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Open Game Thread: 6/23 Phillies at Cardinals
Posted by Ryan at 7:14 pm ET 60 Comments

8:15 PM on PHL 17 and MLB Network


Roy Oswalt (4-5 3.38 ERA)

PHILLIES: Roy, I think you’re the man. You’ve been one of my favorite pitchers even since you were in Houston. But, man, I never know which Roy I’m gonna see when you show up these days. Please let Awesome Roy show up tonight? Pretty, pretty please?

Chris Carpenter (1-7, 4.47 ERA)

CARDINALS: Carpenter is having a down year, there’s no question about it. Sure, W-L isn’t an absolute indicator of talent, the Cardinals hitters shoulder some of the blame. In Carpenter starts, the Cards have scored an average of 3.65 runs so far this season. That’s not exactly a ton. However, the Phillies have scored an almost identical average of 3.68 runs in Cliff Lee’s starts, and he’s 8-5. So draw your own conclusions, I guess. Either way, this is a winnable game for the Phillies and a series sweep would be totally sweet with the rest of the NL East heating up.

Big ups to my man @_magowan for the Chris the Builder graphic.
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60 Responses to “Open Game Thread: 6/23 Phillies at Cardinals”

  1. Wendell Magee Jr. says:

    Here’s to Little Roy finger blasting the entire Cardinals line-up tonight.

  2. Awesome Roy Oswalt shows up tonight. 8 Innings, and the win. Book it.

    • Ed Wade's a jenius says:

      The only thing being booked tonight is Lil Roy’s flight out of town for a righthanded bat.

      Ole RAJ sure fleeced Eddie boy on that trade didn’t he.

  3. Magowan says:

    That Oswalt picture is never convincing enough to me that it’s real, yet there’s nothing to prove it’s fake.

    Those camouflage outfits just make their faces stand out, and when they’re expressions look identical to what you’d see on a player profile page, it just yells shopped.

    But that Carpenter picture is 100% real, BTW.

  4. Marcus "Beefy Tits" Hayes says:

    I think it’s about time for the Phils to take heed of other teams in town and trade away big names like Utley. He’s the Mike Richards of this team-people consider him a leader, but he’s really a racist jerk that disappears in the playoffs.

    • Wendell Magee Jr. says:

      The ones Cole Hamels is coming out of the bullpen for?

    • Marcus "Beefy Tits" Hayes says:

      That’s right. Matter of fact, I would deal Hamels for a black pitcher. It says a lot about a teams character when they have no African-American pitchers. Dontrelle Willis is one name that comes to mind who would blend in quite well with a predominately white pitching staff.

    • Gene Schall says:

      I don’t like black pitchers. All they do is steal my sunflower seeds. And audio/visual equipment.

  5. DP says:

    Game over.

  6. Derrick says:

    Who has a gayer name–Skip Schumacher or Darwin Barney?

  7. Gene Schall says:

    Trade Oswalt for a right-handed bat.

    • Name(required) says:

      I believe bats are made to be used by both lefties & righties alike. They aren’t like gloves that are hand specific. That being said, I don’t think the Phillies could get any equipment for Oswalt right now. Not even a used bag of balls, let alone a piece of craftsmanship like a bat. Maybe they could get a couple of broken bats.

  8. The Original J. Dubs says:

    Game definitely over. G’night folks.

  9. DP says:

    Oswald can drive Blanton to the airport and get on the plane with him. He can go hunting all he wants and having to pitch every 5th day wont interfere

    • PhilLee fan says:

      Just call them back spasm and cranky elbow…..

    • Charles Fuqua Manuel says:

      Back spasms my ass.

      That’s just an excuse to give him a couple weeks off to get his head straight.

      I’ve had enough.

      Gimme Worley and Kendrick with the 3 horses at the front of the cart we’ll win any race.

    • Gene Schall says:

      Dude’s country. And I bet he misses it. Houston is urban, but it’s not East Coast urban. He doesn’t have his home, his family, or his Caterpillar D6. Someone get him a guest room in Vermeil’s ranch house and let him get his fill of horses, barbecue, and daisy dukes (hoowee!).

