball while half the Phils Phans say that the sky is falling..which it may be. I don’t think, “first to 10 wins” is something that is really a big deal in the big picture..know what Ima sayin’?

    • the new guy says:

      yea i got ya

  25. Fire T-Mac says:

    Did anyone else see the brief clip of Franzke on the television side?? Can we finally get Franzke and LA on TV?!?!! PLEASE.

  26. Phillyphaninchi says:

    Anyone else notice that the guy who got those 2 foul balls looks like the dude Werth yelled at last year

  27. GM-Carson says:

    As other pitchers become the new fad “best pitcher in baseball”, Roy Halladay remains atop the heap. He is consistently the best, no comparison over the long haul. Others have a great month, half a season, or maybe even a career, but Doc is on a run of pure dominance.

  28. bigmyc says:

    As I have said in the past, Doc is yawningly good. He is a very boring pitcher to watch, listen to or read about. His routine is so tired and his the outcome of his starts very rarely include any kind of exciting dynamic….

    …and this is why we love him, eh?

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