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Open Game Thread: 5/29 Phillies @ Mets
Posted by Ryan at 12:22 pm ET 63 Comments

1:10 PM on PHL 17


Vance Worley (2-0, 2.14 ERA)

PHILLIES: The Phils look to complete a sweep of the Mets on the one-year anniversary of Roy Halladay’s Perfect Game. If you want a laugh, take a look at the starting lineup for the good guys today. According to my man David Hale from the Wilmington News Journal, five of the nine Phils starters today were not on a big-league Opening Day roster in 2010. One way or another, today’s game should be good for a laugh.

Jonathan Niese (3-5, 4.33 ERA)

LOLMETS: The Mets really suck. They’re awful and they’re stupid. Nobody likes them. My great-grandmother’s dying words were “Jesus Christ, I fucking hate the Mets.” The crazy part about that was that she was Pennsylvania Dutch and hardly spoke any English. I didn’t even know she liked baseball. The Mets suckery transcends boundaries that way.

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63 Responses to “Open Game Thread: 5/29 Phillies @ Mets”

  1. The Vanimal says:

    Hoping to see this lineup put up a crooked number.

  2. Jim says:

    No matter how bad things get, it can never ever be as bad as being a Mets fan.

  3. chilly says:

    normally, i would look at this lineup and concede a loss. then i realize we are playing the mets. god they are so bad.

  4. PhilLee Fan says:

    Who’s gonna play first today?

  5. NickJames says:


  6. PhilLee Fan says:

    Works for me. I hope Mayberry sticks around.

  7. PhilLee Fan says:

    Nice try, Reyes. LOL at you.

  8. FTM says:

    is there a feed for this game? this level of suck needs to be seen to be believed.

  9. Watrick says:

    Fuck Scott Barry.

  10. The Vanimal says:

    Rauuooooooh. Nvm.

  11. @shawnjames says:

    I am forced to watch the mets channel cause myphl 17 sucks dick.

  12. well we’re off to a great start

  13. NickJames says:

    Do the Mets have an online stream? I’m tired of watching Gamecast. Can the Mets afford computers?

  14. Grounder to Short says:

    Fuck the Mets

  15. So far the Phils are playing like the Mets and the Mets are playing like the Phils.

  16. @shawnjames says:

    maybe i just won’t even watch this game

  17. chilly says:

    we are out metsing the mets

  18. Danys "White Flag" Baez says:

    I’m ready today, guys.

  19. PhilLee Fan says:

    Don’t wanna hear Worley say he’s tired although Raul and Jimmy didn’t help make that inning any easier.

    As usual, the Mets will self-destruct in the later innings. We got this.

  20. I’m going to a Mets fan’s house later today. Even if the Phils blow this, I still will not be ashamed of anything.

  21. Old Pee Stained Urinal at the Vet says:

    Fuck WB Mason commercials. They make me want to throw a metal rod at my tv

  22. @shawnjames says:

    worley styling on reyes

  23. Watrick says:

    Reyes is enough of a scum bag, he’s still swing at a guy with glasses.

  24. Danys "White Flag" Baez says:

    Mets minority owner? That’s like the whole team!


  25. chilly says:

    i turned on 17 expecting a phillies game, not the god damn twilight zone. f this, its hammock + radio time. we shouldnt be forced to listen to wheels when the phils are losing…

  26. PhilLee Fan says:

    Suddenly, I miss Blanton….

    Wow, that’s a scary thought.

  27. Blanton wasn’t much better :/

  28. This…is not what I expected.

  29. Grounder to Short says:

    This is just ridiculous. Charlie needs to take Worley out now

  30. PhilLee Fan says:

    @Chilly – that’s a mighty fine plan.

    It’s time for Franske and LA.

  31. @#30: who would go in?

  32. @shawnjames says:

    he’s not styling anymore

  33. BiggestNuts says:


  34. Grounder to Short says:

    @32 Anybody in the bullpen

  35. @shawnjames says:

    waits for the valdez should be pitching comments

  36. precious one says:

    8-0? Really? WTH is going on?

  37. And so the game gets turned off. I knew Cholly was giving them an easy one, but holy shit.

  38. PhilLee Fan says:

    Ok, LOVE that kid w the comeback cap in the 3rd inning. You rule.

  39. @shawnjames says:

    hahaha reyes is a scrub

  40. BiggestNuts says:

    LOL E6.

  41. PhilLee Fan says:

    Love how Reyes thinks it’s so funny. He’s such a shit.

  42. You guys really think the Phils can get at least 9 runs?

  43. …and the Book on Worley has finally been written.

    Oh well, thankfully the Phillies can score a shit ton off of the lolmets right now.

  44. Bases loaded 1 out = 1 run? This offense just kills me at times.

  45. PhilLee fan says:

    I hate Reyes.

    There is just not enough alcohol to get through this game.

  46. JohnMatrix says:

    2 outta 3 aint bad

  47. Ben Franklin says:

    You can all suck it, because I was IBEW 98′s first member

  48. Saint says:

    No one is happier right now then Joe Buck…

  49. Grounder to Short says:


  50. Joe Blanton says:

    You guys miss me yet?

  51. SAID says:

    Here come the phils!


  52. Danyiel says:

    Ugh. Beato. Why can’t we get Dale Thayer again?

  53. Danyiel says:

    Wow. Jimmy…what the fuck was that?!!!

  54. Tobias Fünke says:

    Can’t win ‘em all. And Reyes is as goofy as they come. If the guy fought for Lee at Gettysburg, he’d have been fist-pumping after Pickett’s Charge.

  55. chilly says:

    @57 LOLConfederates

  56. Watrick says:

    I refuse to go to Dollar Dog Nights.

  57. Vance Vance Revolution? Yeah, well game over.

  58. Tobias Fünke says:

    Nice to see the Marlins get an 8 spot lobbed onto their box score.

  59. Tobias Fünke says:


    Flashing a twenty in Dodgers will either (a) get you mugged or (b) get you no less than 5 acres of lawn pristinely cut.

  60. Wendell Magee Jr. says:

    That Jetro site is almost as terrible as the ramming I got from Wayne Gomes.

    Tries way too hard and runs out of steam early.

  61. Tobias Fünke says:


    Think of me as a non-Jewish Don Rickles.

  62. Greenman! says:

    Your bit isn’t funny Lance, and if you are serious may God have mercy on the human race.

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