    • Charles Fuqua Manuel says:

      Fuck all that!

      As much as that boy’s makin he should be tossin shutouts, nommin some Bull’s barbeque, pecker checkin Big Piece’s horse cock and hell I’ll wear the damn daisy dukes.

  10. The Hat Salesman says:

    trade hats with my dad

  11. PhilLee fan says:

    These roy oswalt pretzels are making me thirsty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Gene Schall says:

    Trade Oswalt for the other Carlos Ruiz.

  13. DP says:

    Sixers picked a white guy. Great.

    • Dirk Nowitski says:

      What’s your point?

    • DP says:

      Blacks are generally better – they have an extra tendon in their ankles. 1 good white guy, Dirk, in the last 20 years is called a statistical anomaly.

    • Magowan says:

      Nash is a good white guy.

    • Jimmy the Greek says:

      Well that’s always been my point. Back in the old South they bred the biggest buck with some strong female stock and hoped to get the best slaves out of it. Nothing much has changed. Just ask Adrian Peterson.

    • Gene Schall says:


      Another guy in Philadelphia from whom I have to protect my wife.

    • DP says:

      Nash hasnt won anything – just a stat machine in the fun and gun. In baseball terms, Bobby Abrue. You give me Nash – I give you Sean Bradley. Listen to Jimmy the Greek

    • Maria says:

      Iggy is still here & the 2 male drunk whore flyers are gone… Lol

    • Magowan says:

      So Pau Gasol is good? Brian Scalabrine? A championship makes you good? That’s what’s wrong with people following basketball these days. A guy either sucks or is the greatest, and nothing in between, and the only thing that makes some good at all is a trophy.

    • DP says:

      Cant I make an obvious sarcastic racist remark without having having facts thrown in my face?! Everyone knows whites suck at hoops. Just like the world is flat.

    • Jimmy the Greek says:


      Who’s talking about basketball?

      We were discussing subtle racism.

    • Gene Schall says:

      Mexicans annoy me.

    • Bob Thorton says:

      NBA is such a bad product w colored folks with Tats from head to toe

    • DAVE says:

      ha … i like how you call it ‘subtle’ racism … there is a comment in this thread comparing black people to cattle … not sure how subtle that is

    • Gene Schall says:

      I don’t get the connection.

    • Jimmy the Greek says:

      Dave if you are offended I am sorry for you, but it has been 150 years since the Emancipation Proclamation and I am sure that falls into the realm of “Not to soon”.

    • Gene Schall says:

      What does a rap song have to do with all of this?

    • Jimmy the Greek says:

      Cause I’m just a walker and I’ll never stop walking…

    • Rush Limbaugh says:

      Approves this thread. Also Dave – the comparison was to bucks, not cattle.

  14. Ryan says:

    This game blows goats.

  15. Danyiel says:

    I’m not quite sure how I feel about the reply within a comment feature on here. On one hand, it’s kind of cool, on the other, it’s a little bit hard to read. This game? Yeah, it sucks.

  16. Grounder to Short says:

    Well done Chooch

  17. Toc's Bookie says:

    Don’t know why but I kept checking this site for a flyers bit on the Richards/Carter trade

    • DP says:

      Wish sixers would blow shit up as well. Best thing flyers could do. Richards and Carter had no heart. Just like most guys on the sixers

  18. DAVE says:

    wow im usually not big on the wheels-bashing but he has been especialy awful tonight. just has said some really, truly dumb things.

  19. Gene Schall says:

    Baez. LOL. It’s not worth losing if you don’t lose big!

  20. James Fayleez says:

    I had a friend tell me the other day that Baez is doing well for the Phillies this year. I laughed and said I wouldn’t know.

    When Baez comes in, I shut off the game.

    I’m counting the days until the two Z brothers are gone.

  21. Philly fan stuck in DC says:


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