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Nationals Sign JC Romero to Minor-League Deal
Posted by Ryan at 2:43 pm ET 20 Comments

According to Mark Zuckerman of Nats Insider, The Nationals have inked former Phils left-hander JC Romero to a AAA deal. He’ll be playing in Syracuse with the Sky Chiefs until the Nats need him in the big leagues again.

I’m not really sure why Romero would turn down a minor league assignment from the Phillies only to turn around and accept one from the Nationals. Maybe he wanted to be with a team with a shot at the playoff– HAHAHAH I’m sorry, I couldn’t even get it out. I thought I could, but nope. HAHAHA


20 Responses to “Nationals Sign JC Romero to Minor-League Deal”

  1. Shamels Raul (formerly S.R. Wertiz) says:

    LOL Ry Ry

  2. Jupiter's Rings says:

    maybe they’re signing him to a 126 dollar deal. i wouldn’t pass that up either

  3. Nikco Riesgo says:


  4. Jayson Werth says:

    Awesome! Now I have someone to watch the playoffs with. Man, that will be really cool. We can sit in the Nats’ clubhouse and pretend that we still play for the best team in baseball.

  5. lolnats says:

    How did the guy from Facebook find this info out before us??? Good luck nats with the big lefty lefty matchup only to have J.C. walk him on four pitches

  6. Jonny5 says:

    It’s all fun and games until he strikes out our lefties in the middle of a fucking rally!!! You know this guy is like bad as shit against lefties but uncle Chuck never used him as a Loogy making his numbers look like shit. If you noticed everyone that can hit is a lefty besides Polly right? It was dumb to cut him loose when they kept BAEZ. I just knew an NL east team would pick him up just to eff with the Phills who are too lefty heavy.

    • Joe D says:

      Pump the brakes big guy. How is he going to get the middle of the Phils order out when he can’t get remotely close to the strike zone? Breathe.

    • Jonny5 says:

      Joe, he walks RH batters all the time, not so much the lefties.

    • Joe D says:

      In 2011 he has 7 BBs in 21 PAs against lefties. Yeah he’s fine.

    • Joe D says:

      Disregard those #’s. Didn’t realize that baseball-reference for some reason keeps switch hitters in the splits when you select bats left. Cause that makes sense. So yeah some of the walks were against guys like Chipper Jones and Berkman who would obviously be hitting right.

  7. Phils Fan says:

    he’s a good dude, he was huge in the World Series year. Always be grateful for that. Solid but unspectacular pitcher. Good luck JC, no need to rip him

    • Philly fan stuck in DC says:

      You’re right – no need to rip him. However, his time in philly had past.

      Maybe his wife just has a thing for werth.

  8. Puddy says:

    Well there is a 50% chance he could live next to Barack Obama. Or he could live in Donovan McNabb’s basement.

  9. Hipple says:

    F JC

  10. Johnny Don says:

    jc romero isnt on the phillies anymore?

  11. Colleen Wolfe's Newly Bleached Asshole says:

    Don’t mind the glare folks…The asshole is super duper white again!!!!

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